12 Examples of Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives

By | July 5, 2023
Administrative Assistant Resume Objectives
Administrative Assistant resumes need strong objectives written.

To stand a great chance of being read, your administrative assistant resume objective statement must be highly compelling.

The objective statement should not only state the job position being sought, it should go further to bringing out the valuable skills, knowledge and capability that you are bringing to your new employer.

This would make it more compelling than just stating the position you are looking for.

Writing a strong objective statement requires some skills, however, the good news is that it can be learned and developed with little practice.

Below are twelve of our best examples of the Administrative Assistant’s resume objectives that you can use in creating your resume.

  • To work as Senior Administrative Assistant where five years experience will be fully utilized in providing quality and efficient administrative support to the company’s activities, and ensuring its smooth running.
  • Desire the position of Administrative Assistant in a fast-paced work environment, bringing a wealth of experience in performing general administrative duties, including administrative, general secretarial and technical services for managers, project teams, and clients.
  •   Looking for the position of Administrative Assistant in the healthcare sector where two years of experience in executing administrative tasks in hospitals will be employed to effectively support management staff so that they can concentrate on their major responsibilities.
  • Seek employment as Administrative Assistant with XYZ Insurer, where more than five years of experience providing support to insurance agencies and coordinating customers’ insurance service demands will be utilized.
  • To be part of the XYZ Inc., team as Administrative Assistant utilizing exceptional computer skills and knowledge of functional area to providing accurate, efficient, and timely administrative support for the company’s supervisors, manager, and associates.
  • Desire Administrative Assistant position in a construction firm where my five years experience executing multiple projects concurrently with verifiable ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines under pressure will be brought to bear in performing daily administrative duties to support Construction Project Managers.
  • Seek the position of Administrative Assistant in a growing firm, bringing solid working knowledge of MS-office software and three years experience providing administrative support for senior and executive leaders for the smooth operation of the company.
  • To perform the position of Administrative Assistant in a challenging environment where huge experience in recording and transcribing meeting minutes, coordinating and scheduling meetings, preparing agendas, coordinating schedules, making appointments, arranging travels, reserving and preparing facilities is needed.
  • Looking for Administrative Assistant position in XYZ Inc. where my exceptional ability to prioritize, organize, and effectively communicate with all levels of staff will be valuable in providing outstanding administrative support to the company’s management personnel.
  • To support the management team at XYZ Inc. as Administrative Assistant, where my passion for customer satisfaction, in addition to my exceptional administrative skills and the ability to confront and overcome new challenges will be put to use in achieving a smooth operation for the company.
  • To work in the position of Administrative Assistant in a growing company where exceptional ability to multi-task, solve problems, work effectively in a team, and meet deadlines are required in providing outstanding administrative support to supervisors and managers.
  • Looking for the position of Administrative Assistant in a challenging and fast-paced environment where four years experience providing administrative support, including performing internal and external communications, scheduling meetings, coordinating travels and expenses, and telephone coverage will be found valuable.

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