Administrative Assistant Resume Example and How to Write It

By | July 5, 2023
Administrative Assistant Resume
Administrative Assistants need strong resumes to increase their chances of getting the job.

When writing an administrative assistant resume, your goal is to project yourself as the candidate the recruiter/employer is looking for by providing information that shows that you have what is required to be effective as an admin assistant with the hiring organization.

This post shows how you can write an effective resume or CV that increases your chances of being hired for an administrative assistant job.

It also provides a sample administrative assistant resume to help you learn how to make one for your resume.

What Does an Admin Assistant Do?

Administrative assistants are often tasked with handling a variety of administrative duties, such as scheduling meetings, answering phones, managing email, and organizing documents.

They also perform other tasks related to office management, such as filing, photocopying, and printing.

How to Write a Great Administrative Assistant Resume

A great administrative assistant resume is one loaded with the relevant information and concise.

There are for sections to have in your admin assistant resume, these include:

  • Objective Statement
  • Core Competence
  • Professional Experience
  • Education and Professional Qualifications

How to Write Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Statement

The objective statement is one of the most important parts of your administrative assistant resume because it helps you stand out from the crowd.

You want to make sure that the employer knows what kind of job you’re looking for and what you are bringing to the job before they read your resume.

The best way to do this is by writing an effective objective statement.

Here are some things to include in your administrative assistant resume objective:

  • A clear description of the administrative assistant position you are applying for
  • An explanation of why you would be qualified for the job
  • A summary of your qualities, qualifications, work experience, etc.

Learn more: how to write effective administrative assistant resume objective statement, with examples.  

Examples of Effective Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives

Below are examples of effective admin assistant resume objective statements:

  • Seeking an Administrative Assistant position at a fast paced firm to utilize versatile background and strong administrative skills to assist attorneys and paralegals with all aspects of their practice, including research, drafting, document review, and client relations.
  • Looking for a position as an Administrative Assistant at PlusPeople Inc., where 5 years of executive administrative expertise will be put to good use. Bringing Bachelor’s degree in Business, and competence in MS Office, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, as well as good time-management, organizational, and communication skills.

How to Write Administrative Assistant Resume’s Core Competence

Your core competencies are the specific skills, abilities, and qualities which define who you are as a professional.

These are the skills and attributes that employers look for when hiring someone new for the administrative assistant’s role.

When writing an administrative assistant resume or CV, you should list these skills first and then briefly describe each skill.

Examples of Administrative Assistants Resume Core Competence

Here are examples of skills and attributes you can have in the core competence section of your administrative assistant  resume that can get the attention of recruiters/employers:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to multitask effectively
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously
  • Knowledgeable about Microsoft Office applications, like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

How to Write Administrative Assistant Resume Professional Experience

The Professional Experience section of your admin assistant resume involves listing your previous jobs.

In order to get hired, you need to convince the employer that you have the right skills and qualifications for the job.

You can effectively do this by showing that you have been successful performing the duties and responsibilities in your last jobs and present position.

When describing your professional experiences, keep in mind that the employer will only see the top three positions on your resume.

Therefore, you should focus your efforts on highlighting your accomplishments during those three positions.

Some key points to remember when writing your administrative assistant resume’s professional experiences include:

  • Listing your most recent 3 jobs (or the last 3)
  • Describe the duties you successfully performed in each position
  • Include any awards or recognitions received while working there
  • Explain why you left each position
  • Mention any special training courses you completed
  • If applicable, include a summary of your responsibilities

Example of Administrative Assistants Resume Professional Experience

Here is an example of professional or work experience section of an administrative assistant resume:

Work Experience:

ABC Company, New York

Administrative Assistant

2018 – Present

  • Perform general clerical duties such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, filing documents, etc.
  • Provide administrative support to department heads by handling incoming phone calls, emails, and paperwork.
  • Create and maintain files for various departments within the office.
  • Coordinate meetings with other employees and clients.
  • Handle billing issues related to our company’s services.
  • Monitor and update client records.
  • Assign tasks to other staff members.
  • Attend to daily correspondence.

How to Write Administrative Assistant Resume Education and Professional Qualifications

This is where you list all the education and professional qualifications you have obtained.

This includes academic degrees, certifications, licenses, and anything else that shows your expertise.

You want to make sure that the employer sees that you have the knowledge and skills they are looking for in an admin assistant.

Include your educational background in chronological order from highest degree to lowest.

For example, if you finished your Master’s Degree in May 2018, then mention it first. Then follow up with your Bachelor’s Degree in June 2017.

And finally, finish off with your High School Diploma in October 2014.

Include your professional qualifications in reverse chronological order. For example, if your license expires in April 2019, then list it at the bottom of your resume.

Next, list your certification in March 2020.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Now that we know how to write the different parts of the administrative assistant resume, let’s look at an example where the various sections are put together:

Linda James
XYZ Straight Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 222-5555, Cell: (222) 222-2222 •

OBJECTIVE: To be part of the XYZ work force as Administrative Assistant, bringing five years experience providing top-notch administrative support to management personnel and executive directors, and the ability to meet deadlines, multi-task, and solve problems, for the smooth running of the company.


  • Strong knowledge of visa procurement processes and international travel.
  • Strong knowledge of record retention practices, as well as information management policies.
  • Strong phone etiquette to respond to callers politely and courteously, as well as strong customer service skills.
  • Strong computer knowledge, such as Outlook, MS Word, and Excel.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both by verbal and written means to create reports.
  • Excellent organizational skills, and ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, analyze issues and solve problems, and to multitask.
  • Strong ability to establish good and cordial relationships with clients/customers, colleagues, and management staff.
  • Strong ability to plan and execute complex tasks with little supervision.
  • Ability to generate and safely keep correct records and database.
  • Ability to lead projects across several departments.

XYZ Inc., hometown, BA

Administrative Assistant
2020 – Present

  • Prioritize incoming mails and correspondences and forward data and requests to the appropriate department personnel.
  • Generate, prepare and proofread both written and electronic documents and send out correspondences for managers after approval.
  • Assist in creating professional reports and presentations applying MS Office software.
  • Compile weekly reports from various teams and send to stakeholders.
  • Apply and coordinate Records Management guidelines within office.
  • Prepare Business Expense Reports (BERs) for Executive Directors and Managers without errors, and provide assistance to staff as required.
  • Responsible for taking telephone calls, and transcribing messages, and when necessary forward calls and messages to the appropriate staff.
  • Send and receive faxes, keep and file copies safely.
  • Responsible for maintaining and operating office equipment and placing orders for materials in short supply.
  • Arrange for conferences, meetings, and travels, and ensure required materials are made available.
  • Relate with other area personnel and external contacts as the case may be to resolve issues and to share and coordinate information flow.

Zoogle Inc, CA

Administrative Assistant

2017 – 2020

  • Responsible for filing and tracking incoming mail, including scanning documents into electronic format, creating folders, organizing incoming mail by recipient, and sending out invoices.
  • Assisted the CEO with her personal matters such as travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, and other business related tasks.
  • Assisted the CFO with financial reports and analysis, including preparing monthly financial statements, analyzing budgeting data, and assisting with tax preparation.
  • Maintained the company’s database system, including updating information on clients, maintaining client files, and responding to customer inquiries.
  • Managed the company’s payroll department, including processing employee time sheets.


  • High school diploma, Stanfield High, 2017.
  • Associate degree, Business Administration, 2019.
  • Major: Accounting
  • Minor: Finance
  • GPA: 3.0/4.0
  • Department: Financial Management
  • Coursework focused on accounting principles and practices including financial statement analysis, business management, cost accounting, auditing, and tax preparation.
  • Completed coursework required for CPA licensure.
  • Received a certificate of completion from CSID’s Tax Preparation Program.
  • Passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Exam.
  • Earned a passing grade on all four sections of the Uniform Certified Public Accountants Exam.
  • Successfully completed the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) exam.
  • Currently enrolled in NASBA’s online continuing education program.
  • Attended two classes offered through the American Institute of CPAs’ Continuing Education Seminars.


It is important to have a strong resume when applying for an administrative assistant job to improve your chances of being hired.

This post has helped you learn how to make a great resume or CV for an admin assistant position, with explanation and examples on how to make the different sections of the resume.

It also provided sample administrative assistant resume that you can learn from and use in making your own.

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