20 Best Opening Statement Examples for Resumes

By | May 20, 2024
Opening Statement Examples for Resumes
You can boost the quality of your resume with a great opening statement.

This post provides lots of great opening statement examples for resumes, to help you in learning how to make effective one for your resume and enhance your chances of being hired.

When writing a resume of CV for any job position, the quality of your opening statement is very important to getting it read.

To get a better chance of getting invited to an interview and eventually getting the job, it is important to have the recruiter/employer read your resume or CV.

When your resume/CV is read, the recruiter/employer gets to learn about your competence and what you are bringing to succeed on the job.

The opening statement of your resume/CV can do the magic of getting the recruiter/employer to read it.

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How to Make a Great Resume Opening Statement for any Position

The best way to write a great opening statement for your resume or CV is to first learn about the position you are seeking to know the duties and responsibilities of the job.

You should also learn of the requirements candidates need to meet to be qualified for hiring for the position.

These include the skills, education, experience, etc. that the recruiter/employer wants candidates to have to be hired and succeed on the job.

You can find the above information about the job by studying the description and requirements of the position that the recruiter/employer publishes.

You can then apply this information in making a captivating opening statement for your resume/CV.

Your opening statement should show that you have profound understanding of the job that you are seeking and will be effective in carrying out its duties and responsibilities.

Your opening statement should also show that you possess the major qualities, skills, experience, etc. needed to succeed on the job, which were also highlighted by the recruiter/employer in the job requirements that they published.

Now, let’s look at some good examples of opening statements for resumes to help you make one for your resume/CV:

20 Best Opening Statement Examples for Resumes

  1. Industrious and ambitious accounting professional looking to leverage excellent communication and customer service skills in the position of an Accountant with Bot Inc. to maintain and report business transactions for multiple university-related entities, including preparation of monthly journal entries, sales taxes, and audit schedules required for annual financial statements.
  2. Talented graphic designer with 5 years of professional experience in graphic design. Looking to leverage solid knowledge of production methods such as vinyl graphic application and the ability to work on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment.
  3. Outgoing Aerospace Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in DoD and Air Force Space programs, as well as military operations. Possess excellent critical analytical and problem-solving skills that help assist with solving complex engineering and military operational problems. Looking to leverage the ability to provide Space systems engineering support on DoD and NASA, power and energy systems, and components throughout the system engineering life cycle at Millennium Engineering Integration.
  4. Experienced biochemical process engineer with hands-on experience in operating fermenting machines in a lab and demonstrated understanding of important parameters for designing scale-up and scale-down experiments, seeking the position of a Biochemical Process Engineer at Danimer Scientific. Coming with knowledge of analytical methods for measuring primary and secondary metabolites.
  5. Professional communicator with 5 years of experience operating an industrial tractor, mower, and bush hog; as well as having basic computer skills and ability to adhere to contract requirements, safety, health regulations, and company policies. Interested in the position of Tractor Operator at Aleut Management Services, to operate a tractor and maintain grounds, tree removal, storm clean-up, snow removal on roads and sidewalks.

More Opening Statement Examples for Resumes [6-10]

6. Service-oriented individual with excellent time management, organizational, and prioritizing skills, interested in an Electrician position at Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. Bringing 10 years of electrical experience, expert knowledge of electrical functions, and the ability to perform complex troubleshooting and take appropriate action.

7. Passionate individual looking to assist with troubleshooting and repairs of buildings and installed systems, seeking the position of a Building Maintenance Technician to inspect buildings, grounds, and equipment for unsafe or malfunctioning conditions, preventative maintenance, and more. Coming with 5 years of experience in building maintenance and commercial property setting.

8. Technician with outstanding ability to communicate technical issues to customers in an easy-to-understand approach, seeking a Biomedical Technician Apprentice position at GE Healthcare where experience diagnosing and repairing mechanical, electromechanical, and electronic equipment will be applied. Also coming with previous experience interpreting schematic diagrams, and a Bachelor’s degree.

9. Energetic Pharmacy Technician with six months of experience in a retail environment, seeking a Pharmacy Technician position at Walgreens, to leverage five years of work experience and great computer skills in offering services to customers.

10. Supervisor with demonstrated interpersonal, organizational, and project management skills. Interested in a Production Supervisor position at Barko Hydraulics LLC, to utilize 5 years of supervisory experience in heavy equipment manufacturing.

More Opening Statement Examples for Resumes [11-15]

11. A manually inclined individual with 6 years of experience handling and maintaining technical equipment as well as working knowledge of physical IT infrastructure components, seeking a Datacenter Technician position with Microsoft to carry out cable installations, hardware installations, testing, and troubleshooting using standard datacenter processes. Coming with exceptional flexibility to work non-business hours or shifts that may include weekends and/or holidays.

12. Seasoned Finishing Area Supervisor with 7 years of experience in production, manufacturing, supervisory, and management, seeking a Finishing Area Supervisor position with Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. Bringing profound knowledge of manufacturing processes, continuous improvement processes, and understanding of safety and environmental requirements.

13. Highly numerate individual with knowledge of security regulations policies, procedures, methods, and objectives of security programs, seeking the position of Access Control Specialist in Chenega Corporation. Bringing exceptional skill in operating personal computer and standard office equipment.

14. Problem solver with strong verbal and written communication skills and a BS degree, seeking the position of Supply Chain Planning Manager at Cravola. Offering deep knowledge of material/capacity planning and supervisory skills in developing the annual production plan and global capacity plan, as well as periodic updates.

15. A+ certified effective communicator and problem solver with strong ability to understand and interpret engineering drawings and knowledge of electromechanical components. Seeking a Production Planner position in NSI-MI Technologies where profound project management, organizational, and communication skills will be applied. Also coming with exceptional ability to change direction and handle multiple responsibilities and tasks on a regular basis.

More Opening Statement Examples for Resumes [16-20]

16. Seasoned Grocery Clerk with 12 years of experience in the grocery business. Offering basic math skills, good verbal communication skills, good interpersonal skills, and ability to work with others, work in a fast-paced environment, and work Saturdays and evenings.

17. Team player with strong math skills and three years of cashier and sales experience. Seeking a Cashier position in BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. to offer appropriate BJ’s membership products. Also bringing strong ability to provide a high level of customer service to members and scan all club merchandise through a point-of-sale system.

18. Highly motivated individual with 5 years of professional working experience and a Bachelor’s degree, looking for the position of Credit Analyst. Bringing the competence to perform customer financial analysis to recommend and establish credit lines.

19. Seeking an Epidemiologist position in the State of South Carolina to utilize 5 years of experience assisting program reporting of health indicators and key performance indicators. Coming with a Master’s degree in Public Health in Epidemiology, knowledge of methods of epidemiological design to develop great data products, and the ability to present information in written and oral form.

20. Detail-oriented certified physical therapist with excellent written and verbal communication skills with colleagues, patients, and family members. Seeking a Physical Therapist position with SANTISOPT, INC. to leverage compassionate and caring qualities in taking care of patients.


By having a convincing opening statement in your resume or CV, you will surely create the opportunity for it to be read and also win an interview appointment with the recruiter/employer.

This post provides valuable ideas and examples to help you write an effective opening statement for your resume.

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