Bank Teller Resume Example and How to Write It

By | May 20, 2024
Bank Teller Resume
Bank teller resumes need to be captivating. Image source: wavetec.

You need to take the time to create a very impressive bank teller resume so you can beat the competition and get invited to an interview for the bank teller job that you are seeking.

This post helps you learn how to make effective resume or CV for the bank teller job so as to increase your chances of getting it.

It also provides a good bank teller resume sample to help you to quickly learn how to make your own.

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What Does a Bank Teller Do?

While the job duties of a bank teller and a bank clerk are similar, the two careers go about it in very different ways.

A bank teller is part of the team that manages money for a company or organization. The bank teller will typically work at an institution such as a bank where they process transactions, balance cash drawers, and provide customers with information on products.

How to Write a Compelling Bank Teller Resume

To create a great resume for a bank teller job means that you have to make every section of the resume must show that you have what it takes to succeed on the job.

Here are the elements to include in your bank teller resume to make sure that it’s persuasive and convincing to the recruiter/employer:

  • Objective Statement 
  • Core Competence  
  • Professional Experience 
  • Education and Professional Qualifications  

Now, let’s see how each of these sections can be created:

How to Write a Great Objective Statement for Bank Teller Resume

Your objective statement should be a sentence that tells the reader of your bank teller resume what position you are applying for and what you are bringing to the job.

Your objective statement will be positioned at the top of your resume.

The points you want to feature in your bank teller objective statement should be about the following:

  • A clear description of the bank teller position you are applying for 
  • A reason why you would be suited for the position
  • An outline of your talents, credentials, job experience, and so forth.

Examples of Bank Teller Resume Objective Statements

Here are examples of objective statements for a bank teller resume that you can study and apply in your resume:

  1. Looking to join SBC Bank Inc.’s customer service team as a Teller; bringing remarkable ability to complete bank transactions professionally, quickly, and accurately while maintaining the bank’s high quality delivery requirements.
  2. Seeking a role in TrustMan Inc. as a Bank Teller where excellent skillset in cash management, customer service, and financial transaction processing will be applied to help the bank reach its goal of delighting all of its clients.

See more examples of bank teller resume objective statements.

How to Write a Great Core Competence for Bank Teller Resume

A core competency is a skill or strength that makes an employee effective in their role. You should write them down and include them on your resume because they add value to you and your work.

You can include the following when writing your core competencies:

  • Key Skills 
  • Professional Development Activities 
  • Accomplishments 
  • Specialized Knowledge 
  • Expertise 
  • Leadership Experience 
  • Other Desirable Skills 

Examples of Bank Teller Resume Core Competence

Here are examples of key skills and expertise that can feature in the core competence section of your bank teller resume:

  • Strong communication skills in writing and speaking while receiving and delivering data from customers physically and over the phone. 
  • Profound communication skills to relate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, including colleagues and customers. 
  • Exceptionally accurate in completing tasks. 
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, and Publisher. 
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to give attention to detail. 
  • Desire and ability to learn new technology and procedures.

How to Write a Great Professional Experience for Bank Teller Resume

Your professional experience is any work that has been completed by you outside of school or college.

It shows employers that you have real world experience and that you are able to perform the duties required of the bank teller position that you are seeking.

You should include the following details in your professional experience section:

  • Dates of employment 
  • Position held 
  • Job title 
  • Company name 
  • Location 
  • Responsibilities 
  • Number of hours per week (if necessary). 

Keep in mind that the company will only view the top three positions on your resume when presenting your professional experiences.

You should therefore concentrate your efforts on emphasizing your successes during those three roles.

When composing your bank teller resume’s professional experiences, keep the following elements in mind:

  • Mention your most recent three jobs (or the last 3).
  • Discuss the responsibilities you successfully fulfilled in each role.
  • Include achievements or prizes won while working there.
  • Say why you quit each job.
  • Mention any specialized training classes you’ve taken.
  • Provide an overview of your responsibilities, if appropriate.

Example of a Bank Teller Resume Professional Experience

Here is an example of a resume where the applicant includes the professional experience section:

Work Experience: 

ABC Bank, New York

Assistant Cashier/Teller

March 2017 – April 2018


  • Assisted customers with deposits and withdrawals at ABC Bank branches. 
  • Made certain that all transactions were processed correctly and effectively.
  • Provided excellent customer service through friendly and courteous interactions. 
  • Performed other duties as assigned. 


  • Achieved 100% Customer Satisfaction Rating in my first year at ABC Bank.

How to Write a Great Education and Professional Qualifications for Bank Teller Resume

This section is used to highlight your education background and qualifications. You may use it to show what courses you took at school, colleges, universities, etc., or what certifications or licenses you hold.

This section also allows you to list relevant coursework that would be beneficial for the position you’re applying for.

You can include the following information in your bank teller resume’s Education and Professional Qualification section:

  • Listing of educational institutions attended 
  • Course titles and dates 
  • Major field of study 
  • Degree earned 
  • Specialized training courses 
  • Certifications or licenses obtained 
  • Honors received 
  • Awards received 
  • Publications authored. 

Bank Teller Resume Example

We have discussed the several sections you can have in your bank teller resume and how to write them.

Now, let’s put the various parts together to make a complete bank teller resume:

Name: John Doe

Address: 123 Main Street

City: Anytown, USA

Phone: 555-555-5555



Looking for a chance to join ABC Inc. as a Bank Teller and applying four years of experience in delivering excellent customer service to help the firm become the leading financial services provider in the country.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Good organizational skills
  • High level of integrity
  • Flexible schedule


XBC Bank, New York

Bank Teller 

Feb 2016 – Apr 2018


  • Processed cash and checks daily at XBC Bank branch.
  • Dealt with various banking needs of our clients.
  • Provided excellent customer service by responding quickly, politely, and professionally to client inquiries.
  • Ensured that all transactions were processed accurately and efficiently.
  • Provided excellent customer service through friendly, courteous, and efficient interactions.

FGG Bank, Texas 


Jan 2015 – Feb 2016


  • Handled cash and check transactions daily at FGG Bank branch.
  • Maintained high standards of accuracy and professionalism while providing excellent customer service.
  • Ensured all transactions were processed accurately.
  • Worked closely with management team to ensure smooth operations.
  • Assisted customers with deposits and withdrawals.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix
  • Certified Cash Handling Specialist (CCHS) from National Cash Register Institute
  • Certified Check Processing Specialist (CCPS) from NCR Institute
  • Professional certification from American Bankers


  • Best Customer Service Award from NCR Institute
  • Award for Excellence in Customer Service from University of Phoenix
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Winner
  • Employee of the Month
  • Team Member of the Year


The bank teller resume should be written in such a way that it grabs the employer’s attention.

The most important thing here is to present only those details which are essential for the job description. 

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