Top 22 Esthetician Resume Objective Examples to Add Power to your Resume

By | May 20, 2024
Esthetician Resume Objective
Give your esthetician resume an edge by having a compelling objective statement.

To be effective, your esthetician resume objective statement should highlight important skills and experience, such as body scrub and massage skills and experience providing waxing services.

A crucial part of an esthetician resume is the objective statement, which should briefly highlights the skills and value an esthetician can offer to meet the needs of an employer for it to be effective.

An objective statement is usually assigned a primary position in a resume to gain the attention of a recruiter at first glance.

Thus, the content of the objective section goes a long way in determining if your application is followed up or thrashed.

To write a great objective for your esthetician resume, it is important to carry out some research to identify the needs of the prospective employer, as well as the roles required for the position.

To get this information is to look into the job description for the esthetician role, which provides information on the duties and responsibilities expected of an esthetician.

The resume objective should be crafted in such as way that summarizes the skills and qualities useful in fulfilling the esthetician role.

Having a well-crafted objective statement is vital to securing an esthetician job position because it offers value and solutions to the employer, which is exactly what they are looking for from candidates for the job.

Now here are 22 esthetician objective examples you can use as a template in making yours and boost the strength of your resume:

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Top 22 Esthetician Resume Objective Examples to Add Power to your Resume

1. Looking to join FFK salon where 5 years of experience providing waxing services, massages, and traditional spa treatment to clients will be useful.

2. Esthetician with extensive knowledge of skin care products and specialty in waxing seeking a position with JFK spa.

3. Looking to work as a medical esthetician to provide special services to burn victims and other individuals who require exclusive skin care treatment to meet their medical needs.

4. Desiring the job of an esthetician with ITK spa to offer various beauty services chiefly aromatherapy and foot reflexology.

5. An intuitive and calm individual looking to join MTK salon & spa as an esthetician to utilize body scrub and massage skills developed in five years of practice.

6. A highly skilled beauty expert seeks the job of an esthetician, bringing strong knowledge of cosmetology and 3 years of experience providing hair and nail services to clients.

7. Applying for the position of esthetician at CFC Beauty House where exceptional ability to provide facial treatment will be utilized.

8. Looking to work as an esthetician at AFC skin salon where 5 years of experience performing chemical peels and hair removal will be useful.

9. A creative and detailed esthetician looking to join BFC beauty parlor to provide a range of skin treatment, including skin cleansing and exfoliation.

10. Seeking the role of an esthetician at Stacey’s Corner where my 7 years of experience performing non-invasive machine treatments, including muscle toning and face lifts will be beneficial to clients.

11. Highly experienced esthetician with specialty in pore cleansing and treatment of acne. Looking to provide skin care services that meet customer requirements and increases patronage.

More Esthetician Resume Objective Examples [12-22]

12. Desiring the position of an esthetician at Judy’s spa, bringing extensive knowledge and experience providing body treatment such as wraps, sugaring, and massages.

13. To secure the position of a medical esthetician at Nicki’s salon and spa where 4 years of experience administering skin therapy will be beneficial to clients.

14. A highly dedicated and meticulous skin specialist looking to join Jenny’s spa and salon to provide microdermabrasion and exfoliation services to customers.

15. Medical esthetician with specialty in anti-aging treatment looking to join ABC Cosmetics to provide Botox services.

16. A professional esthetician with license to practice cellulite treatment and scar treatment.

17. Looking to occupy position of a medical esthetician at LA Healthcare Facility. Possess 5 years of experience performing procedures such as photofacials, laser therapy, and acid peels.

18. Looking to join Face Addicts as an esthetician to provide various facial treatments, including European facials and pore cleansing.

19. An esthetician expert with 6 years of experience working in the face and skin department of a spa. Looking to work in an administrative capacity at XYZ Beauty House.

20. Desiring the role of an esthetician at Cynthia’s place, bringing strong knowledge and experience as a makeup artist to provide clients makeup services to improve their appearance.

21. Looking to work as an esthetician at Wong’s medical spa to utilize skills gathered from 5 years practice of laser hair removal and skin tightening.

22. Seeking the position of an esthetician to provide basic salon services, especially manicure and pedicure.


Your objective statement plays a key role in determining if a potential employer reads your resume or not.

It is therefore important to capture a recruiter’s attention with a captivating objective.

Highlighting your skills, knowledge, and experience as an esthetician to fit an employer’s goals and value is an effective way of writing a good objective statement.

Using the above examples as a guide in preparing your objective statement helps improve the quality of your resume, as well as your chances of securing an esthetician job.

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