Assistant Retail Store Manager Resume Sample

Great resumes are needed to nail Assistant Retail Store Manager positions.

Great resumes are needed to nail Assistant Retail Store Manager positions. Image and source: Katie Mendenhall, assistant store manager at Pier 1 Imports, Grossmont Center, Dec. 19, 2010.

The Assistant Retail Store Manager position as the title goes is to provide support and assistance to the store manager in the running of the store on a daily basis.

Both the assistant and the manager provide leadership for the store and ensure it meets sales and profitability targets, while also ensuring a harmonious and safe work environment for all staff.

There are usually new openings for assistant retail store managers from time to time. To stand a good chance of course of getting picked, you need to present a good resume.

To help you in writing one for the position, we have provided a sample resume for Assistant Retail Store Manager below that you can work with. It is a good example you can model your resume after to produce something really great.

Linda James
XYZ Straight Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 222-5555, Cell: (222) 222-2222 •

OBJECTIVE: To work as Assistant Retail Store Manager with ABC Stores Inc., applying highly developed planning, customer service, problem-solving, and analytical skills to providing effective support and assistance to the store manager.

PROFILE: Exceptionally talented Assistant Retail Store Manager with five years experience working with store managers, providing assistance in the day-to-day running of a retail store, meeting and exceeding customer experience and store’s sales targets; highly proficient in scheduling employees, maintaining inventories, conducting on the spot inventories, maintaining store outlook, and completing daily documentation.


  • Strong customer service experience in the telecommunications industry.
  • Strong skills in planning, analyzing issues and solving problems.
  • Strong ability to give attention to detail, make the store orderly, and to organize activities, including sales events.
  • Strong ability to make presentations, communicate in both writing and speaking, and to provide leadership.
  • Efficient with copier and fax, PC, wireless equipment and other office machines and equipment.
  • Strong ability to function from multiple locations within the district.
  • Proficient with wireless terminology.
  • High integrity, with the ability to inspire others to top performance by collaboration and working in a team.

XYZ Inc., hometown, BA

Assistant Retail Store Manager
2008 – Present

  • Carry out store initiatives concerning sales, customer service and satisfaction.
  • Achieve and surpass sales, revenue, productivity, and service targets.
  • Create an environment for work that promotes creativity and motivates employees to give their best.
  • Assist staff to increase their interaction with customers by performing role plays frequently.
  • Perform weekly staff training as instructed by Store Manager.
  • Regularly check Customer Experience Dashboard and act on negative feedback appropriately.
  • Quickly act on any billing or service issues and provide solution appropriately.
  • Give assistance, inspiration, and motivation to the work force to achieve success.
  • Assist employees to grow career wise in the company.
  • Collaborate with the Store Manager to monitor and train staff, and score them on customer service and sales technique efficiency.
  • Ensure staff adhere to company policies and code of business conduct.
  • Enlighten staff on compensation plan and how to make the most of their earnings.
  • Send detail on temporary assignments and overtime to floating employees.
  • Collaborate with Store Manager to successfully introduce new products and services into the market.
  • Perform post lunch inspections and utilize best practices in driving improved results.
  • Ensure the training of employees on new products for them to be able to sell them confidently and effectively.
  • Support the Store Manager in ensuring that the store has the right staffing need through resource planning, coverage, and scheduling.


  • Bachelor’s degree, Business Management, 2008.
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