Retail Merchandiser Resume Sample

A retail merchandiser looking for a job needs a strong resume to get it.

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As a Retail Merchandiser, your resume should show a great customer service skills as well as the ability to perform duties in the store area, including providing answers to customers’ questions and inquiries, putting displays for merchandise, suggesting items to customers to buy, arranging and stocking of merchandise on shelves, and maintaining cleanliness of the store environment.

Such resume will be more effective as it would have the important elements that would interest employers. Employers basically want to be sure whoever they are hiring for this position has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to provide great service to their customers.

Below is a sample of retail merchandiser resume which you can use as an example when creating your resume and applying for the retail merchandiser’s job.


Rhoda Jones
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

OBJECTIVE: To work in the position of Retail Merchandiser in a growing shop where I can utilize my skills and productive talents in customer service delivery to improve the state of the company.

Goal oriented, sensible Retail Merchandiser with a far reaching mindset to improve store effectiveness and performance through efficient sales and marketing techniques; creatively increase customer base through sound customer relationship; pioneering the workforce towards competency through quality leadership, ability and a keen intuition.

Utilized an extensive analytical ability to analysis the periodical business activities of May – October 2011 to invent a dynamic strategy that improved the sales and marketing margin by 34.7 %.

Spear headed the talent acquisition and management team that recruited the field operation staff that launched and promoted the June 2012 product that made a breakthrough sale of 40 million copies in less than 2 months.

Directly involved in the development of theft/burglary preventive measures that have saved the company millions of dollars, and was engaged in several investigations that lead to the recovery of lost or stolen goods.


  • Sound working knowledge of all terminology relating to merchandising and retailing.
  • Strong ability to prepare, process, and submit reports to managers.
  • Ability to promote the company’s reputation by accepting responsibility for accomplishment on all requests concerning merchandising.

Kelang Distributors Inc, Rover Land

2010 – Present
Retail Merchandiser

  • Prevent customer service issues that may arise due to the inability of departmental staff to meet the demands of customers when there is shortage in both goods and staff by applying sound customer service skills and effective rapport with staffs.
  • Ensure that store shelves are well maintained by making sure that outdated products are taken off the shelf and replaced with current stocks.
  • Constantly ensure that work ethic and company standard is fully adhered to during working hours.
  • Engage in all field work that has to do with promotion or launching of new product into the market.
  • Ensure that status report containing information of growth, increase or closure of designated branches get to the zonal manager periodically.
  • Always participate in all training and seminars to increase working knowledge that will improve job performance.


  • High School Diploma, Dell Hill County, KLO, 2008.
  • Associate Degree, Business Administration, University of Benson, 2010.
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