How to Write a Strong Resume Objective Statement, With Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Resume Objective Statement
Taking the time to write a strong objective statement for your resume can significantly improve its chances of winning an interview.

To increase the chances of having your resume or CV read by prospective employers, you need to present one with a strong objective statement.

In the competitive job market, your chances of getting an interview for the position you are seeking is brighter if you can get the employer to have an interest in your resume and to read it.

It is only when they read your resume that they will be able to know just how competent, experienced, and suitable you are for the position.

If they didn’t read it like they don’t for a good number of resumes and CVs submitted to them, then they will never find you out and you will never get the job.

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How a Strong Objective Can Increase Your Resume’s Chances

When an employer picks up your resume and tries to skim through it as they commonly do with the resumes submitted to them, they will see your objective statement, which happens to be the first statement of the resume.

With a strong career objective statement, you will be able to attract the employer’s attention and get them to spend time checking out your resume for what you have to offer.

How to Make a Strong Resume Objective that gets Employer’s Attention

You will be able to get the employer’s attention if your career objective reflects what they want.

Your objective statement should show that you understand the employer’s requirements for the job, and that you have the right skills, qualities, experience, and knowledge to effectively execute the duties and responsibilities of the role.

You will find the employer’s requirements for the position from the job description and requirements information that are usually published in the job advert.

By going over this information, you will know if you have what is required for the job, such as the skills, educational qualification, experience, abilities, and knowledge.

If you do have them, then you can go ahead to highlight a few of them in your resume’s objective statement.

You also need to know the major purpose of the position by looking at the job summary section of the job description.

With the above information, that is: The job requirements and the job summary weaved together, you are sure to produce a strong objective statement for your resume or CV.

By writing your resume objective this way, rather than just stating the job title as some people do, you will be assuring the recruiter that you have what is needed to perform effectively on the job. This will naturally make them to want to give you an interview appointment to hear directly from you.

Now, let’s see some best examples of objective statements for resumes, which you can learn from and use in writing your own:

5 Examples of Good Resume Objectives Applying Skills and Abilities

Here are career objective statements for resume created by using information about the job seeker’s skills and abilities relevant to the job position:

  • A team player and highly motivated accounting professional seeks the position of Accountant at XYZ Inc. where strong communication and time management skills, and exceptional ability to efficiently work under pressure will be applied in providing quality assistance in optimizing the company’s management controls; managing monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial closing; and effectively maintaining the general ledger accounts.
  • Seeking the job of Administrative Assistant at XYZ Inc. Bringing strong skills and ability to read and quickly understand instructions, memos, and correspondence; to write simple correspondence and present information effectively to clients, customers, and colleagues in the organization one-on-one and in small group situation, to effectively perform all administrative tasks in support of business operations at the assigned branch.
  • A highly gifted computer professional with excellent organizational, verbal and written communication skills, in addition to profound technical documentation skills, desires the job of Computer Help Desk Technician at XYZ Company, to provide creative and expert solutions to various problems faced by users and ensure total satisfaction; manage help desk/operators; and effectively monitor performance of systems.
  • A dynamic individual with strong leadership skills seeks to join the team at XYZ Company as Construction Manager. To apply exceptional management skills, including financial, communication, and presentation and strong ability to work in a multiple contingency setting in providing effective leadership and management for the company’s various projects in the field.
  • A hard-working and energetic Industrial Engineering Supervisor looking to work at XYZ Inc. in similar role, to contribute in consistently developing, implementing, and deploying acceptable operational processes and best practices throughput the organization. Coming with enormous ability to review and verify the costs of various options, clearly and accurately document process review data and design improved processes, and carryout alternative analysis and recommend effective solutions.

5 Examples of Good Resume Objectives Applying Educational Qualification, Knowledge, and Experience

Here are examples of resume objectives that utilized the job seeker’s educational qualification, knowledge, and experience that are relevant to what the hirer requires:

  • A Masters Degree holder in Instructional Design with four years working experience in Learning field desires the position of Instructional Designer at XYZ Inc. where enormous experience creating training materials for retail organizations will be utilized in creating instructional courses, job aids, and assessments for the company.
  • A registered member of the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers seeks the job of Cardiac Sonographer at XYZ Healthcare Services, to provide top quality service performing cardiac ultrasound testing such as 2D echo/doppler, transesophageal echo, exercise stress echo, and dobutamine stress echo procedures. Bringing deep knowledge of Windows based computer software and two years of working experience in a hospital.
  • A highly talented and energetic individual with three years experience working in a law office as a legal secretary desires the same position at XYZ Inc. Coming with huge knowledge of general office (including law office) procedures and practice, as well as legal terminology, concepts, and processes to effectively carry out various administrative and legal secretary support functions for attorneys.
  • To obtain the position of Event Planner at XYZ Inc. where three years of event/meeting planning experience; five years of exhibit, events, and trade show experience; and solid knowledge of the entertainment, catering, and hospitality industry will be put to maximum use in providing effective management for all activities concerning the planning, securing, and implementation of clients’ events and meetings.
  • Seeking the role of Assistant Project Manager at a growing company to provide quality assistance in the overall coordination and management of all assigned field operations, with particular focus objectives on quality, cost, safety, profit, sub-contractors, and customer service. Bringing valuable work experience with a $20 million construction project and two years of management experience in a commercial construction firm.

You can also create best resume objective statements by combining any of the skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, and educational qualification with others, depending on which of them carries your greatest strength.

See examples:

Examples of Good Resume Objectives Applying A Combination of Skills, Abilities, Educational Qualification, Knowledge, and Experience

  • A self-motivated individual with solid research skills, stellar writing ability, and strong ability to learn fast desires to work as Social Media Assistant at XYZ Inc. to provide exceptional assistance on various accounts. Coming with a Bachelor Degree in communications, two years social media experience, and great knowledge and understanding of social media tactics and platforms.
  • A registered member of the American Occupational Therapy Association with the State of Michigan Occupational Therapist License seeks to join the team at XYZ Center as Occupation Therapist to provide top quality professional health care service to patients. Possess Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy, strong ability to communicate both in writing and spoken, and two years experience working in home care service.
  • Desiring to join the team of security experts as Cyber Security Analyst at XYZ Inc. where strong understanding of FISMA principles and access control best practices; ability to perform customer interviews to detect risks; and three years experience in operational security will be applied in effectively evaluating operational and management security controls at locations across the country.


You career objective statement is a good opportunity to win over the employer immediately they begin to read your resume.

Therefore, make sure you make it so strong and compelling that the recruiter will not be able to resist taking the time to actually read your resume and give you an appointment for an interview.

This post provides you the tips and samples that you can work with to be able to make a really strong resume objective that significantly improves your chances of getting an interview.

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