Top 20 New Graduate Nurse Resume Objective Examples you can use

By | May 20, 2024
New Graduate Nurse Resume Objective
If you are a new graduate
nurse looking for a job, you can boost the strength of your resume with a captivating objective statement.

If you are a new graduate nurse writing a resume for seeking perhaps your first job, your object statement needs to be well crafted and strategic to get the recruiter’s attention.

It is important to give time to learning how to make effective career objective statement for your resume for seeking a new grad nursing job because the objective is the first thing the recruiter reads and so can decide if they will continue reading or drop your resume after a glance at it.

For your new grad nurse objective statement to be effective, it needs to be carefully made with a focus to convince the recruiter as quickly as possible to see you as a perfect fit for the nursing position.

This post will help you learn how to create a winning objective statement for your new grad resume and increase your chances of being hired for the position.

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How to Write a Great Resume Objective for a New Graduate Nursing Position

The first step to writing a great resume objective for a new graduate nursing job is to find out what the job description and requirements entails.

This will enable you to know what the employer wants in the ideal applicant in terms of skills, competence, qualities, and experience.

Then you should tailor your career objective statement to reflect some of those relevant skills and qualities in a bid to assure the employer that you have what it takes to fill the position.

When your resume objective is written this way, it will definitely get the recruiter’s attention because it shows that you have the required qualities, experience, qualifications, etc. to produce excellent performance as a new grad nurse for their organization.

Here are some good examples of new grad nurse objectives to help you quickly learn how to make one for your resume whenever you need to:

Best 20 New Grad Nurse Resume Objective Examples you can apply

  1. To gain a position as New Grad Nurse at Illinois Health Care Facility; coming to put to good use solid educational and training achievements to provide quality healthcare to patients.
  2. Hoping to work as a Grad Nurse in the capacity of an Administrator with St. Louis Hospital, to perform an auxiliary role to other health care professionals such as doctors and surgeons so the public can benefit from high quality care.
  3. Dedicated New Grad Nurse looking to build a career and be a dedicated team player by obtaining a position in a government healthcare facility.
  4. To secure a New Grad Nurse position within a fast paced environment where opportunities to grow practical experience is present while discharging assigned duties successfully.
  5. Applying for a Grad Nurse post with Blue Ribbon Hospital where contribution of knowledge and training in delivering quality healthcare service to patients will make a difference.
  6. Enthusiastic yet fresh Grad Nurse Graduate seeking employment in that capacity, coming with a friendly disposition, and proven knowledge and training in quality health care service.
  7. New Grad Nurse looking to gain a position as a school medical administrator, bringing an amiable personality, exceptional interpersonal skills, and good knowledge in delivering health care services.
  8. To earn the position of a Grad Nurse with health maintenance organization, to offer exceptional research, writing, and educational skills to further the goals of the organization.
  9. New Grad Nurse with remarkable qualities hoping to work at Mark Memorial Hospital where a clear vision of objectives, organizational skills, passion for work, and a team-playing capability will be utilized.
  10. Self-motivated New Grad Nurse willing to work in poor district of Detroit City; coming with comprehensive knowledge in the field of oncology to provide quality health care services to patients.
  11. Applying as a Grad Nurse in a health management organization; bringing excellent communication skills and good interpersonal ability necessary to handle different types of people and categories of professionals
  12. Dedicated new Grad Nurse interested in working in that capacity with Resox Hospital determined to bring best efforts in assisting the health care system to care adequately for patients.
  13. Talented, self-motivated, and passionate healthcare professional with a fresh degree in nursing looks to work with doctors as a New Graduate Nurse, to provide the best care to patients at Richmond Hospital.
  14. Interested in a New Grad Nurse position at St Michaels Hospital; looking to be a great team player and gain robust experience in clinical practice.
  15. Desire a New Graduate Nurse position in a private practice where a high sense of enthusiasm, motivation, and dedication for patient care are needed.
  16. Hardworking and diligent new Grad Nurse seeks to be employed at Valdo Clinic; bringing six years of coursework and training in medical care; proficient at diagnosing ailments and delivering treatments to patients in emergency care settings.
  17. Needs Employment as a fresh Grad Nurse at New York State Hospital to deliver important nursing care services, and to build upon existing competence to enhance the quality of health care delivery.
  18. A passionate and well-educated new Grad Nurse hoping to gain first appointment at ABC Hospital where outstanding dedication to work and solid training as a nurse will be put to maximum use in offering excellent health care services.
  19. New Grad Nurse with some internship experience at the emergency department of the New York State Hospital ready to provide critical nursing services to patients, and to utilize expertise to enhance health care services at the Rainbow Hospital Inc.
  20. Highly gifted healthcare professional with a recent Bachelor’s degree in nursing, seeks the job of a New Graduate Nurse at St. Savior Hospital where outstanding education and training will be applied in assisting doctors and the entire medical team to provide high quality patient care services.
  21. Newly graduated nurse with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing desires to work with the Azonia Hospitals; coming with empathy and excellent understanding of patient needs to deliver exceptional patient care services in collaboration with a team of nurses and doctors.


Getting a job as a newly graduated nurse can be competitive; however, you can give your application some advantage by making a highly compelling resume, which begins with an attention grabbing career objective statement.

You will be able to get the recruiter to read the whole of your resume by crafting the kind of objective statement that clearly shows them that you possess the right qualities, qualifications, and experience needed to succeed on the nursing job.

Even though you are a fresh graduate nurse without much of work experience to show in your resume objective, you can still go ahead to present the job experience you got as an intern, as well as the skills, abilities, and trainings that you have acquired which are important to the recruiter as stated in the job description and requirements.

This post provides good samples of new graduate nurse resume objectives that you can study to improve your skills in writing one for your resume.

You are also free to use any of the objective samples above as a template in making your new grad nurse resume, with some editing when necessary.

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