Retail Store Supervisor Resume Sample

By | May 20, 2024
Retail Store Supervisor Resume
Retail store workers need effective supervision to achieve targets.

To be effective, your retail store supervisor resume should capture your ability, skills, knowledge, and experience to be able to successfully manage the store on a day to day basis and achieve set targets.

The retail store supervisor who can also be called the store manager, is responsible for strategically managing a retail store and promoting its sales culture to staff, customers and the public.

The goal for the supervisor is to achieve and even exceed sales, KPIs, and profitability targets.

Below is a sample resume for the retail store supervisor position. It represents what a good resume for the position should look like, and is free for you to use in writing your resume and standing a better chance of being picked for interview.

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Retail Store Supervisor Resume Sample


Rhoda Jones
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •

Seeking the position of Supervisor in a growing retail store, where my proven management track record of exceeding sales and profitability targets will be replicated and even surpassed in making the store the most desirable in the region.

Exceptionally talented retail store supervisor and manager, with three years experience managing a retail store, continually exceeding its sales and profitability targets.

Increased Kidsage sales from $1M to $5M in 2011, to $12M in 2012, and $20M by August 2013.
Saved the company thousands of dollars by effecting changes in price on items that were affected when prices in the international trade unit were suddenly changed, using effective resource gathering from reliable information sources.


  • Exceptional ability to exceed sales profitability while meeting payroll goals.
  • Excellent at finding, hiring, training, developing and retaining competent staff and team players.
  • Exceptional analytical reasoning capability to solve complex challenges.
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills to promoting the company before large audiences.
  • Discerning ability that enables the foreseeing of possible future development that help to determine current and reoccurring trends that will satisfy customer’s needs.

Kidsage Inc., HKL
June 2010 – Present

Retail Supervisor

  • Directly and actively responsible for managing the overall running of the all department.
  • Conducts the training of all company’s representative on the necessity of applying company’s policies, procedures and processes towards all duties that promote the values of the company.
  • Maintain the auditing of all work and sales activities to ensure a smooth running of the system.
  • Constantly follow up the running of the entire team and sales floor by guiding against error that can lead to massive lost in profit.
  • Consistently fill in the role of overall manager in the governing of the company whenever they are on leave due to proven track record of delivering positive result.
  • Make sure that daily reports of all activity carry out by all staff is submitted to the retail manager.
  • Always ensure that quality standard is administered in the delivering of services when attending to customers.
  • Ensure the standard of cleanliness, health and safety measures are accurately adhere to according to the policies established by the Ministry of Health and Safety.
  • Monitor the changing trend of the international trade to ensure that a price of goods and commodities is well maintained.
  • Constantly follow up the sanitary workers to ensure that all displayed items for sell is always neat and clean.
  • Regularly attend all trade shows that have to do with introduction of new product and identifying of new strategic services.
  • Competently meet the submission of all prepared financial document that have to do with scheduling expenditures, annual budget and analyzing variances.
  • Protect company and worker’s right according to the local law.
  • Responsible for the preparing of staff schedules that has to do with organizing and distributing services.
  • Conduct staff meetings, monitor local competitors and handle customer’s needs.


  • High School Diploma, Kentucky school, OPP, 2007.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, High bridge University, KLP, 2010.
  • Professional Training certificate in Marketing Strategy, Institute of Going, 2010.
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