20 Best Hairstylist Assistant Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Hairstylist Assistant Resume Objective
You can boost your chances of gaining a hairstylist assistant job by having a compelling resume objective statement.

This post provides lots of great hairstylist assistant resume objective examples to help you in learning how to make one for your resume/CV and increase your chances of being called for an interview for the hairstylist assisting position that you are seeking.

If you are making a resume or CV for a hairstylist assistant position, you will need to begin it with a captivating objective or summary statement to be able to get the recruiter/employer into the resume to read all parts of it.

It is important to get the recruiter/employer to get into your hairstylist assistant resume and read all you are offering for the position.

This will enable them to decide if you are suitable for the position and invite you to an interview where you will be able to convince them that you are the hairstylist assistant they are looking for.

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How to Make a Great Resume Objective for a Hairstylist Assistant Position

The key to making a great career objective or summary statement for a hairstylist assistant resume is to find out what the recruiter/employer wants for the position.

When you get this knowledge, you can then craft your resume objective to show that you perfectly fit the person the recruiter/employer is looking for to hire as a hairstylist assistant.

To learn about the hairstylist assistant job and who the employer/recruiter wants for the position, you need to study the job description and requirements published by them.

You will discover the type of duties and responsibilities you will be expected to perform if hired, as well as the qualities, skills, experience, etc. you must have to be hired for the hairstylist assistant position.

Having obtained this information, you can then craft an objective statement that states that you possess what is required to succeed on the hairstylist assistant job if hired.

You should highlight a few of the important qualities, skills, experiences, etc. in your resume objective statement that you have and that are required by the recruiter/employer to be hired for the hairstylist assistant position.

Your career objective statement should also emphasize the fact that you understand what the hairstylist assistant job entails and have the competence to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position effectively.

Now, here are some good examples of hairstylist assistant objective statements you can learn from and apply in making your resume:

Best 20 Hairstylist Assistant Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

  1. An enthusiastic and customer oriented individual desirous of a Hairstylist Assistant position with Modern Salon & Spa, to support assigned stylist with color applications, shampoos, blowouts, and guest care; assist salon team with day-to-day operations; greet guests for assigned stylist and others; and prepare salon and station for every guest with appropriate tools and supplies. Also bringing current and active North Carolina cosmetology license, as well as ability to attend all education requirements and classes, and meet all assigned goals.
  2. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to contribute three years of hair styling experience as a Hairstylist Assistant with Hairroin Salon. Coming with excellent verbal and written communication skills, meticulous attention to detail and organization, professional etiquette and tact, neat and clean appearance, trustworthiness, dependability, hard-work, and good sense of judgment. Also bringing strong ability to assist masters, seniors, and stylists, and provide additional support to stylists to ensure increased retail sales.
  3. To obtain a position with Aveda Belle Isle Salon to provide client with professional blow dry and style hair; wash, rinse and dry client’s hair using appropriate shampoos and conditioners for dry scalp or oily hair; and maintain a professional appearance at all times. Coming with good organizational skills, self-motivated and driven spirit, work flexibility and good team player, strong interpersonal and basic computer skills, excellent oral and written communication skills, relationship building ability, strong attention to detail, and ability to learn and practice skills.

More Hairstylist Assistant Resume Objective Examples [4-7]

  1. Energetic individual with five years of experience working in a Hairstylist Assistant position, seeking employment in that role with PRIVATE Inc. to greet clients and welcome them to stylist station with an affectionate smile, prepare clients for treatment, and assist clients with scheduling and booking of appointments. Also coming with valid cosmetology license, excellent communication and customer service skills, friendly and professional demeanor, and physical stamina to stand for long hours.
  2. Highly trained individual seeking to work in a Hairstylist Assistant position with Affinity Salon and Day Spa where Cosmetology School certification and State License, strong guest service skills, professional appearance, and ability to work flexible schedules will be applied to providing exceptional service, including shampooing hair, preparing stations, sweeping, mixing colors, and performing stress relieving scalp treatments.
  3. Extremely organized individual interested in a Hairstylist Assistant position with Russian Balayage, bringing strong ability to shampoo clients’ hair, do blow dries, make coffee for clients, and clean saloon and assist stylist during coloring services, as well as perform other duties. Also coming with valid Florida Cosmetology License, passion for hair, positive personality, social media experience, and professional hair styling experience, and strong willingness to learn.
  4. Looking for the position of a Skilled Hairstylist Assistant with The Strand Salon to shampoo customers’ hair and prep clients for diverse services being performed; ensure clients feel comfortable by greeting clients in a gracious and professional fashion; assist with day-to-day salon up-keep by sweeping the floor, cleaning salon and prepping shampoo work stations; and filling shampoo bottles. Coming with New York State Cosmetology permit, reliability and strong work ethic, 1 year hairstylist assistant experience, and ability to work day and night shifts including weekends and holidays.

More Hairstylist Assistant Resume Objective Examples [8-11]

  1. Hopeful to gain employment with VanDavis Aveda as a Hairstylist Assistant to greet clients, prepare clients for service, provide robes, wash hair, shampoo and mix color, sweep the floor and keep the salon neat and clean. Bringing excellent communication skills, strong guest service skills, knowledge of products, effective problem solving abilities, and ability to adapt and be open to training under other experienced hair stylists.
  2. Certified Hairstylist Assistant with valid NJ License, 5 years of experience as a hairstylist assistant, outstanding customer service skills, positive attitude, reliability and punctuality, and ability to work together with other employees as a team. Seeking to work with Elite Salon & Spa. Also bringing profound ability to shampoo, condition, and glaze clients’ hair; help prepare clients for service; ensure clients are comfortable; sweep salon floor and laundry; maintain salon’s appearance; support hairstylists; and blow-dry clients.
  3. Highly talented and motivated Hairstylist Assistant, seeking the position at Synergy Salon, to provide professional hairstyle services in color, cutting, keratin treatment facial, nail, lash, and hair extension. Also coming with 1 year hairstylist assistant experience, North Carolina State Cosmetology License, team and detail oriented skills.
  4. Dedicated and energetic individual seeking a Hairstylist Assistant job at Salon Located in Westchester with exceptional ability to provide excellent customer service; answer phones, schedule and greet clients; prepare and maintain stations for stylists; prep clients for stylists, shampoo, cape, hospitality, etc.; clean and organize salon thoroughly; and assist each stylist during coloring or any service rendered to client if required.

More Hairstylist Assistant Resume Objective Examples [12-15]

  1. Looking for the position of a Hairstylist Assistant with Mirror Mirror Hair Boutique to assist hairstylist, keep salon clean, and shampoo clients. Coming with 1 year work experience in a hairstylist assistant role, good verbal communication skills, interpersonal and people skills, strong customer service proficiency, excellent organizational skills, and ability to work day and night shifts Monday to Friday, including weekends.
  2. Talented individual seeking a position with KeSalon’s Coiffure as a Hairstylist Assistant, with ability to represent elevated brand image through professional hygiene and dress, greet clients as they arrive and ensure they are comfortable, as well as answer phones and schedule appointments using salon booking software. Also bringing 1 year hairstylist assistant experience; 1 year management experience; 1 year customer service experience; strong interpersonal, communication, and listening skills; organizational, professional, reliability, and accountability skills; and ability to operate point of sale system.
  3. Team oriented individual eager to work at Creative Layers Hair Salon with ability to assist hairstylist with shampooing, blowouts and checking clients in; answer phones, book appointments and allow walk-ins; and provide hair services with hair coloring, styling, facial waxing, and haircuts. Also bringing High School Diploma, North Carolina State Cosmetology license, 3 years of experience in the hair industry, computer software and Smartphone technology skills, and ability to communicate effectively with staff and clients.
  4. Active individual with huge hair styling skills and ability to assist stylists whenever possible, build familiarity and rapports with returning clients, and keep shop clean and safe. Longing for a Hairstylist Assistant position at Riccardo Maggiore Salon where blow dry experience, teamwork skills, and ability to multitask in a fast paced environment and maintain the stylists’ stations and sinks will be applied.

More Hairstylist Assistant Resume Objective Examples [16-20]

  1. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience, longing for a Hairstylist Assistant position with ESSENCE SALON LLC to assist with washing, conditioning, coloring and styling hair for both men and women. Also bringing valid cosmetology license, customer service skills, and communication skills.
  2. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of a Hairstylist Assistant at Julio Angel Hair Studio to greet clients, arrange them for chemical services, shampoo clients, apply single process and glazes; assist stylists in everyday tasks and maintain salon cleanliness and organization.
  3. Experienced, talented, and highly organized individual seeking a Hairstylist Assistant position with High Street Cuts to shampoo hair; prepare hair stylist stations; sweep floors; mix colors; stock towels, products, and retail inventory; answer phones and schedule; and perform laundry tasks. Coming with cosmetology state license, cosmetology school program completion, professional appearance, flexible schedule, and exceptional customer service skills.
  4. Looking for the position of a Hairstylist Assistant with Gloss Salon & Cosmetic Boutique to warmly greet clients, lead them to the appropriate beauty stations and notify assigned beauticians of their arrival, book and confirm appointments via phone and email. Coming with High School Diploma and 5 years of work experience in hair styling.
  5. Creative and problem-solving individual desirous to join a group of professionals at MissViggs Salon in the position of a Hairstylist Assistant, with ability to greet customers warmly upon arrival; answer clients’ questions about services via phone, email, and in person; and process transactions. Also coming with cosmetology license; passion about hair, beauty and style; and zeal in becoming client service specialist.


To increase your chances of gaining the hairstylist assistant job position that you seek, it is important to craft a compelling career objective or summary statement for your resume or CV.

This can boost your resume’s chances of being read and increase your chances of being offered an interview appointment where you can prove to the recruiter/employer that you are the best hairstylist assistant for the position.

This post provides the ideas and examples you can apply to learn and make an effective objective statement for your hairstylist assistant resume.

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