Top 22 Receptionist Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Receptionist Resume Objective
Having a great objective statement will give your receptionist resume a boost.

To be effective, your receptionist resume objective should introduce you, emphasize your qualifications, and state what you intend to contribute to the organization as a receptionist.

When you apply for a receptionist position, it is important that you are familiar with what employers require so as to personalize your resume to reflect the skills, knowledge, and experience desired for the job.

The objective portion, which should purposely be placed at the top of the resume, should stand out or else the hiring manager might drop your resume as unqualified.

A carefully written objective statement should interest the reader and ensure he/she keeps reading your resume.

Here are objective statement examples you can use in writing a resume for the receptionist job:

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Top 22 Receptionist Resume Objective Examples

1. College educated receptionist looking for a position where ability to carry out basic duties with ease and competence with little supervision, and to enhance the smooth running of the organization is needed.

2. Competent individual seeking to work as a receptionist in XYZ Company, bringing experience in scheduling appointments, operating telephone switchboard , maintaining records, and performing administrative duties.

3. Applying for post of receptionist in a firm where clerical procedures and customer service tactics are required with sound business etiquette.

4. Seek employment as a receptionist, bringing in depth understanding of electronic word processor and circuit board, as well as excellent customer service, time keeping, and attention to detail skills.

5. To apply experience of 10 years taking care of clients at front desk, and skills in clerical and administrative duties as a receptionist in ABC Company.

6. Extremely devoted individual desirous of the position of receptionist at Pears & Co., coming with stellar background in scheduling appointments, filing, and administrative tasks.

7. To acquire a receptionist position with Magnet Inc. utilizing skills in resource distribution, strategic planning, and client profiling to boost company growth and strengthen customer base.

8. Seeking position of receptionist at Charles Books Store, bringing firm education and experience communicating with higher management, supervisors, and peers.

9. To gain position as receptionist that allows for career growth and steady progress to higher levels in the organization judging by attitude to work.

10. Team-player looking for works as a receptionist at Starbucks, with expertise in management of front desk, handling phone calls and walk-in clients, and customers with ease.

More Receptionist Resume Objective Examples [11-16]

11. Applying for the position of a receptionist where communicative and people skills, along with strong knowledge of computer platforms and other office equipment are required to effectively keep the office running smoothly.

12. Receptionist with certificate to work in a growing company, possessing great typing skills, basic knowledge of computer hardware and software, and outgoing personality needed to encourage staff and clients coming in.

13. A committed receptionist seeking a position with Stanton Garage, bringing professional and proven efficiencies in operating multiline telephone system and creating a friendly work space with people skills.

14. Detail-oriented individual seeking work as receptionist at ABC Company, dealing capably with customers and answering queries, improving customer relationship with the desire to meet customer expectations.

15. Self-motivated receptionist seeking job at Joe’s Club, with the ability to multitask, control customer numbers, make purchases, and ensure customer feedback gets to management.

16. Applying for work as a receptionist with a company that has the potential for career growth where company operational image is clear and obtainable, and work process is smooth.

Additional Receptionist Resume Objective Examples [17-22]

17. Bright and energetic receptionist who can contribute to the company profile as an equal opportunity employer by employing physically challenged individuals.

18. Dedicated and result driven individual looking for work as a receptionist at a firm, bringing excellent written and verbal communication skills, good computer skills, and proficiency in MS Office packages.

19. Receptionist with proven ability to multitask and juggle responsibilities effectively, highly efficient communication skills with the desire to work in a government agency.

20. A resourceful person with success in maintaining composure and effectiveness in the face of challenging and competing demands using experience in face of difficult circumstances applying for the job of a receptionist with XYZ Inc.

21. To work as a receptionist in Lamar’s, bringing 5 years of experience handling sensitive information; possess time management skills, ability to interact effectively with people and work in a clear and concise manner.

22. Proactive receptionist seeking a position at Harold, possesses the ability to handle orders and to meet goals and objectives, interpret and understand foreign language queries, and deliver letters to post office.


To start your receptionist resume on a strong footing, you need to work on your objective statement to ensure it conveys value to the employer.

The receptionist resume objective statement samples given in this post will help you to easily and quickly create a strong one for your resume and improve its chances of being read by employers.

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