Registered Nurse Resume Example and How to Make It

By | May 20, 2024
Registered Nurse Resume
With a great registered nurse resume, you can boost your chances of being hired.

An effective registered nurse resume contains relevant skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, and training that can convince the recruiter/employer that you are the best person for the vacant registered nurse position they want to fill.

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This post provides valuable tips and example to help you make a great resume for a registered nurse (RN) position and increase your chances of being hired.

How to Make a Compelling Registered Nurse Resume

To make a great registered nurse resume and boost your chances of being hired, you need to ensure to present relevant information in all the sections of the resume, including the Objective Statement, Core Competence, Professional Experience, and the Educational Qualification section.

Each of these sections should be carefully created to show the recruiter/employer that you are the right person for the registered nurse job.

Now, let’s see how to make each of these sections:

How to Write a Compelling Registered Nurse Resume Objective Statement

The objective statement is the first thing the recruiter/employer will see in your RN resume, so, it’s important to make it highly compelling.

The stronger your registered nurse resume objective is, the greater the chance of having the recruiter/employer go into the resume to read all parts of it to learn what you are bringing to the job.

Your objective statement should emphasize relevant skills, abilities, experience, training, etc. that match what the employer/recruiter published in the registered nurse job requirements.

It should also show that you know what the RN position entails and are capable of excelling in it.

Now, here is an example of resume objective statement for registered nurse position:

”Seeking a position as a Registered Nurse at Fatori Hospital to deploy extensive skills and 5 years of experience with the team. Also coming with effective computer abilities, good organizational and managerial skills, and strong communication and interpersonal skills”.

How to Make a Great Registered Nurse Resume Core Competence

The core competence section of your registered nurse resume is where you highlight the qualities and skills you possess that are needed for the position. It should be a clear statement showing why you are qualified for the RN position

Here is an example of the core competence section of a registered nurse resume:

  • Patient monitoring
  • Wound care
  • Organization ability
  • Communication skills.

How to Write a Registered Nurse Resume Professional Experience

The professional experience section is another important part of a resume, especially if you are applying for a registered nurse position.

It shows your employer what you have done so far. In making this section, you list out the positions you have worked on and give details of what the duties were.

It’s very important to keep the format organized and easy-to-read by highlighting your key responsibilities, achievements and outcomes.

When crafting your registered nurse resume’s professional experience, keep the following elements in mind:

  • Cite your most recent three positions (or the last 3).
  • Enlist the tasks you completed satisfactorily in each job.
  • Share any accomplishments or prizes won while working there.
  • Also provide an overview of your responsibilities, if appropriate.

Here is an example of the professional experience section of a registered nurse resume:


St. Nikoli Hospital, Los Angeles

Registered Nurse

2019 – 2021

  • Responsible for the overall care of patients. The job was demanding and required me to work 24/7
  • Carried out patient monitoring to check their health regularly and make sure they are recovering well
  • Dealt well with setbacks, including death of patients
  • Handled emergency cases. I was able to assist the nurses in managing trauma cases
  • Took care of patients with various diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions
  • Designed reports for doctor after discharge so that patient can get the treatment they need post-hospital stay.

How to Write a Registered Nurse Resume Education and Professional Qualifications

You can include information regarding your education and other qualifications in this section.

Here are some of the things you can include in the educational qualification section of your registered nurse resume:

  • Your educational qualification, including the name of the institution, year of graduation and any honors or excellence awards received
  • Your professional certificate/license and volunteer work done, such as in outreach programs
  • Your score reports and exams you have taken, as well as skills and talents that you have acquired through experience
  • Any additional knowledge that you can add to the conversation and your references.

Registered Nurse Resume Example

You have seen the several sections that make up an effective RN resume.

Here is an example of the registered nurse resume, where all parts of the resume have been put together, which you can use as a template in making yours:

Resume Sample

Name: Jane Doe

Address: 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA

Phone Number: 555-555-5555

E-mail Address:


“Talented and hard-working individual seeks the job of a Registered Nurse at Tavis Care Hospital; bringing strong knowledge of practical use of computerized medical technologies and equipment, and providing safe, comfortable, and conducive experience to patients.”


  • Proficient in the use of computerized medical technologies and equipment
  • Familiar with regulatory, compliance, and safety systems
  • Profound ability to keep sensitive information confidential
  • Able to provide patients with an experience that is safe, comfortable and conducive to healing.


Rex Clinic, Georgia

Registered Nurse

2019 – Present

  • Provide quality care and customer service to patients
  • Trained to administer routine and emergency medications, including controlled substances
  • Responsible for reporting blood sugar levels and administering insulin injections as needed
  • Performs general laboratory tests, including blood counts, urinalysis and cultures
  • Administers oral or intra-venous medications as prescribed by a physician
  • Warms I.V. solutions prior to administration as required by a physician’s order.


Graduated from University of Nevada, Las Vegas with First Class Honours.

Courses taken include:

  • Nursing Informatics
  • Nursing Pharmacology
  • Nursing Procedures and Procedures
  • Surgery Nursing System.


  • Presented research at summer conference on child health (2017)
  • Presented research on clinical outpatient care in burn trauma (2018)
  • Attended week- long conference on clinical nursing; documented.


  • Nurse Practitioner of the Year Award (2017)
  • Nurse Educator of the Year Award (2016)
  • Certificates and Awards in Nursing Education, School of Nursing.


To increase your chances of being hired for the registered nurse job that you are seeking, you need to present a compelling resume to the recruiter/employer.

It helps the potential employer to choose you from the numerous applicants.

For your RN resume to be effective, it should show that you are a reliable and efficient person who can deliver great care.

This article has provided valuable tips and examples to help you make a great registered nurse resume and increase your chance of getting hired for the position.

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