Top 20 Medical Receptionist Resume Objective Examples you can use

By | May 20, 2024
Medical Receptionist Resume Objective
Your medical receptionist resume will stand a better chance of being read by having a compelling objective statement.

When applying for the job of a medical receptionist, you need to send a resume that has a compelling objective statement that impresses the reader right away as they begin to read it, and makes them desire to read the whole of the document.

Having a highly captivating career objective statement starting your medical receptionist resume will increase its chances of being read, which will also increase your chances of being invited to an interview.

This post will help you learn how to make a medical receptionist resume objective statement that impresses the recruiter and cause them to give attention to reading every part of the resume.

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How to Write a Great Resume Objective for a Medical Receptionist Position

The best resume objective statements for a medical receptionist position are those that tell the recruiter that the resume owner has what they are looking for to effectively perform the job.

An objective that shows that the resume owner understands what the recruiter is looking for, in terms of the qualities, education, experience, etc. needed to succeed on the job, and declares that they possess those attributes, will definite win the recruiter’s interest in reading the whole of the resume.

Therefore, to make a highly impressive resume objective for a medical receptionist job, you need first to study the job requirements and description to understand the recruiter’s expectations and needs for the position.

When you know these needs and expectations, you can then tailor your objective statement to indicate that you perfectly meet them.

Need to see some good examples of medical receptionist resume objectives to make the explanations given above on how to write one come together? Check below:

Best 20 Medical Receptionist Resume Objective Examples you can apply

  1. Dependable Medical Receptionist with 8+ years of experience working in the industry seeks to hold a Medical Receptionist role at K&M Co. Possess experience with HIPAA; and well trained in documentation, medical billing and transcription, and other related administrative duties.
  2. Dedicated individual looking to hold a Medical Receptionist job with Long Life Corp. Excellent at data entry, documentation, and oral communication, as well as possess other administrative and clerical skills necessary to foster a thriving environment.
  3. To obtain a position with a New Hope Hospital as a Medical Receptionist; bringing expertise in office management and strong ability to work well with medical billing software.
  4. Interested in a Medical Receptionist position with Covey Health Center where good familiarity with HIPAA and other relevant rules and regulations, exceptional time management skills, and ability to give keen attention to detail will be utilized.
  5. Hoping to work with TruHealth Corp as a Medical Receptionist; possess exceptional medical billing software and coding skills along with clerical skills to help patients and staff alike.
  6. Searching for a medical receptionist role with Instincts MediCare; coming with outstanding written and oral communication, PC, and organizational skills to help the organization reach its goals.
  7. Result-driven and passionate individual in search of a Medical Receptionist position with Elixir Care Co.; bringing admirable ability to manage administrative tasks, outstanding customer service skills, and a likeable personality to achieve the organization’s mission.
  8. Self-motivated and responsible Medical Receptionist aiming for a position with Mt Clives Medicals. Coming with solid command of medical terminology and remarkable front desk handling skills. Also possess a calm demeanor while working under stressful situations.
  9. To work as a Medical Receptionist with Wyatt Healthcare where excellent multitasking skills, ability to schedule appointments, and adaptable personality, and profound ability to give attention to detail will be applied.
  10. To gain a Medical Receptionist position at NW Healthcare Systems. Offers professionalism, ability to perform secretarial work, and strong front-office management skills to provide patients with top-notch services.
  11. Seeking a Medical Receptionist position with Kyle Healthcare; coming with strong communication skills, warm support for patients and the team, and the ability to maximize the use of the reception area.
  12. Front Desk Medical Receptionist eager to contribute passion and the best performance with ABC Health Corp. Coming with prior medical experience and mastery of advance medical computer applications to ensure the delivering of better health service.
  13. Interested in a Front Desk Medical Receptionist position with Mino Clinic, to provide keen attention to detail and excellent customer service, as well as professionalism and empathy when dealing with patients in demanding situations.
  14. Dedicated Medical Receptionist desires to work at Nord Clinic; looking to grow and expand on 10+ years of broad experience in the health care industry while delivering better service to patients and support to staff.
  15. To hold a Front Desk Medical Receptionist job with CareNum Co.; to uphold office policies and procedures, as well as maintain and manage financial records effectively.
  16. Exceptionally talented intern looking to gain a full-time engagement as a Medical Receptionist to provide effective inventory management and maintenance service, as well as outstanding schedule management service for nurse practitioners and doctors.
  17. Dedicated and confident individual desires the role of a Medical Receptionist at M&K Care. Bringing great dedication to job, punctuality, and consistency in delivering excellent service. Also coming with the ability to work all days, including holidays or weekends when necessary.
  18. Dynamic individual desirous of landing a Medical Receptionist position with Morning Star Hospital; to manage office equipment and reception area efficiently and effectively; respond promptly to inquiries from prospects, patients, and visitors.
  19. Result-oriented individual seeking a Medical Receptionist post with Combstone Clinic where a warm personality, ability to welcome and greet all patients with a friendly attitude, and answer the phone, and perform other related clerical duties effectively will be utilized maximally.
  20. Kind and compassionate individual seeks to gain employment as a Medical Receptionist with Perell Co. Bringing excellent time management skills as well as comprehensive knowledge of HIPAA and other relevant rules and regulations.


To make it easier for your medical receptionist resume to be read, you need a captivating career objective statement to begin it.

This will help to gain the recruiter’s attention and interest quickly in your offer to work with them as a medical receptionist as they start assessing your resume, which can increase your chances of gaining an interview appointment from them.

This post provides invaluable ideas and examples you can use to help you write an effective objective statement for your medical receptionist resume when you are applying for a new job.

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