Retail Worker Resume Sample

By | July 6, 2023
Retail Worker Resume
Retail worker’s resume should also emphasize the ability to perform simple mathematical calculations.

A great retail worker resume must highlight the important attributes and experience which hiring managers usually look for.

These include the ability to communicate effectively in English, work out percentages and make simple mathematical computations.

Other qualities an employer looks out for in a retail worker resume are the ability to bend, twist, carry heavy objects up to 35 pounds, and stand for as long as eight hours.

What to Expect Searching for a Retail Worker Job

Looking for a job as retail worker provides many options and benefits to choose from.

There are several retail stores you could find employment with, and some of them offer compressive benefits package that include retirement, dental, and medical plan, as well as tuition reimbursement, opportunities for training, and a great and supportive working environment.

Getting such jobs does not however come without some competition; therefore, you need a good resume to have an edge over other applicants.

Below is a sample retail worker resume that represents what a good resume for the position should look like.

You can use it as an example in creating your resume, making it so captivating that the employer cannot resist.


Rhoda Jones
123 Down Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 33333 • Home: (222) 333-4444, Cell: (111) 111-1111 •


Seek the position of Retail Worker with XYZ Stores Inc., where four years experience in retail sales and customer service will be fully utilized to improving company’s sales.


Purpose driven, determined and result-oriented retail worker with enormous skills, knowledge, competence, and experience in retail sales environment; including performing various tasks relating to loading, unloading, and confirming of merchandise, as well as attending to customers and making sales.

Actively involved in the preparation and display of banners and bills that were done in the pre–launching of the new product that made record-breaking sales in August 2010.

Voted “Employee of the Month” in September 2011 for unwavering commitment to duties and company growth.


  • Accurate mathematical ability in figuring out percentages, calculations and corrections in record keeping.
  • Capable of maintaining products that are displayed, especially those needed for all periodic sales event and promotions.
  • Exceptional customer service skills needed to win customers’ trust and loyalty.
  • Highly knowledgeable of all company’s policies and procedures while ensuring that they are applied during working session.
  • Sound knowledge of product type and function to be able to advice customers according.
  • Highly capable of working independently and making sound decisions, especially in rush hours.
  • Strong ability to perform multiple tasks together at the same time without making mistakes.
  • Accurate working knowledge of the company’s cash register equipment used in making correct computing of sales record.
  • Excellent in shelf stocking that enables customers to easily access products on shelf without needing any assistance from staff.


ABC ParkCentre, New Real, DF

2009 – Present
Retail Worker

  • Attend to customers’ needs by utilizing tactical techniques in making home deliveries, in–store sales, exchange and return of products while applying company’s terms and conditions during service delivering.
  • Creatively design and rearrange the entire sales floor to ensure a safe working environment for both staff and customers.
  • Responsible for all daily activities such as placing, signage, removing, unlocking, and securing the store, and opening and closing tills, while ensuring the opening and closing of the store is done appropriately.
  • Perform the duties of Supervisor in her absence.
  • Effectively carry out the duty of handling cash and receipts for the sales on all merchandise.
  • Ensure the balancing of cash register as well as make sure the processing of debit card, cash and credit card are done accurately.


  • High School Diploma, ABC High School, MNB, 2009.
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