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Retail Worker Resume Sample

Looking for a job as retail worker provides many options and benefits to choose from. There are several retail stores you could find employment with, and some of them offer compressive benefits package that include retirement, dental, and medical plan, as well as tuition reimbursement, opportunities for training, and a great and supportive working environment. Getting such jobs… Read More »

Retail Salesperson Resume Sample

Some of the important duties expected of a salesperson in a retail store include greeting customers with a friendly disposition, inquiring from them what their needs are and swiftly fulfilling them. The salesperson should have great customer service skills and be able to quickly develop good relationship with customers so that they could best meet the needs of… Read More »

Retail Merchandiser Resume Sample

As a Retail Merchandiser, your resume should show a great customer service skills as well as the ability to perform duties in the store area, including providing answers to customers’ questions and inquiries, putting displays for merchandise, suggesting items to customers to buy, arranging and stocking of merchandise on shelves, and maintaining cleanliness of the store environment. Such… Read More »

Retail Clerk Resume Sample

The retail clerk works in retail shops and performs such tasks as greeting customers when they come into the shop, helping them to locate merchandise, and answering some of their questions and inquiries. They might also be responsible for displaying merchandise in an attractive position, restocking items as at when necessary, checking of expiring date of items, and… Read More »

Registered Pharmacy Technician Resume Sample

Registered pharmacy technicians are needed in the healthcare sector to provide professional assistance to pharmacists in the provision of prescribed medications to patients safely and professionally. The technician works under close supervision of the pharmacist and provides limited pharmacy services, including filling routine orders for unit doses and dispensing of prepackaged medications to patients. Writing or preparing an… Read More »

Television Production Assistant Resume Sample

The TV Production Assistant provides support to the production team involved in TV production. They perform tasks such as dubbing, logging interview or videos, graphics, editing, and other production work where their assistance are needed. They are expected to be self-motivated, and well organized. They should also possess strong transcription, writing, and video selection skills. The television production… Read More »

Retail Store Supervisor Resume Sample

The Retail Store Supervisor who can also be called the Store Manager, is responsible for strategically managing a retail store and promoting its sales culture to staff, customers and the public. The goal for the supervisor is to achieve and even exceed sales, KPIs, and profitability targets. The retail store supervisor’s resume should therefore capture the ability; skills,… Read More »