Top 12 Accounting Resume Objective Examples to Use

By | May 20, 2024
Accounting Resume Objective
You can make your accounting resume effective with a compelling career objective statement.

If you are making a resume or CV for an accounting position, the career objective statement is a part of the resume you must take care to write.

The objective is the first statement that sets the tone for the resume. It is from this statement that the employer may decide if you are the right fit for the job.

You can therefore take advantage of the career objective to immediate impress the employer that you are the accounting professional that they are looking for.

This post will help you to create the objective statement that increases the strength of your accounting resume and gets it read by the employer.

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How to Write Effective Accounting Resume Objectives

There is really no secret in writing a compelling objective statement for your accounting resume, other than to ensure it communicates value to the employer.

To find the right person for the accounting position, employers generally give a set of requirements, including skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, etc. that applicants must meet to qualify to access the job.

You can find a job’s requirements from the job description published together with the position vacancy.

Therefore, to win the employer’s mind right away with your resume, you need to highlight one or two major requirements for the job in your objective statement, which immediately tells the employer that you have what is required to succeed on the job.

However, be sure that you actually possess the qualities or/and experience that you highlighted in your resume’s objective section.

Now, let’s see some examples of resume objectives for accounting jobs to increase the learning process:

1. A talented accounting professional with outstanding knowledge of financial reporting systems in addition to great problem solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills seeks the position of General Accounting Associate at XYZ Inc. to effectively analyze documents, accounts, and transactions, and perform other duties excellently.

2. A talented accounting professional with solid knowledge of bookkeeping, strong attention to detail, and ability to multitasks seeks to work as an Accounting Analyst at XYZ Inc. to effectively carry out functions relating to accounts receivable, accounts payable, non-payroll timecards, etc.

3. To obtain the job of Accounting Associate – Finance & Accounting with XYZ Inc. Bringing exceptional ability in dealing with high volume transactions in addition to outstanding written, verbal, and interpersonal skills in providing valuable support to corporate partnership division.

4. A self-motivated individual with Master of accounting degree desires the job of Accounting Analyst with XYZ Inc. coming with enormous experience in corporate financial reporting, treasury accounting, accounting policy and special studies, product accounting, marketing and sales accounting, property accounting, North American payables, employee payment accounting, and receivables and intercompany accounting.

5. Seeks the position of Global Accounting & Reconciliation Analyst with XYZ Inc. where exceptional knowledge of finance, general ledger, and operational risk; and excellent organizational and time management skills will be effectively applied in supporting the team within the organization responsible for Global Accounting and Reconciliation.

6. Applying for the position of Business Office and Accounting Assistant with a growing company where three years experience in reconciling ledgers and monitoring compliance with policies, procedures, and guidelines; and four years experience in customer service environment, managing funds, and maintaining internal controls in a multi-fund source will be fully applied.

7. Looking for employment as Accounting Associate with XYZ Inc. to provide effective and quality support to accounting and financial responsibilities by applying exceptional knowledge of basic accounting principles and procedures, strong ability to operate computerized accounting systems and office applications, outstanding ability to communicate information clearly to client groups and internal audience.

8. A college senior working towards Bachelor’s degree in Accounting with proficiency in Excel, great interpersonal and communication skills, ambitious, and detail-oriented, seeks to work as a Finance/Accounting Intern with XYZ Inc. to provide quality support to the day to day operations of the team.

9. A dynamic professional with the ability to motivate, inspire, and lead a group of individuals with diverse skills and experience desires the position of Vice President, Accounting at XYZ Inc. Coming with exceptional problem solving, organization, and analytical skills required to properly and effectively analyze, interpret, disseminate, and document all aspects of the organization’s accounting activities.

10. A hard-working professional with four years experience in accounting positions supervising the work of others desires to join the XYZ Inc. team as an Accounting Coordinator. Bringing strong ability to interpret complex guidelines and directives from agencies of Federal and State governments in performing budget analysis, review, and complex accounting.

11. Seeking employment as an Accounting Associate at XYZ Inc. where excellent relationship and communication skills, competence in managing multiple tasks with little supervision, and strong attention to detail will be applied in providing quality full-cycle accounts payable assistance for the company.

12. Applying for the job of an Accounting Support Clerk at XYZ Inc. where excellent opportunity to learn invoicing, accounts receivables, accounts payables, and other functions of accounting are available for career advancement. Coming with strong typing and keyboard skills, ability to work independently and remain focused while carrying out high volume tasks, and solid knowledge of Excel, Word, and Outlook.


Getting an interview for most jobs, including the accounting positions, is tough. However, your chances are brighter with a strong resume.

You can make a great accounting resume or CV by starting it with a compelling, highly targeting objective statement, which you can learn how to write by applying the examples provided in this post.

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