How to Write Great Work Experience on Resume (With Examples)

By | August 11, 2023
Work Experience on Resume
Having a great work experience on your resume can significantly increase your chances of being hired.

The work experience section of your resume, which is also called the professional or job experience, helps you to effectively inform the recruiter that you have or are actually performing the duties of the position(s) relevant to the position you are seeking.

When hiring for most positions, recruiters usually require applicants to have working experience in certain positions to be able to effectively perform on the role that they are applying for.

This post will show you how to write a great professional or work experience section for your resume and improve your chances of getting the job.

There are two kinds of work experience you can write for your resume; one is for positions you carried out in a past employment, while the other is for roles you are presently on.

Writing a Past Work Experience on your Resume

If you have worked in a job position in the past, you can describe it in your resume if it is relevant to the new job that you are seeking.

When describing the functions that you carried out in a past role, you will have to state them using past tense.

Let’s look at an example:

Green Services Utility Company, Chicago, IL
Call Center Customer Service Representative
2015 – 2018

  • Answered all incoming calls from customers and effectively resolved issues relating to billing and service
  • Responded to customers’ inquiries, requests, and complaint quickly and accurately through written correspondence or email and telephone, while forwarding complex issues to Help Desk for resolution
  • Reviewed customer correspondence and responded quickly
  • Obtained prompt resolution to customers’ issues by taking ownership of their complaints through generating field activities
  • Resolved service issues and achieve customer satisfaction by being a liaison between service operators and customers
  • Adhered to company policy and state regulations in making payment; observed activities on system-generated shut off field for non-payment
  • Provided accurate information to customers in making payments using third party vendor
  • Created and cancelled service as requested by customers
  • Performed reviews on customers’ accounts and recovered debts owned to the company.

Here is another sample:

Lakeview College, Chicago, IL
Staff Nurse
2015 – 2019

  • Educated the college community on health maintenance and disease prevention
  • Provided various health care services to the community, including treatment, education programs, teaching, health screenings, and referrals
  • Carried out effective maintenance of records and reports and also effectively managed the compensation process for workers
  • Maintained medical standing orders and Health Services procedures/policy with the consent of the Medical consultant
  • Attended to the college community on consultation, incident reports, referrals, and screening/medical evaluation
  • Assisted Health Career students with information for filling medical record forms
  • Performed reviews and approvals for student’s medical records for clinical practice; processed students with special health needs and maintained medical records
  • Provided assistance to campus police during emergency situations
  • Performed processing of worker incident and student incident reports
  • Processed and maintained physician evaluations, first report, referrals and recommendations, and other worker compensation protocol
  • Maintained and communicated the Return to Work policy to the Human Resources department and employee’s supervisor
  • Processed workers compensation checks, physician bills, and wage statements
  • Processed and evaluated pre-employment tests, including physical, TB, and drug tests
  • Read and administered medications, vaccinations, and TD skin tests, as well as conducted blood pressure
  • Kept and updated a recording system for students utilizing health care services, as well as for tracking compliance to immunization.

The above examples are job experience for positions held in the past. Notice that the duties performed were expressed using the past tense.

Now, let’s look at the second kind of work experience for resume:

Writing a Current Work Experience on your Resume

If you are currently holding a position, you can highlight the duties and responsibilities you are performing by using the present tense.

See examples below:

Riverbank, Chicago, IL
Accounts Payable Assistant
2018 – Present

  • Reconcile all the processed works being carried out in the organization
  • Compare all the system reports and the verifying entries in order to balance the organizations payable accounts
  • Analyze all expenses and invoice reports for easy charging of expenses to cost centers and accounts
  • Properly record all received entries
  • Monitor all discount opportunities to ensure proper and timely payment of vendors
  • Verify the federal ID numbers of all clients prior to payment
  • Prepare and schedule all received checks
  • Resolve all purchase orders on behalf of the organization.

Here is another example:

Riverbank, Chicago, IL
Advertising Account Manager
2018 – Present

  • Hold meetings with clients regarding the benefits of partnering with the organization
  • Intimate clients on new campaigns organized by the business organization and on how the clients can participate
  • Present to the clients campaign costs and pitches
  • Send proposals to the appropriate creative or media staff
  • Negotiate advertising budget and time-scales with the management
  • Monitor advertising work progress being overseen by other advertising staff members
  • Maintain contact and communication with the clients frequently
  • Deliver final advertising results to management for review and improvement
  • Write reports on advertising activities.

As you will have noted, the above work experience for a current job position where the individual is still holding the position, the duties that are being performed are expressed using the present tense.

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