20 Good Job Objective Samples for Your Resume

By | August 11, 2023
Job Objective
You can create a more effective resume by starting it with a very good job objective.

To make your resume or CV irresistible to recruiters to read, it is important to begin it with a very good job objective statement.

The quality of your objective statement can decide if your resume gets read by the recruiter or not, which can consequently determine if you get the job or not.

It is therefore important to learn how to make captivating job objective statements for your resume to make it stand out; and that is what this post will help you to achieve.

How to Write Good Job Objectives that Make Your Resume Stand Out

To write good job objectives, you need to have complete knowledge of the job offer; you need to know its duties and responsibilities, as well as the skills, abilities, experience, education level, etc. that are required for success on the job.

You will normally find such information from the job description and requirement details published by the recruiter.

When you get the above information about the available job, then you will be able to craft an objective statement that tells the recruiter that you’ve got the required qualities, experience, education, etc. needed to succeed on the job.

Such objectives will be very good and effective in impressing the recruiter as it directly declares that you are qualified for the position and need to be given an opportunity.

Reading such objective, the recruiter is more likely to desire to read the rest of the resume and pick your application for interview appointment.

Now, let’s get practical, let’s see some good examples of objective statements for various job categories that you can study to learn how to make yours or apply directly in your resume after making the necessary editing:

20 Good Samples of Job Objective Statements for Your Resume

  1. Problem solver and excellent communicator, looking to maintain clean and sanitary food preparation in the position of Food and Nutrition Associate at the MoM House. Bringing 4 years food service experience and proven customer service skills.
  2. Exceptionally creative and seasoned baker, seeking to utilize excellent skills in preparing baked goods according to recipes and production specifications as a Baker with CBC. Coming with strong service-orientation and ability to keep up with peak production in a calm, accurate, and efficient manner.
  3. Exceptionally creative and certified events manager (CMP) with 5+ years freelance experience volunteering for conferences and managing weddings, hopeful for an Events Manager position at Square Hall Inc., to deploy cutting-edge concepts. Coming with a track record of completion of projects within the stipulated time-frame.
  4. Highly organized and tech savvy individual with 2 years administrative assistant experience. Seeking the position of Office Assistant with HealthPlus; to apply honed skills in administration. Also coming with superior clerical skills to ensure smooth office operations.
  5. Great communicator and a self starter, seeking the position of Security Consultant at XOX Inc., to provide quality information security and risk management service. Coming with 6+ years of information systems experience.
  6. Seeking for the position of an Office Administrator to apply 2+ years of administrative assistant experience and exceptional ability to efficiently prioritize assignments to enforce office protocols and smooth functioning of office. Coming with IT systems expertise and Bachelor’s degree.
  7. Individual with problem solving skills and positive attitude. Interested in the position of General Maintenance Worker at Flix Inc. where profound technical skills and 4+ years extensive experience in a manufacturing environment will be applied.
  8. CPR certified and experienced preschool teacher, looking to promote child’s cognitive, social-emotional, and self expressive learning in the position of Preschool Teacher at LearnRight Center. Bringing passion, energy, and love for children.
  9. Desirous of the Store Manager position at ABC Stores Inc., to utilize 6+ years retail associate experience, problem solving abilities, and exceptional time management skills. Coming with organizational skills and Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree to effectively oversee the store’s operations and exceed sales goals.
  10. Individual with sound judgment, clear and concise writing skills and utmost respect for confidentiality desires to work at MVA Electric Inc. in the position of Personal Assistant, to apply outstanding administrative skills in providing high-level executive support to CEO. Also offering strong presentation, budgeting skills, and proficiency in Microsoft office tools.
  11. Detail-oriented individual with positive attitude and High School Diploma. Interested in the position of Custodian at CBC; offering strong observation skills and 3+ years janitorial experience to report maintenance requirement in a timely manner.
  12. Technically inclined individual with strong interpersonal and problem solving skills. Desirous of Manufacturing Technician position at Rain Engineering, to apply 3+ years of industry experience. Coming with skills in operating and maintaining automated equipment, troubleshooting skills, and advanced computer skills.
  13. Certified forklift operator with excellent communication skills desires the job of Factory Worker at CBC where 3 years manufacturing experience, sound knowledge and ability to read and interpret blueprints will be maximally utilized.
  14. Customer service professional with exceptional ability to multi-task, prioritize, and manage time effectively. Seeking a Customer Service position with CBC; offering active listening skills and communication skills, and outstanding ability to handle high volume calls and resolve customer complaints in a professional manner.
  15. Service oriented individual with positive attitude. Seeking for the position of a Bartender at Diddy’s Place, to apply basic knowledge of food and beverage preparation and service of various alcoholic drinks. Also bringing basic math skills and ability to operate a computerized cash register.
  16. Customer service oriented and excellent communicator. Looking to obtain a Receptionist position at Rodds where outstanding phone handling and computer skills, as well as strong selling skills to support marketing initiatives that drive brand awareness.
  17. Exceptionally creative problem solver with adept background in computer science. Desirous for a Web Developer position at CBC to utilize programming and advanced graphic design expertise, and media skills. Also coming with excellent collaborative and troubleshooting abilities.
  18. RN with strong customer relations skills and BSN degree. Seeking for the position of a Registered Nurse at BON to utilize 4+ years clinical experience. Offering solid knowledge of the nursing process and ability to plan individualized care for neonatal, pediatric, and adolescent, and geriatric patients.
  19. Experienced individual with active listening skills and strong negotiation abilities. To obtain the role of Sales Representative at Starmin Stores to utilize honed skills in marketing management, good telephone skills, and proven track record of success in sales based role.
  20. Highly organized and detailed individual with strong math and computer skills desires the Cashier position at PineGift where exceptional ability to maintain accuracy and effectively complete sales transactions even under pressure will be effectively applied.


To distinguish yourself from the pool of applicants for a job and increase your chances of being hired, it is important for you to craft a good objective statement for your resume.

This post provides good examples of job objective statements you can study to learn and improve on how to make one for your resume.

You are also free to apply any of the given job objective samples directly in your resume after editing it to perfectly fit your career description.

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