20 Best Career Objective Examples for Customer Service Resume

By | July 17, 2023
Career Objective Examples for Customer Service
With a compelling career objective statement, you can boost the effectiveness of your customer service resume.

The quality of the career objective statement in your customer service resume or CV is so important that it can determine if you get an invitation to an interview for the job or not.

When writing a resume or CV for a customer service position, your goal is to get the recruiter or employer to read it and you will more likely achieve this with a powerful career objective statement starting it.

If you are searching for ideas to be able to make effective career objective for your resume for use in applying for a customer service job, this post will be helpful to you.

How to Make a Great Career Objective Statement for a Customer Service Resume

To make a great career objective statement that gets the recruiter/employer to read every part of your customer service resume, you need to know the kind of person they are looking for to hire.

You will get this knowledge from studying the customer service job description, which highlights the major duties and responsibilities that the successful candidate will be expected to perform.

You also need to study the job requirements, which highlight the skills, qualities, and experience, etc. that the recruiter/employer wants candidates to have to be hired for the customer service position.

Having studied both the customer service job description and requirements, you are sure to be able to craft a compelling career objective statement that perfectly describes you as the right person for the vacant customer service position.

You will have to highlight some of the major skills, qualities, education/training, and experience, etc. that you have in your career objective that will enable you to be effective on the customer service job you are seeking.

These skills must also match the customer service job requirements published by the recruiter/employer.

Your customer service career objective for your resume should also show that you have a perfect understanding of the role and that you will be effective in performing the duties that will be assigned to you.

Now, let’s look at some good examples of customer service career objective statements you can apply in making your resume or CV:

20 Best Career Objective Examples for Customer Service Resume

  1. To obtain a position with the City of Houston as a Customer Service Representative to scan court documents into the Court’s Case Management System. Coming with an Associate’s Degree, 5+ years of customer service experience, and basic knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and simple mathematical functions. Also bringing three years of court experience, court policies and procedures, and experience in Windows and Microsoft Office environment (Word, Excel, and Outlook).
  2. Highly skilled individual with three years of experience in customer service seeks a Virtual Customer Service Representative position with Arias Agencies. Coming with excellent written and verbal communication skills to utilize in handling customers’ inquiries and complaints. Also bringing a positive and professional demeanor, and the ability to build rapport with clients, as well as prioritize and multitask.
  3. Hopeful to gain employment with THE YES as a Customer Service Agent to provide knowledgeable and helpful support to customers via email, SMS texts, live chat, and phone. Also coming with 2 years of professional customer service experience, excellent interpersonal skills, multitasking abilities, and superb written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Well-organized individual with 2 years of project management and collaboration experience seeks employment with ezCarter as a Customer Service Manager, to oversee a team of Workforce Management Analysts that perform daily monitoring and management of changes and schedules. Also bringing 7+ years of experience managing a Workforce Management team and software.
  5. Team-oriented individual willing to work at MarketBridge as a Customer Service Analyst in Data Operations with 5 years of experience working in a customer service environment. Looking to utilize strong computer and customer service skills, as well as good communication and organizational skills to resolve end-user questions on complex systems and applications.

More Career Objective Examples for Customer Service Resume [6-10]

6. Energetic individual with 3 years of customer service and retail experience, seeks a Customer Service Associate position with UNIQLO to interact with customers over the multiple voices and written channels. Also coming with excellent interpersonal skills, excellent oral & written communication skills, and the willingness to go beyond to meet customers’ needs.

7. To obtain a position with Quiktrak as a Customer Service Administrator, to leverage the ability to coordinate and facilitate inspections, verify order information, locate closest qualified contractors, and coordinate job orders. Also bringing a High School Diploma, English speaking and writing skills, and the ability to work in a team environment with close attention to detail.

8. Passionate individual seeking a Customer Service Lead job at Metigy; to work closely with the Director of Customer Success to deliver high-quality solutions for Mergy customers. Also bringing strong technical acumen, experience in marketing campaigns, and digital marketing strategies.

9. Safety conscious individual with Shopify experience, excellent customer service skills, and a positive attitude in high-stress situations, desires an E-commerce Customer Service Coordinator position with Rails to handle customer email inquiries and phone calls. Also coming with strong creative thinking abilities, problem-solving skills, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

10. Individual with prior guest service experience interested in the Customer Service Advisor position with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. To utilize previous Automotive Guest Service experience and previous Tire Sales experience handling the position. Also bringing a High School Diploma, strong work ethic, and the ability to review, analyze, and interpret information, identify problems, and make decisions.

More Career Objective Examples for Customer Service Resume [11-15]

11. Team-oriented individual eager to work at the On-Board Companies as a Customer Service Support Teleworker, offers excellent verbal and written communication skills, listening skills, and basic computer skills. Also coming with exceptional customer service orientation & organizational skills, and good interpersonal and problem-solving skills.

12. Seeking a customer service position with Philips as a Customer Service Account Manager where 5+ years of customer service work experience will be utilized. Coming with a Bachelor’s degree, knowledge of Six Sigma, and demonstrated experience in successful relationship management. Also bringing excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.

13. Extremely organized individual interested in securing a Lead Customer Service Representative position with The Toro Company to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for employees in compliance with all applicable laws, and regulations. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree in Business, 3 years of customer service experience, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.

14. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute five years of telephone-based customer service and administration and diary management experience in the Customer Service Coordinator job at WHATJOBS?. Coming with good attention to detail and accuracy and the ability to assist and manage incoming calls into the center answering any queries on time.

15. Seeking the job of a Customer Service Support Representative at LabCorp where three years of experience in a Customer Service role and experience working in a contact center environment will be utilized. Also coming with a Bachelor’s degree, knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, and strong verbal and written communication skills.

More Career Objective Examples for Customer Service Resume [16-20]

16. Experienced individual seeking a Customer Service Specialist position with Harvard Business Publishing to provide a blend of customer service as well as technical and product support for a range of exclusive content and product offerings. Also coming with 5 years of customer service experience in a technical customer service role, outstanding communication skills in English, and excellent interpersonal skills.

17. Specialized Customer Service Communications Specialist with 5 years of clerical experience preparing, processing, and maintaining administrative records. Longing for a customer service position with Pinellas County Government to receive and screen incoming emails and routes correspondence. Also coming with solid knowledge of Microsoft Office and the principles and procedures of office management and supervision.

18. Passionate individual hopeful for an Entry-level Customer Service position with AIP to increase clients’ brand awareness, and maintain and manage good customer relations. Also coming with excellent presentation, communication, and sales skills; and the ability to receive constructive criticism well and excel in a fun group setting and bond with teammates.

19. Talented individual seeking to work with Dawson as an Email Customer Service Representative to provide the highest level of customer service by responding to customer inquiries via email communication. Coming with previous customer service experience, financial services experience, solid data entry skills, and good grammar and writing skills.

20. Hopeful to gain employment with Epic Wines & Spirits as a Customer Service Supervisor to monitor Customer Service inbox to ensure all requests are completed on time. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree, previous wine experience, strong Microsoft Office skills, exceptional customer service skills, and excellent communication skills.


Your career objective statement can make a huge difference to your resume’s ability to give you an interview and subsequently the customer service job that you are interested in.

It is therefore important that you learn how to write a great career objective to boost your customer service resume or CV.

This post provides valuable ideas and examples to help you write an effective career objective for your customer service resume.

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