Top 20 Janitor Resume Objective Examples you can use

By | May 20, 2024
Janitor Resume Objective
With a good objective statement, your janitor resume stands a better chance of being read by the recruiter.

If you are writing a janitor resume or CV, you need to make its objective statement very captivating to get the recruiter to go into it to read all the other sections.

The quality of your career objective statement is important to the success of the resume at getting you the janitor job.

An effective resume objective will ensure that the employer or recruiter goes into the body of the resume after reading the objective statement and read the whole of the document.

This will make the recruiter to learn of your offer and what you are bringing to the job if hired, which will make it easier for them to invite you to an interview.

This post will show you how to make a winning objective statement for your janitor resume that gets the recruiter’s attention to read every part of the document.

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How to Make a Great Resume Objective for a Janitor Position

To make a great resume objective statement for a janitor job position is not difficult; you only need to first learn about the role to know what exactly the qualities, experience, education, etc. that the recruiter requires which the successful candidate should have to succeed on the job.

You will get this information from the “job requirements” which the recruiter publishes together with the job vacancy notice.

You should also learn about the duties and responsibilities of the janitor role that the successful candidate will perform with the hiring company.

You will find this information from the job description that is also published with the job advertisement.

Therefore, by studying the job requirements and description you will learn a great deal about what the recruiter’s desires and expectations for the janitor job are, and so will be able to create an objective statement for your resume that shows that you have what they require.

Now look at some good examples of janitor resume objectives below to aid your learning of how to quickly make one for your resume:

Best 20 Janitor Resume Objective Statements you can apply

  1. Detail-oriented and energetic cleaning professional seeking for a Janitor position with ABC Hotels to utilize strong skills in cleaning and maintenance. Coming with strong customer service skills and ability to work effectively in a team.
  2. Individual skilled in safely handling cleaning equipment and chemicals with High School Diploma. Interested in the position of Janitor with Xemcom Facility Management, to utilize 5+ years cleaning experience to fostering a sanitary environment. Also coming with strong work ethic and a positive attitude.
  3. Desirous of the position of a Janitor with TA/Petro where extensive knowledge of cleaning equipment and chemicals mixing will be applied. Also bringing GED and exceptional ability to follow safety procedures and co-operate with co-workers and supervisors.
  4. Desirous of a Janitor position with Delta Airline, to apply broad knowledge of cleaning procedures and 3 years experience in providing exceptional cleaning and housekeeping services. Coming with a pleasant, tactful, and courteous attitude.
  5. Energetic and skilled cleaning professional with ability to operate various automated and manual cleaning equipment. Seeking a Janitor position with Compass Group where strong work ethic, courteous attitude, and ability to follow safety precautions will be utilized.
  6. Energetic individual with 6 months custodian experience and High School Diploma. Looking to obtain the position of a Janitor with Madellion, to apply experience in performing custodian duties at site.
  7. Seeking to deliver a tidy and safe work environment as a Janitor with CBC; offering extensive experience polishing metal fixtures and trimmings; providing supplies and other maintenance services. Coming with GED and ability to follow standard procedures.
  8. Individual with manual dexterity and exceptional ability to perform housekeeping duties, including sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing, and polishing of floors; removing chips, trash, and other refuse. Interested in the position of a Janitor at ABC to ensure a hazard free work environment.
  9. Energetic individual with 5 years custodian experience and high school Diploma. Hopeful for a Janitor position with TBC, to provide general cleaning and upkeep of shipyard buildings and yards. Also coming with strong ability to operate power tools and good communication skills.
  10. Seeking the Janitor position at Kimco Services to help maintain a hygienic and safe work environment. Coming with strong communication skills, housekeeping skills, and ability to maintain safety procedures.
  11. Experienced custodian with strong multi tasking abilities, communication skills, and High School Diploma. Interested in a Janitor position with LKQ Corporation where 6 years experience performing housekeeping duties in ensuring a sanitary facility will be maximally applied.
  12. Manually inclined individual with ability to lift 50lb and GED. Desirous of a Janitor position with CBC, to help foster a safe and sanitary workplace. Coming with profound ability to perform housekeeping duties, maintain supplies, and operate cleaning power tools.
  13. Energetic individual with basic understanding of cleaning and ability to follow operating instructions. Seeking the Janitor role at KFC to utilize 1 year janitorial experience in ensuring a clean work environment.
  14. Meticulously detailed individual with 6 months janitorial experience and ability to operate vacuum cleaners and various manual and automatic cleaning equipment. Hopeful for a Janitor position with KFC to ensure a hygienic and safe facility.
  15. Individual with physical dexterity and solid knowledge of cleaning seeking for a Janitor position with ABC. Coming with strong communication skills and basic inventory skills to monitor cleaning supplies, and ability to perform housekeeping duties effectively and efficiently.
  16. Experienced individual with multi tasking abilities and GED. Desirous of a Janitor position to utilize extensive knowledge in the application of cleaning chemicals and products, along with a profound knowledge of cleaning procedures.
  17. Hardworking and highly organized individual with 2 years janitor experience, desiring to employ proven skills in cleaning, maintenance, and repair services in a Janitor position with CBC. Also bringing exceptional ability to operate both manual and automatic cleaning equipment.
  18. Detail oriented individual with strong knowledge of standard cleaning procedures and ability to apply chemicals and equipment. Desirous of a Janitor position with TDL to ensure a tidy and safe work environment.
  19. Manually inclined individual with GED and ability to follow standard procedures. To obtain the job of a Janitors at CBC, to leverage on 2 years custodian experience. Offering strong ability to operate a multiple cleaning equipment and documentation skills to record supplies.
  20. Seeking for a Janitor position with Ellucian where broad knowledge of cleaning procedures and 2 years building cleaning and maintenance experience, as well as exceptional ability to multi-task, and solid knowledge of power tools and general equipment will be maximally utilized.


As a janitor looking for a job, you should know that your resume is a sales pitch to win you an interview.

Therefore, you have to ensure your resume objective is convincing enough to get the recruiter’s interest to get into the body of the resume.
This article provides ideas you can use in making a good resume objective statement for a janitor position and brighten your chances of having the recruiter read every part of your resume.

You can also apply any of the janitor resume objective examples provided above directly in your resume if it matches your professional career, or you can edit it to perfectly meet your career objective before use.

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