Car Salesman Resume Example and How to Write It

By | May 20, 2024
Car Salesman Resume
To improve your chances of being hired for the car salesman position that you are seeking, you need to present a compelling resume or CV to the recruiter/employer.

If you are seeking a car salesman’s job, then you will need to present a compelling resume or CV to the recruiter/employer for them to effectively assess your suitability for the role.

You need to create a resume that shows you have what it takes to succeed as a car salesman with the company you are applying to.

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This post helps you to learn how to make the sections of your car salesman resume appealing to the recruiter/employer to increase your chances of being offered an interview.

What Does a Car Salesman Do?

Car salesmen typically work for car importers/outsourcing companies and dealerships.

The job of a car salesperson is to sell cars to the public. The person manages the inventory their company has, sells the cars on behalf of their company, and receives a commission from the sale.

How to Write a Great Car Salesman Resume

A great car salesman resume should contain important points and be presented in a concise manner.

There are four key areas to cover in an effective car salesman resume:

  • Objective Statement
  • Core Competence 
  • Professional Experience
  • Education and Professional Qualifications. 

Objective Statement

The objective statement section of your car salesman resume is the first thing an employer reads on your resume.

It should be attention-grabbing and functional. The car salesman objective statement should be short, simple and to the point.

Here are the key elements that the objective statement of a car salesman resume should include:

  • A clear explanation of the car salesman post that you are seeking;
  • A justification why you are suitable for the position; and
  • An overview of your talent, credential, work experience, and so on.

Example of Car Salesman Resume Objective Statement

Below is an example of how a car salesman resume objective statement may be written:

“To obtain a Car Salesman position with Luke Global Company, bringing four years of experience selling cars and handling customer service to enable the company to reach its profit goals.”

Core Competency

The core competence section of your car salesman resume or CV lists your key strengths, and is a high-impact section.

It is where you describe your strengths and abilities that support your desire for the job in question. It should focus on what you can offer as an asset to an employer.

You want to list each skill and then describe how you demonstrated those skills in previous jobs.

You can use an example of your performance or a situation where you demonstrated those skills.

Example of Car Salesman Resume Core Competence

Here is an example of a car salesman resume core competency section

  • Excellent communication skills, both in written and oral forms.
  • Good knowledge of customer relations.
  • Effective time management skills coupled with excellent sales skills.
  • Excellent organization and planning skills.

Professional Experience

The professional experience section of your car salesman resume is another area you can make your resume stand out from the crowd.

This section should detail your formal job history. Do not include any personal details such as age and marital status.

Emphasize your responsibilities, the scope of tasks you handled and major accomplishments.

You want to focus on three job positions that are relevant to the position you are seeking.

If you have no prior work experience, then emphasize your extracurricular activities, hobbies, and interests.

Always write in past tense the activities you have done in the past to indicate that you have gone through these phases of your life and are not currently doing these things.

Here are key things to highlight when writing this section:

  • Identify your most recent three positions (or the last 2 or 3).
  • Present the tasks you completed satisfactorily in each job.
  • Provide any honors or accolades won while working there.
  • Discuss why you quit each job.
  • Specify any unique car sales training courses you’ve taken.
  • Share an overview of your responsibilities, if appropriate.

Example of Car Salesman Resume Professional Experience

Below is a good example of how to write the professional experience section of a car salesman resume:


KANTO Car Company, Montana

Car Salesman

2019 – present

  • Merchandise and sell used cars to the public for Kanto Car Company.
  • Conduct advertisement campaigns in print and electronic media for sales purposes.
  • Keep records of customers’ details such as their contact numbers, addresses, and mode of payment.
  • Negotiate prices with customers on behalf of the company.

Education and Professional Qualifications

The education and professional qualification section of a car salesman resume is optional, but highly recommended for those who have had graduate or postgraduate level education.

You don’t need to include this section if you have a high school diploma or less. However, if you have advanced degrees, you should include your GPA and major subjects.

This section should showcase your achievements and your professional qualifications. It is important that you highlight the skills and subjects that are relevant to the job description.

You want to state your degrees in a way that highlights their weight and importance to the car sales career you are targeting.

When listing your degrees, begin with the most advanced one and close with the least one.

Do the opposite for your professional qualifications – beginning with the basic ones and then the more advanced ones later.

Car Salesman Resume Example

Now that we’ve gone through the parts of the car salesman resume, we’ll proceed to give you a sample of a well-written car salesman resume.

It should serve as a guide and showcase what you need to include when designing your own resume or CV for a car salesman position:

Name: John Doe

Address: 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA

Phone Number: 555-555-5555

E-mail Address:


”Charming, motivated, and energetic professional with great customer service skills and four years of sales experience seeks a career as a Car Salesman with FasteCar Company”.


  • Able to sell cars to new and old customers through telemarketing.
  • Proficient in answering customer inquiries and concerns.
  • Skilled in handle difficult conversations with good communication skills.
  • Ability to determine customers’ needs and offer the best solutions.
  • Capable of resolving issues via giving recommendations and offering alternatives.
  • Good in motivating customers to pursue a sale.
  • Knowledgeable about a wide range of cars, trucks and SUV’s available in the market.
  • Maintains existing relationships with clients by approaching them with new offers, discounts and attractive financing packages that they could take advantage on their purchase.


Marcona Inc. New Hampshire

Car salesman

2019 – Present

  • In charge of selling new and secondhand automobiles to clients
  • Attended to client’s needs and requirements by offering the best solution
  • Communicated with clients in a friendly manner and built a mutually beneficial relationship with them
  • Client satisfaction ratings have increased by 50%
  • Increased sales by 30% and commissions of $100 per car sold increase by 10%.

Townhall Autos Inc. New York

Car salesman

2017 – 2019

  • Developed cordial relationship with buyers to keep them coming back
  • Learned about customers’ interest and requirement and was able to present them with the car they need
  • Overcame objections, sold and delivered cars average of 32 cars monthly
  • Helped customers to understand how the features in car work.


  • B.Sc. in Business Administration, Carreras University, New York, USA


  • Professional Salesperson Certificate 2016
  • Professional Salesperson Certificate from Fullerton School of Business and Management 2017


The car salesman resume is a document that should be well-written and contain the right information needed to showcase your skills, expertise, and experience to the recruiter/employer.

Make sure your resume is error-free and be specific in describing your skills and talents for the car salesman job.

Don’t forget to showcase your achievements as well. You can style your resume depending on what best suits you based on the examples given above.

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