Top 20 Clerical Resume Objective Examples you can Apply

By | May 20, 2024
Clerical Resume Objective
You can boost the strength of your clerical resume or CV by ensuring its objective statement is highly captivating.

When applying for a clerical position, you want to ensure that you write a convincing resume objective statement that can immediately impress the recruiter that you possess the qualities and competence to effectively handle the job.

When your career objective statement strikes the recruiter as impressive, it influences them to read the rest of your resume or CV and schedule you for interview.

This post will show you how to write an effective objective statement for your resume for seeking any clerical job that you may be interest in.

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How to Make a Great Resume Objective for a Clerical Position

The surest way to make your resume objective stand out is to learn about the clerical job from its description posted by the organization hiring.

The information there will help you know the abilities, qualities, skills, educational qualifications, experience, etc. that the employer wants in the ideal applicant for the clerical position.

All you have to do then is to tailor your resume objective to reflect most of the relevant qualities that the employer wants.

When you write your clerical resume objective this way, you will definitely get the attention of the recruiter because you will be telling them that you’ve got the right qualities, experience, qualifications, etc. that will enable you to excel on the position.

Your chances of being offered an interview is brighter with a resume that starts off with a captivating career objective.

Take a look at some good examples of resume objective statements for various clerical positions below to enhance your knowledge and ability to create highly impactful resume objectives:

Best 20 Clerical Resume Objective Examples you can use

  1. Hands-on and passionate individual looking to fill the position of an Office Clerk with Vita Co. Bringing 3years of administrative experience used in delivering remarkable customer service skills, accompanied by pleasant attitude.
  2. Experienced individual with superb time management and communication skills desires the position of Office Clerk with Tivo Group where strong ability to keep inventory of supplies and to handle high volume calls will be utilized. Also coming with profound proficiency in the use of MS Office applications, like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  3. Practical individual with a track record for solving problems interested in holding a Clerical position at Mtel; bringing exceptional ability to perform data entry and auditing functions, along with excellent ability to multi-task and capably prioritize assignments.
  4. Very organized individual with robust interpersonal relationship skills and excellent written communication skills seeking the position of a Clerk at Newton Corp; looking to apply 5+ years of administrative experience to help solve problems, handle customer complaints, and deliver customer satisfaction.
  5. Highly skilled individual looking to obtain the position of an Office Clerk with Trevok Co. where 5years of administrative experience will be applied in achieving excellent multi-tasking and inventory functions; time management, office procedure coordination, and customer relations improvement.
  6. Talented individual interested in the position of Office Clerk at XYZ Company, bringing high level of initiative along with excellent communication skills; Looking to apply 5 years of clerical experience and a warm personality in delivering general administrative support functions and excellent customer service.
  7. Positive-spirited individual with good keyboarding skills (60 WPM) and excellent social skills aims for the position of Clerical Assistant with Beck Co., bringing exceptional ability to work with Microsoft applications like MS Excel, Word, etc. as well as auditing skills.
  8. Highly organized individual interested in gaining the position of Office Clerk with Mackie Corp., to provide superb office operations, outstanding clerical skills, and good typing speed on the keyboard (55+ WPM); advanced Excel and public relations skills to further the mission of the company.
  9. Extraordinarily talented office worker desires to obtain the position of an Office Clerical Support at Zest Inc. Bringing 4 years of clerical experience and proficiency in Excel; accurate data entry skills, and ability to operation office machinery efficiently and effectively.
  10. Hands-on and dexterous clerk with impressive multi-tasking and time-management skills hoping to land a job as a Clerical Assistant in a progressive work environment; bringing superior proficiency in Microsoft office packages, administrative, and customer service skills.
  11. Client oriented individual desiring the position of a Clerical Staff at MYC Inc.; coming with solid PC skills and an optimistic attitude; possess technical skills to operate office machines; as well as bookkeeping skills.
  12. Multi-talented individual with a High School diploma desires the position of Office Clerk with Talik Corp. Bringing 5+ years of expertise in performing clerical duties, accompanied with excellent communication skills.
  13. Dynamic individual wants the position of Office Clerk at Planck Company to add value to the company with 5+ years of administrative experience in executing clerical duties and general office administration.
  14. Proactive and detail-oriented individual seeks career growth as Clerk with TurnKey Corp.; coming with extraordinary critical thinking ability and customer service skills; possess outstanding ability to perform a number of related tasks like filling, bookkeeping, auditing, and to take high volume of calls on multiple lines system.
  15. Adept individual looking to obtain the position of Clerical Support Staff at Watts Inc. Bringing superior clerical skills and strong client relationship; possess strong aptitude to learning, initiative, and excellent communication skills.
  16. Result-oriented individual interested in the position of Office Clerk with Ackerman Corp. Coming with excellent administrative and IT skills, and the unique ability to schedule tasks and responsibilities effectively.
  17. Looking for a position as a Clerk with Colosa Inc. where 5+ years of experience in managing office inventory effectively, working in administrative roles, handling records, and providing personal assistance will be effectively applied.
  18. To obtain a Clerical position with Python Engineering Corp.; to utilize profound problem-solving, secretarial, and recordkeeping skills to enable the team achieve its goals.
  19. Bringing the best effort as an Office Clerk with TUA Company; strong accounting and excellent communication skills, and a track record of providing excellent office management techniques to help the organization meets its goals.
  20. Desire a Clerical position with BigJon Corp. where general office skills, customer service, and bookkeeping skills will be utilized for the benefit and productivity of the company.


If you want to be listed for interview for the clerical job that you are seeking, you must realize that your resume objective can contribute immensely to making that happen.

It has to be concise yet compelling to make the recruiter read the rest of your resume or CV and look forward to meeting you at the interview.

This article shows you how to write a convincing clerical resume objective, as well as provides you good sample objective statements you can quickly edit and use in making your resume.

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