Top 20 Payroll Resume Objective Examples you can apply

By | May 20, 2024
Payroll Resume Objective
With a very compelling objective statement, you can significantly enhance the power of your payroll resume.

If you are writing a resume or CV for a payroll job, the quality of your objective statement can determine if the employer reads your resume or not.

You need to put your best punch in your career objective statement, being the first thing the recruiter reads in your resume, to gain their attention to read the whole of the resume to learn what you have to offer them.

This post will help you learn how to make your payroll resume objective statement to strongly appeal to the employer for them to be convinced that you are the right candidate for the job.

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How to Write a Great Resume Objective for a Payroll Position

The secret to writing a great payroll resume objective is to make it from the point of view of what the employer desires for the position.

Most employers would publish the job description and requirements when recruiting for the position.

This information contains the duties and responsibilities of the payroll position that the successful candidates will be assigned, as well as the qualities, experience, and qualifications that candidates need to have to succeed on the job.

By studying the description and requirements of the job, you will be able to perform a self assessment to know if you have the competence and the requirements to perform on the payroll position.

Having determined that you have all it takes and required to succeed on the payroll job with the organization that is hiring, you can then go ahead to make a very good objective statement for your resume.

Your career objective statement will highlight the competence, skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, etc. that you are bringing to the payroll job, which are needed to succeed on the job.

Here are good examples of resume objectives for different payroll jobs:

Best 20 Payroll Resume Objective Examples you can use

  1. Highly analytical individual with advance Excel skills and expert knowledge of ADP Workforce Now Platform. Desirous of a Payroll Administrator position at XYZ Inc. to apply extensive skills in payroll processing, employee payroll cataloging, and payroll conversion procedures.
  2. Exceptionally organized individual with great communication and client service skills. Interested in a Payroll Position with PWC, to utilize 3 years of payroll experience. Also bringing solid finance background, experience with ADP Run, and proficiency in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  3. Looking to obtain a Payroll Specialist position with CBC, to utilize honed skills in accounting and 2 years payroll experience. Also offering expertise in payroll processing and time clock interface maintenance; exceptional ability to deliver maximal payroll elucidations. Coming with a detail orientation and solid IT expertise.
  4. Detail oriented individual with excellent communication and client service skills, interested in the Payroll Specialist position at CBC Inc. to utilize 3 years of payroll experience. Coming with strong knowledge of tax, garnishments, and health benefits; ability to create and successfully import data into the payroll system, and excellent Microsoft Office skills.
  5. Seeking for a Lead Payroll Specialist position at Delliote, to contribute strong budgeting, administrative, and issue resolution skills. Bringing extensive payroll experience and solid knowledge of payroll processing, fringe benefits, related laws, and implications on payroll.
  6. Certified professional with excellent administrative and problem solving skills, as well as client relations and budgeting experience. Seeking the position of Payroll Director with Augusta Energy where strong planning and leadership abilities, as well as comprehensive knowledge of payroll administration will be utilized.
  7. Detail oriented and outstanding communicator with interpersonal skills. Hopeful for the position of a Payroll Coordinator at CBC Company; coming with expert knowledge of ADP and 2 years experience performing complex and specialized work related to the preparation, processing, and maintenance of payroll.
  8. CPP certified individual with leadership, coaching, and organizational skills. Interested in the position of Payroll Manager with West Corporation, to utilize 7 years payroll experience. Also coming with Bachelors in Finance, interpersonal skills, and expert skills updating and maintaining ADP, Oracle HCM, payroll interfaces, and other payroll systems.
  9. Seeking to provide payroll processing services in the position of a Lead Payroll Processor with Johnson Controls Inc. Bringing 2 years Payroll experience, knowledge of standard concepts, practices, and procedures of Payroll processing, and experience with large volume processing using PeopleSoft Payroll.
  10. Talented and organized Individual with excellent communication and administrative skills. Seeking for the position of Assistant Payroll Manager with Golden Lives. Coming with 2 years administrative experience and strong computer skills.
  11. Hopeful for the position of a Payroll Clerk at Micro Tech staffing to utilize Associate degree in Business. Coming with solid knowledge of ADP, computer skills, and detail orientation for accurate processing of payroll in ADP.
  12. Experienced payroll specialist with ability to work with multiple clients and effectively apply ADP run. Seeking for the position of Part Time Payroll Specialist at Smart Books Inc., to apply 4 years of payroll experience and strong HR knowledge. Also bringing excellent communication skills and proficiency in all Microsoft Applications.
  13. Detail oriented payroll professional with excellent customer service, analytical, and problem solving abilities, interested in the position of Associate Payroll Specialist at Heartland Payment Systems. Bringing ability to create and successfully import data into the payroll system, as well as outstanding proficiency in Excel, Word, and Outlook.
  14. Excellent communicator with time management skills and solid knowledge of the RUN- Payroll process and tax, garnishment, and health benefits. Interested in the position of Senior Payroll Analyst with Shell Inc., bringing 4 years of Payroll background handling reconciliation process, and advanced computer skills.
  15. Highly organized team player and detail oriented individual with High School Diploma and strong computer skills. Desirous of the Payroll Distribution Specialist position at XYZ Services Inc., to apply 5years of administrative experience to gather and present payroll information in a professional manner.
  16. Certified payroll professional with excellent communication skills and Bachelor’s in Finance and 7+ years comprehensive payroll work experience. Hopeful for the position of Corporate Payroll Manager in a dynamic and challenging environment; offering comprehensive knowledge of payroll administration and fringe-benefits, including related laws.
  17. Looking to obtain a Payroll position at ABC to apply broad knowledge of payroll preparation, processing, and maintenance, as well as working knowledge of fringe-benefits, including related laws and implications on payroll. Bringing honed knowledge of accounting, and proficiency in Microsoft Office Word and Excel.
  18. Problem solver with critical thinking and customer service skills and Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Seeking for the position of a Payroll Specialist 1 and working knowledge of payroll processing, tax principles, wage, and hour laws. Bringing 2 years experience and proficiency in Microsoft Office tools.
  19. Customer service oriented individual with a detail orientation and 3 years multi- corporation Payroll experience. Seeking for a Payroll Specialist position to utilize adept knowledge of HR, payroll technology, and payroll processes.
  20. Multi-tasking team player with excellent communication skills and Bachelor’s degree. Looking to obtain the position of Payroll Tax Analyst with Alight Solutions, to apply research and resolve payroll tax notices in a timely manner. Coming with solid understanding of payroll, tax, and accounting project management, and advance Microsoft Office Suite skills.


If you are looking to boost your payroll resume or CV, you should begin with the career objective statement.

Ensure to create a captivating objective that increases the chances of the recruiter reading your resume and giving you an interview appointment.

You can use the information and sample payroll objective statements provided in this article to make an effective objective for your resume.

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