Top 20 Business Student Resume Objectives You Can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Business Student Resume Objectives
You can make your business student resume stronger by having a captivating objective statement.

This article provides great examples of business student resume objectives, to help you in learning how to make a compelling one for your resume/CV and increase your chances of being hired for the business student job that you are seeking.

If you are writing a resume or CV for a business student position, you need to craft a captivating objective statement to get the attention of the employer.

A properly written business student resume objective statement will help to distinguish you from among the huge number of resumes sent by college students and recent graduates to employers for an internship position.

So, If you are writing a resume or CV for business student position, it is essential that you take the time in preparing a good resume objective that can get the recruiter interested in reading through the other sections of the resume.

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How to Make a Resume Objective for a Business Student Position

To write a great resume objective statement for a business student position, you need to focus on your strong points.

As a business student, you may have not have substantial job experience but you can emphasize your education and other achievements like leading a team and being part of a project committee that has strengthened your work skills, problem solving attitude, goal-orientation, etc.

Besides your strong points mentioned above, you should also learn about what the employer expects and requires for the job from the business student position job description to aid you in writing an effective resume objective for the business student position that you seek.

The information from the job description will provide you with the materials you need to make a great objective statement for your business student resume.

After learning about the business student job, you should write your objective statement emphasizing that you have the required competence, qualities, mindset, etc. to be effective on the business student position at the organization.

Here are some good examples of business student objective statements to help you learn how to make one for your resume:

Best 20 Business Student Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

  1. Goal oriented individual with first-rate communication skills and problem solving attitude looking to apply knowledge from classroom in a professional environment as a Business Student Intern in Canon. Coming with ability to carry out assigned tasks promptly and 1 year customer service experience.
  2. Reliable and friendly business undergraduate student with 3.0 GPA. Interested in the Canon Business Student opportunity to improve on relevant skills and support operations in the execution of assigned projects. Coming with research skills, exceptional presentation and writing skills, and good judgment.
  3. Business student with knowledge of research techniques and analytical methods, excellent presentation and report writing skills. Desirous of the Canon Student opportunity to support the firm with research, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Coming with 3.0 GPA and proficient skills in Microsoft Office applications.
  4. Graduate student currently undertaking an MBA program, interested in the Business Student position in Microsoft to utilize 3 years of operations experience. Offering solid background in Operations Management, familiarity with process management, and the ability to understand business metrics.
  5. Highly analytical business student with exceptional interpersonal and negation skills and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Seeking a Business Graduate position in Microsoft. Coming with 5 years of admin experience, strong planning skills, and the ability to build and deliver effective presentations.
  6. Tech-savvy Business Undergraduate with 3-5 GPA and exceptional communication and presentation skills. Interested in the Microsoft Business Development Internship to utilize 1 year of experience selling software solutions to organizations. Bringing passion for technology and knowledge of cloud computing, Microsoft Office 365, etc.
  7. Exceptional communicator with strong business acumen and experience in consultative selling. Seeking for the Undergraduate Business Development Internship position at ABC Company. Coming with excellent customer service, negotiation, and inter-personal skills, to support the marketing arm of the organization.

More Business Student Resume Objectives [8-14]

  1. Business undergraduate with 3.5 GPA and willingness to learn and support business operations, interested in a Business Student Internship program in Canon. Coming with goal-oriented mindset and the ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment, as well as great interpersonal communication skills to relate with team mates and others.
  2. Business undergraduate with strong technical writing skills, excellent oral communication skills, and 3.0 GPA. desirous of the Business Intern position in Austin Industrial, Inc., offering excellent oral communication skills and the ability to present ideas professionally.
  3. Result-oriented and highly analytical business intern with team work abilities and exceptional presentation and communication skills. Seeking a Business Student position to support smooth operations in the organization. Bringing knowledge of accounting, 3.0 GPA, and outstanding presentation skills.
  4. Self-starter with Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and currently pursuing an MBA, seeking for a Business Student position at Canon. Coming with solid background in Business and the ability to uncover market trends, as well as analytical reasoning skills.
  5. Highly analytical business student with strong leadership skills and 3.5 GPA. Seeking for a Business Student position at Canon to support business processes in the assigned department. Coming with excellent oral and written communication skills and strong work ethic.
  6. Natural leader and business undergraduate student with 2 years of customer service experience and GPA 3.0. Seeking a Business Student position at ABC to utilize huge experience in ensuring smooth operations, while also learning new skills.
  7. Business undergraduate with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, looking to join Cardinal Health as a Business Student. Coming with a process and result-orientation, and the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

More Business Student Resume Objectives [15-20]

  1. Business undergraduate with 3.0 GPA and 1 year of customer service experience, interested in the customer support services intern position in ABC Company. Coming with strong planning and problem-solving skills to partake in the identification and execution of projects to improve customer experience.
  2. Superb communicator with proven problem-solving skills and exceptional communication skills. Seeking a Business Student position to assist in providing customer support services. Offering solid research and data analysis skills and a strong quality and result-orientation. Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business with 3.0 GPA.
  3. Proactive business student with exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to follow guidelines and established timelines. Interested in a Business Student position at ABC, offering the ability to work with minimal supervision, 1 year of administrative assistant position, and proficient skills in Microsoft Office applications.
  4. Team player and business student with great analytical and problem-solving aptitude, and 3.5 GPA. Interested in the Business Student position to utilize classroom knowledge in a variety of business courses in contributing to group goals. Bringing effective communication skills and advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications.
  5. Highly talented business undergraduate student with strong business acumen and sound judgment, interested in a Business Student position in Gieco, to apply understanding of business courses in solving real life problems. Coming with 3.5 GPA, team work skills, demonstrated leadership skills, and effective communication skills.
  6. Dependable business student with business acumen for consultative solution selling. Interested in a Sales Intern position at Partner Tech where exceptional communication and negotiation skills, customer service experience, and first-rate presentation and interpersonal skills will be applied.


When applying for a business student position, you must write a convincing career objective statement for your resume that communicates the contribution you will be bringing to the organization.

You should demonstrate to the hiring manger that you have some skills, knowledge, and traits that will be beneficial to the company.

Writing your business student objective statement by highlighting the qualities, skills, experience, etc. that you are coming with, which align with what the organization requires, in your resume will help get the recruiter’s attention and increase your chances of being invited to an interview.

You can apply information on this page, including the sample objective statements in making a great career objective for your business student resume.

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