Top 20 Health Resume Objective Examples You Can Apply

By | August 11, 2023
Health Resume Objective
A good objective statement makes your health resume more effective in getting you the desired interview.

This post will help you learn how to make a winning objective statement in your resume or CV when applying for a job position in the health industry.

Are you in the health profession and looking to get your dream job?

If you are, then you will need to apply for it by writing a resume; not just another resume but one that can get you the job.

A very important part of your health resume is the career objective statement, which is usually the first part of the resume and so must be made really compelling.

When writing your objective statement, you need to apply some know-how. This is the case because your objective will influence how your employer or interviewer treats your resume.

Your career objective statement informs your employer why you are the preferred candidate for the healthcare job.

It gets the employer to read the rest of your resume and that helps get you that all important interview.
So, how do you write a convincing objective statement for a medical position?

How to Write Health Resume Objective Statement that Wins Employers Over

If you want to write a persuasive objective statement, you should read the job requirements carefully and see what qualities and skills the employer wants the desired applicants to have.

After getting this knowledge, you can then present your skills, competencies, and experience to suit the advertised health job.

By presenting your strong points in the form of an objective statement, you will be sending a message to the employer or HR department that you are a qualified candidate for the healthcare position worth interviewing.

Now, let’s see some examples of health career objectives to aid your learning of how to make one for your resume:

Best 20 Objective Statements for Resumes for Healthcare Job Positions

1. Seeking a challenging but fulfilling role as an Audiologist which allows me to share knowledge with patients on treatments and medical alternatives available to treat their hearing challenges and utilize my communication skills to reach out to patients.

2. Meticulous and highly focused professional looking for a Dental Assistant position with Karios Waters Medical Center; bringing huge professional experience to the fore in order to give customers the best experience possible.

3. To obtain a Nutritionist position at F&G company; maximizing strengths in preparing unique meals, advising others on proper diets, and performing Epidemiological research.

4. Looking for a position as a Dietitian with experience in Fitness and Herbs, deploying competences in diet planning to enhance patients’ nutritional well-being.

5. Highly-organized individual with exceptional clinical skills gained through on the field-experience with quality performance of all laboratory tests and procedures with attention to detail and patient comfort, seeking to add value as a Medical Laboratory Technician at Beautiful Gate Specialist Hospital.

6. Willing to be employed as a Nurse Practitioner in a hospital where I can deploy my leadership abilities; working in a challenging environment and gaining good experience.

7. An excellence-oriented personality with 7 years experience as an Occupational Therapist proficient in personal service and management willing to serve at B&G Company; providing expertise in excellent training and communication.

8. Excellent health professional looking for an Optometrist Assistant position in an eye clinic delivering values in terms of good communication skills, friendly disposition, and focus on details.

9. A graduate of pharmacy willing to apply exceptional proficiency in the knowledge and application of medication to improve patient health as a Pharmacist at Citywide Pharmacy.

10. Dedicated, self-motivated, and result-oriented Physical Therapist desiring a position with Frontier Company where outstanding organizational and communication skills will be applied.

11. Competent radiation therapist with in-depth knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures for diagnosis and treatment desirous of adding value at Gifted Hands Hospital as its Radiation Therapist.

12. Responsible MRI technician, highly skilled in effective understanding and implementation of doctors’ requests for clients, and making clients at ease during the MRI process eager to join the dynamic workforce at S&G Health Consult; able to operate any model of MRI machines.

13. In search of a Radiology Technician position with YZ Specialist Hospital; coming with great competency in vascular technology together with experience as a certified nursing assistant.

14. Empathetic and dedicated Nurse seeking a position in a government hospital; putting to use four years experience working in highly stressful situations in the emergency room and performing various clinical procedures.

15. Seeking a position in any good health organization as a Respiratory Therapist; to deploy 3 years of experience in the medical field as a certified nursing assistant and exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.

16. Enthusiastic about a new position as a Speech-language Pathologist in a five-star hospital; maximizing huge knowledge and proficiency acquired over 7+ years of work experience.

17. To occupy a position as Surgical Technologist at Wellness Group; providing quality support to surgeons and assistants in successfully carrying out surgical procedures.

18. All out for a Dental Hygienist position at Dental Care; coming with a stable demonstrative expertise in carrying out core dental procedures, as well as exceptional knowledge of preventative dental medical procedures.

19. A self-motivated and highly qualified individual with 12 years experience as an Ultrasound Technician desires to bring exceptional skills and proficiencies to Coopers if hired.

20. Seeking the position of Chiropractor, putting enormous experience and skills to use in treating patients with muscle and skeletal disorders at Kings Health Care center.


The content and sample objective statements presented in this post will help you in creating a compelling objective for your health resume or CV, which can help you land the job of your dream.

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