Top 10 Journalist Resume Objective Examples You Can Apply

By | May 20, 2024
Journalist Resume Objective
You can put your journalist resume on the path of success with a compelling objective statement.

If you are making a resume or CV for a journalist job, you can increase its chances of being selected for an interview by improving on the quality of your objective statement.

Your career objective statement being the first thing the recruiter reads in your resume can be a deciding factor of whether your resume succeeds or not in winning you the much desired interview.

Therefore, it’s worth the effort and time to learn how to make your career objective really captivating and irresistible to employers.

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The Secret of Wring a Winning Journalist Objective for Your Resume or CV

You can write a highly effective resume objective for a journalist job position by ensuring your statement conveys value to the employer.

Your objective statement should let the employer to quickly see that you possess some of the major qualities, skills, experience, etc. that they are looking for in the journalist that they want to hire.

This will catch their attention fast, and will make them to want to take the time to read your resume and see what you are offering.

To be able to make this kind of objective statement, you will need to study the journalist job description published by the prospective employer. It will reveal what they want the journalist to do and the requirements to meet to qualify for the role.

With this information, you will be able to craft an objective statement for your journalist resume that satisfies the employer’s needs.

See examples of well created journalist resume objective statements to study with and use in writing your own:

10 Sample Objectives for Your Journalist Resume or CV

1. A self-motivated and highly organized unique storyteller seeks the position of Multi-Media Journalist at XXY Inc. Bringing excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, two years experience working in a multi-media environment, and the ability to apply Sony EX3 and DSLR cameras to shoot and deliver promotable and compelling stories, in contributing top quality content to the company’s website and social media platforms.

2. With a strong newspaper copy editing background and five years full-time working experience writing and editing broadcast news, a highly talented individual seeks to work with XYZ TV Service as TV News Copy Editor. Seeks to apply exceptional editing skills and strong ability to lead a team of content editors and writers in providing up-to-date text that meet company standards.

3. Seeking the position of Content Writer at XYZ Inc. Bringing exceptional knowledge of SEO strategies, outstanding verbal and written communication skills, and great content marketing skills in creating, optimizing, and distributing content that effectively promotes company’s brand as a trusted industry leader.

4. A talented journalist with five years writing and copy editing experience in the broadcast media desires the job of Senior Writer at XYZ Media where effective communication and leadership skills, as well as strong desire to mentor aspiring journalists will be utilized in leading the company’s Show team.

5. To obtain the job of Journalism Partnerships Manager at XYZ Inc. to provide quality leadership to the News Partnership team that collaborates with journalists for news gathering. Coming with seven years News media, project, and people management experience, as well as exceptional ability to think critically and strategically about issues and come up with useful recommendations and effective plan of action.

6. A highly experienced multi-platform editor, digitally aware, skilled with words, and endowed with the ability to work effective under deadline pressure, seeks to join the team at XYZ News Service as Copy Editor. Coming with a track record of delivery high level of clarity, accuracy, and balance in copy editing functions.

7. A young talented individual pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree at XYZ State University, with passion for news and the Internet desires to join the team at XYZ News Inc. as Digital Journalism Intern to be able to have a well-rounded newsroom education as well as a portfolio of 40 to 60 articles. Possess strong web news writing skills and experience working with campus newspaper.

8. A talented and dynamic journalist with exceptional writing skills seeks to work at XYZ Inc. in the position of Senior Writer, providing effective leadership for company personal technology and consumer products coverage. Coming with a heavy portfolio of sources in the consumer technology industry, and strong ability to write about and clearly explain how a technology will change our future.

9. A dynamic, self-motivated, and award-winning reporter desires the position of High School Sports Writer at XYZ Media Inc. where proven digital journalistic experience, exceptional proficiency in sports news, analysis, and enterprise, and two years of professional writing experience will be utilized in reporting and producing top quality content for all company digital channels.

10. A hard-working and energetic journalist with five years experience managing the complete range of journalists, including reporters, freelancers, feature writers, and critics seeks the job of TV Editor at XYZ News Inc. Bringing strong ability to backfield complicated stories and line-edit and quickly push through copy.


When writing a resume or CV for a journalist position, you can increase its chances for success by starting it with a powerful objective statement.

You can write such objectives by studying the samples provided in this post; you are also free to use any of our examples directly in creating your journalist resume, but make sure it is edited to fit your description perfectly.

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