Best 20 Freelance Writer Resume Objective Examples You Can Apply

By | May 20, 2024
Freelance Writer Resume Objective
You can boost your resume’s chances of winning you an interview by having a compelling objective statement.

This post presents lots of great freelance writer resume objective examples that you can learn from and adopt in making one for your resume/CV and boost your chances of being hired.

If you are writing a resume or CV for a freelance writer job, the objective statement is a part of the resume you must ensure is highly compelling to get the recruiter/employer interested in your offering.

It’s important to get the recruiter/employer so much attracted to your offering as a freelance writer to get inside your resume to read all parts of it.

This will certainly increase your chances of getting an interview with the recruiter/employer where you will be able to convince them that you are the freelance writer they are looking for.

To make a great resume that gets you an interview with an employer/recruiter, it is important to learn about various resume statistics before writing your resume. According to novoresume, these resume statistics will give you helpful insight into the prevailing HR trends, guide you in making the right decision about your job hunting, and in creating an effective resume.

How to Make a Great Resume Objective for a Freelance Writer Position

You can make an impressive career objective statement for your freelance writer resume by learning about the position and what the recruiter/employer is expecting the right candidate for the job to have.

You will be able to learn what the recruiter/employer wants for the freelance writer position by studying the description of the job they published, as well as the job requirements.

With the knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of the vacant freelance writer position that you get from reading the job description, as well as learning about the qualities, experience, education, and other requirements that candidates should meet to be hired for the freelance writing job, you will be able to make a captivating resume objective or summary statement.

Your freelance writer objective statement should show that you meet the recruiter/employer’s expectations for the job and have the qualities, skills, experience, etc. needed to succeed.

For your freelance writer resume objective statement to be effective, you should highlight some of the important qualities, experience, education, skills, etc. that you have and that are stated by the recruiter/employer in their published job requirements.

You should also emphasize knowing what the freelance writer job entails, including its duties and responsibilities and having the capacity to excel in it.

Now, here are good examples of freelance writer objective statements that you can apply in writing your resume or CV:

Best 20 Freelance Writer Objective Examples You Can Use

  1. Team oriented individual eager to work at milk + honey spa as a Freelance Writer with ability to execute assigned content on a variety of topics in a variety of formats; conduct thorough research where necessary; and source properly while keeping milk + honey’s voice, style, and audience. Also bringing 2 years of experience as a freelance writer; a strong attention to detail; an understanding of SEO best practices and social media, GSuite and CMS-savvy; and familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style and APA Style.
  2. Active individual with huge freelance writing skills and abilities to review and edit existing copy with laser-vision accuracy, craft original copy for various marketing channels and formats, and collaborate with the Marketing team. Longing for the Freelance Writer position at Greenhouse Software to bring 7 years of freelance writing experience, stellar writing skills, experience writing marketing copy for a B2B audience, experience in SaaS industry and the HR, and creative agency experience.
  3. Safety conscious individual with high level of skills and experience longing for a Freelance Writer position with theGrio, to apply excellent communication skills and deep-rooted knowledge of and passion for exploring all matters related to African-American content, news, entertainment, and culture in gathering news quickly, accurately, and under deadline; making stories go off with a unique voice and original reporting; and giving and receiving feedback regularly. Also bringing 5 years of experience writing and editing news and entertainment content at digital news sites and publications.

More Freelance Writer Objective Examples [4-6]

4. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of a Freelance UX Writer at Somnio, where profound knowledge of UX fundamentals, experience in technology enterprises, and knowledge of online content strategy and creation will be utilized to effectively translate complex language into a wording everyone can understand, maintain best practices, and create and suggest microcopy across products and concepts for a better experience. Also bringing Bachelor’s Degree, 5 years of experience in UX writing, and good communication skills.

5. Experienced, talented, and highly organized individual seeking a Freelance Writer position with Diligent Corporation to develop an understanding of Diligent’s customers, prospects, products, and technology; contribute to Diligent’s content marketing engine with high-quality content that resonates with customers; and commit to a regular cadence of blogs per week adhering to Diligent’s topic direction and SEO best practices. Coming with 10 years of experience in journalism, strong writing skills, and experience with SEO pertaining to keyword trends and performance.

6. Looking for the position of a Freelance Writer with GOOD AMERICAN to work with Senior Content Manager to develop and execute editorial strategy, strategize, and execute content, and update communication strategies and initiatives across departments throughout the season as key moments come up. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree in English, 4 years of experience in freelance writing, an understanding of Photoshop and HTML, and excellent time management skills with ability to multi-task and prioritize.

More Freelance Writer Objective Examples [7-9]

7. Creative and problem-solving individual desirous to join a group of professionals at MIT Horizon in the position of a Freelance Writer where the ability to research, write, and contribute to a variety of article types according to established templates; identify and interview subject matter experts; and ensure that articles and supporting work meet MIT Horizon standards will be utilized. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree, 3 years of professional writing experience, demonstrated expertise in science and technology, exceptional research and interviewing skills, and proven ability to write quality articles in an organized voice.

8. An enthusiastic and customer-oriented individual desirous of a Freelance Writer position with Bettingjobs to write on upcoming sporting events, write reviews on licensed Sport Betting Apps, and write on current news in regards to licensed and regulated Sports Betting Market. Also bringing Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, experience in sports writing, and serious zeal in sports betting.

9. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to create new content to assist marketing campaigns, work closely with marketing team members, and optimize content using SEO best practices at XYZ Inc. in the position of Freelance Writer. Coming with full knowledge of SEO writing and optimizing, knowledge and understanding of SEMrush to use it to find the proper keywords for optimizations, strong commerce product writing background, familiarity with WordPress, and ability to take deadlines seriously and turn around content quickly.

More Freelance Writer Objective Examples [10-12]

10. To obtain a Freelance Writer position with VelvetJobs to write and offer innovative direction for broadcast and digital audio commercials, write and provide creative direction for online sales integration content, and discuss with large advertisers to determine creative strategy. Also coming with 3 years of experience in freelance writing with an advertising agency, knowledge of direct-response as well as brand and strategic advertising, understanding of the marketing model, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

11. Energetic individual with five years of writing experience seeking employment with Onward Search as a Freelance Writer, to create polished marketing copy for integrated channels, including direct mail, email, and more; direct and design the visual execution of campaigns; and utilize the ability to work in a fast paced environment. Also coming with 5 years of experience in an advertising environment; experience across integrated assets, including e-mail, direct mail, web-pages, and phone-based programs; and professional experience with PowerPoint and Medicare.

12. Highly trained individual seeking to work in a Freelance Writer position with Collective Press, to apply profound experience in writing quality articles based on article spec, writing error-free and plagiarism-free grammar, and submitting via online writing platform. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree in English; experience writing and covering DIY topics and operating well with deadlines; and strong written and digital communication skills.

More Freelance Writer Objective Examples [13-15]

13. Extremely organized individual interested in a Freelance Writer position with Mindbodygreen, bringing the ability to write compelling, timely content with search intent in mind, assign and edit SEO content, and commission and edit content from community of contributors. Also coming with 5 years of experience working in an editorial capacity, demonstrated experience in writing science-based content, strong personal interest in and passion for writing, and knowledge of SEO strategy, and how to optimize posts to reach SEO goals.

14. Looking for the position of a Skilled Freelance Writer with WalletHub to write and update product roundups, research and gather product information, create content for users, and handle multiple tasks effectively. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, excellent writing skills, exceptional writing portfolio with reputable publications, editorial experience, experience with freelance writing and working remotely, advanced research skills and attention to detail, as well as proven ability to meet deadlines.

15. Hopeful to gain employment with iHeartMedia as a Freelance Writer to create scripts for commercials produced on specs and audio/video segments of proposals; collaborate with sales and on-air talent to execute effective endorsements; and create and coordinate a stable in-house “voice talent”. Also bringing 5 years of experience as a Freelance Writer with an advertising agency, knowledge of creating audio campaigns for advertisers, knowledge of direct-response, as well as brand and strategic advertising.

More Freelance Writer Objective Examples [16-18]

16. Certified Freelance Writer seeking a position at IBCStyle Fashion Recruiters to assist Manager in planning, execution, and multichannel distribution of marketing content; work on multiple projects at once; and help manage the content process workflow. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism; 4 years of in-house and freelance writing experience; experience working within complex, global consumer marketing organizations; effective communication skills; cross-functional expertise; and ability to adapt to a lot of different content formats.

17. Highly talented and motivated Freelance Writer seeking a position at Catchpoint to develop ideas and lead projects to literate and innovate on documentation strategy; revise documents in coordination with product updates and changes; and collaborate across product, engineering, and services to enhance documentation processes. Also coming with 5 years of experience in a technical writing and content development role, proven experience designing and writing technical content from scratch, B2B and SaaS experience, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and knowledge of HTML and CSS.

18. Dedicated and energetic individual seeking a Freelance Writer job at Touch of Modern where strong ability to create and edit compelling content for sales on a daily basis, research featured goods to ensure accurate information is being offered on the company’s website, and function with a high degree of autonomy will be applied. Also bringing Bachelor’s Degree, 2 years of experience working as a freelance writer, passion for modern design and innovative tech, and ability to learn basic content management systems.

More Freelance Writer Objective Examples [19-20]

19. Looking for the position of a Freelance Writer with Advantage B2B Consulting, to apply exceptional analytical skills, excellent writing, and organizational skills to work on a variety of business focused assignments to be used in magazine articles, blogs, e-books, etc., help create and follow an editorial calendar, and work with the editor to accomplish goals. Also coming with Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, 5 years of experience in freelance writing, and strong understanding of business related topics, attention to detail and deadlines, and computer literacy.

20. Talented individual seeking a position with 2Locos as a Freelance Writer with profound ability to guide, plan, research, and develop content according to editorial guideline. Also bringing 5 years of proven freelance writing experience, strong organizational skills, strong writing and editing skills, knowledge of SEO, experience with online content best practices, high personal standards for excellence, and ability to meet deadlines.


To improve your resume/CV’s chances of winning you an interview with the recruiter/employer for a freelance writer job, you need to begin it with a compelling objective or summary statement.

This post provides great ideas and examples you can quickly apply in creating a highly impressive career objective for your freelance writer resume.

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