Top 22 Medical Assistant Resume Objective Examples

By | July 6, 2023
Medical Assistant Resume Objective
Writing a compelling medical assistant resume starts from crafting a great objective statement.

To be effective, your medical assistant resume objective should highlight relevant qualities such as attention to detail, communication, and administrative skills, which are needed to be effective on medical assisting jobs.

What to include in a Medical Assistant Resume Objective

Are you writing a resume for a medical assistant job? If so, a well-written objective statement is what you need to start your resume on a strong note and to capture employers’ attention quickly.

The medical assistant job is competitive and so you need a good resume to improve your chances of getting an interview and nailing the job.

Writing a great objective requires the understanding of what the employer wants from the assistant they want to hire.

This can be found from the medical assistant job description that the recruiter published for the position.

Having the knowledge of the qualities, expertise, or experience that the employer requires from the right candidate for the medical assistant job will enable you to craft an objective statement that will get the attention of the employer.

This post shows you how to make such objective by presenting the best examples, which you can study and use as a template in making yours.

Now, here are twenty two examples of medical assistant objective you can use in creating one for your resume:

Top 22 Medical Assistant Resume Objective Examples

1. To gain employment with Highland Park Medical Center as a Medical Assistant where utilization of clinical and administrative skills in an environment that benefits both patients and healthcare providers is a goal.

2. To obtain Medical Assistant employment at Blackwood Hospital in a position that allows work with a healthcare team, providing superior administrative and clinical support.

3. To find a position as Medical Assistant that will fully utilize attention to detail skills, communication and administrative experience, and passion for helping those in need, in a way that will advance the healthcare goals of Sherwood Medical Center.

4. Seeking the position of Medical Assistant at Coral Bay Hospital; bringing organizational and time management skills while also giving opportunity to interact directly with patients.

5. Desirous of position of Medical Assistant at Primrose Health Center; ready to assist in a manner that will help better meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers.

6. Highly motivated individual seeking Medical Assistant position at Bell County Hospice; bringing organizational and communication skills and overall assistance within the hospice.

7. Looking to earn a position as Medical Assistant at Upper Ridge Medical Center that will allow building of clinical skills; while helping to improve the overall level of service to patients through superior medical assistance.

8. To utilize certificate and education, as well as experience as an administrator, in a Medical Assistant role at University of California Medical Center that will combine with the passion to assist patients.

9. Dedicated individual seeking Medical Assistant position at Bear Lake Clinic; bringing prior experience as a medical assistant to help better meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers; improving organization, communication, and solving minor medical issues.

More Medical Assistant Resume Objective Examples [10-16]

10. Passionate about providing top class medical assistance to patients; using strong patient care and administrative skills at New York State Hospital as a Medical Assistant.

11. To obtain entry-level position as Medical Assistant in health sector; coming with multitasking skills and looking forward for the opportunity to learn and expand knowledge, and to assist in all patient care administrative activities.

12. Highly skilled and motivated Medical Assistant seeking suitable position at Austin Reach Clinic; ready to cater to patients’ needs efficiently and to serve the organization dedicatedly.

13. Medical assistant looking to utilize extensive administrative expertise to provide attentive, highly professional assistance to patients and physicians; bringing good organizational and interpersonal skills.

14. To obtain a position as Medical Assistant at XYZ Hospital; bringing experience and knowledge of billing and health insurance, while building clinical, clerical, and communication skills.

15. Seeking the position of Medical Assistant in a challenging healthcare facility where enormous nursing skills and abilities will be utilized to support physicians and nurses in their work, thereby providing best care to patients.

16. Applying for the position of Medical Assistant at Stan Bridge Hospital where vast knowledge and experience of nursing functions can be employed to provide exceptional support to staff.

Additional Medical Assistant Resume Objective Examples [17-22]

17. Looking to work as Medical Assistant at the Town Clinic; to apply sound front desk experience in verifying insurance reports, performing blood draws, injections, and immunization duties effectively.

18. To obtain work as Medical Assistant in a clinic where exceptional ability to perform laboratory procedures, medical assistant duties and other procedures will be of great value.

19. Desirous of the position of Medical Assistant in a health care center where ability to provide clinical office support to physicians and nurses and to perform patient care and administrative duties is needed.

20. Looking for a Medical Assistant position at ABC Care Facility; offering strong knowledge of patient care tasks along with secretarial and communicative skills.

21. Courteous and dedicated individual seeking a rewarding position as Medical Assistant; utilizing skills in advanced medical procedures; offering ability to use current medical equipment for non-emergency patient care.

22. To work at Amway Hospital as Medical Assistant; bringing 4 years of experience in medical office administration, basic healthcare skills, and thorough knowledge of medical terminology.


Getting a job in any position is a major life changing process. Most, if not all positions, require a resume, and crafting the right objective statement that gets you noticed can be nerve racking.

Your objective needs to portray you in the best light and should be able to make the hiring manager want to read on and perhaps call you for an interview.

We believe the objective statement examples given above can help you write one for your medical assistant resume that can get you an interview appointment with employers.

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