20 Best Career Objective Examples for Resume

By | July 17, 2023
Career Objective Examples for Resume
You can boost your chances of getting a job interview with employers/recruiters by starting your resume with a captivating career objective statement.

The career objective statement of your resume or CV is important to your getting an interview with the recruiter/employer.

It is important to begin your resume or CV with a compelling career objective.

This will help you gain the attention of the recruiter/employer and cause them to be interested in reading your resume and learning about what you are bringing to the job that you are applying for.

This post will help you learn how to make an effective career objective statement for your resume for any job position that you are seeking.

How to Make a Great Career Objective for Your Resume for Any Job

The thing to do if you want to write an effective career objective statement for your resume or CV is to study the job that you are seeking to learn what the employer/recruiter wants.

When you know what the recruiter/employer wants for the position, then you will be able to craft a career objective for your resume that will assure them that you have what they want.

You can learn about the job that you are interested in by studying the job description and requirements, which are usually published by the recruiter/employer.

From the job description and requirements, you will learn about the duties and responsibilities of the position and the skills, experience, education, and abilities that are required to be hired and to succeed on the job.

You can then write a career objective that presents you as one who is competent and able to perform the job duties effectively; one who possesses the right skills, education, experience, etc. to excel on the job.

Now, let’s see some examples of good career objective statements you can study and apply in making one for your resume:

20 Best Career Objective Examples for Resume

  1. To obtain a position with SHS Incorporated (Sure Hire Service) as a Content Director to serve as the media brand guardian, making sure voice and tone and visual look and feel are performed consistently across all channels. Also coming with College degree, 15 years of experience in the management of high-performance creative teams, and excellent interpersonal and written and verbal communication skills.
  2. Highly skilled individual with knowledge of engineering hardware and experience using a CRM system seeks employment with Computer Aided Technology as a Business Development Manager, to establish new client relationships in the assigned area while developing existing relationships. Also coming with a Bachelor’s degree, 5 years of experience in technology solution sales, as well as excellent presentation and communication skills.
  3. Hopeful to gain employment with METIS Solutions, LLC as an Intelligence Analyst to prepare intelligence reports and assessments for the supported Command’s mission. Also coming with 10 years of experience as an All-Source Analyst, familiarity with the distributed common ground system-army (DCGS-A), and strong understanding of the Intelligence Support role in the military decision-making process (MDMP).
  4. Highly talented and organized individual with a Master’s degree seeks employment with The ExecutiveSearch Group as a Neurologist to treat patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Also bringing Board Certification in Neurology, Board Eligibility Certification, and a Valid California medical license.
  5. Team-oriented individual willing to work at Trenton Health Team as a Program Manager with 5 years of experience working in a healthcare delivery organization and in the City of Trenton. Looking to utilize the ability to plan and execute activities to launch the Family Connects program in Mercer County. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree, excellent presentation skills, exceptional interpersonal skills, and strong computer experience.

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6. Energetic individual with excellent interpersonal and organizational skills seeks employment with GenesisCare as a Radiation Therapist to prepare equipment and position patients for Simulation and Treatment with accuracy, according to prescription. Also bringing a Certification from an approved School for Radiation Therapy, ARRT Registered Technologist (T), as well as excellent verbal and written communication skills.

7. To obtain a position with On Time Talent Solution as a Physician to perform medical procedures and prescribe medications and treatments. Also bringing a Master’s degree, Board Certified Radiologist, strong attention to detail, strong leadership qualities, previous experience as a Physician, and the ability to build rapport with patients.

8. Passionate individual seeking a Technical Writer position with SOLUTE looks to utilize 5 years of experience in preparing technical documentation in accordance with DoD. Also bringing active DoD Secret Security Clearance, knowledge of word processing and database systems, and proficiency in Microsoft Office, Visio, and CAD tools.

9. Safety conscious individual with 5 years of experience working in the construction industry desires a Tire Builder position with Titan Tire Corporation to check machines and building materials for approved tolerances. Bringing a High School diploma and the ability to interpret technical specifications. Also coming with the ability to follow all prescribed instructions and safety rules, as well as safe practices to prevent injury to self and others.

10. Individual with strong ability to learn quickly interested in the position of a Travel Coordinator at ARA. To utilize 10 years of experience maintaining and updating required programmatic documentation, and working knowledge of the Defense Travel System (DTS). Bringing a Bachelor’s degree and current DoD TS/SCI security clearance.

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11. Team-oriented individual eager to work at Sentara Healthcare as a Laboratory Technologist to perform laboratory tests, interpret results, and document and report results. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology, as well as communication, critical thinking, service orientation, technology, and computer skills.

12. Passionate individual hopeful for a Data Architect position with Prominence Advisors, to help build and deploy data integration solutions in partnership with some of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. Also coming with general programming experience, experience with the healthcare industry, and knowledge of SQL Server hardware and software configuration best practices.

13. Seeking a Senior System Administrator position with Que Technology Group where 5 years of System Administration experience will be applied. Also coming with a Bachelor’s degree, expertise with Linux Operating Systems, and working knowledge of computer operations, platforms, systems, architectures, functions, and terminology.

14. Extremely organized individual interested in securing an IT Manager position with TEGNA to develop, document, and implement best practices. Also bringing 5+ years of technical experience in an engineering role, project management skills and experience, and understanding of emerging digital production and media platforms.

15. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute enough experience in the Purchasing Manager job at Public Goods. Coming with 5+ years of experience, strong computer skills, and familiarity with Excel, ERP, and inventory software. Also bringing previous exposure in a supply chain department, excellent communication skills, and the ability to problem-solve effectively and professionally.

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16. Seeking the job of an Optometrist at Hero Practice Services where the knowledge of EagleSoft/Dolphin Database, DentaQuest, and RevolutionEHR will be utilized. Also coming with a Medicaid Provider number and NPI number, a Bachelor’s degree, current O.D. license in the state of New York, strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to multi-task and complete tasks correctly and on time.

17. Experienced individual seeking a Naval Aviation Engineering position with SOLUTE looks to offer 737 pilot experience, Fleet Operational Naval Aviator experience, and Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance experience. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, 5 years of experience in a technical role, and technical experience with modern flight management systems.

18. Certified Retail Shift Leader with 7+ years of experience in retail operations, longs for a Retail Shift Leader position with Pilot Company, to supervise employees and general operations of the store. Also coming with incredible customer service skills, proficiency with a calendar, computer, and other equipment, as well as the ability to work as part of a team.

19. Talented individual seeking to work with Mount Auburn Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist with 2 years of work experience. Also bringing Massachusetts license; verbal and interpersonal skills to communicate efficiently with members of the allied health disciplines, patients, and patients’ families; and the ability to work accurately under stress.

20. Hopeful to gain employment with Finicity as a Market Research Analyst to collect, analyze, and report on competitive intelligence. Also bringing a Bachelor’s degree, 5 years of experience in a role focused on competitive intelligence and analysis, and strong written and verbal communication skills.


Most available job positions are usually competitive to get, so you need to present a convincing resume or CV to capture the recruiter’s interest in your offering.

Your career objective statement, which begins your resume, can significantly influence the recruiter/employer to get into your resume to read all parts of it and learn about the qualities, experience, skills, etc. that you are bringing to the job.

This page provides useful ideas and examples to help you learn how to make a great career objective for your resume.

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