Top 19 Laborer Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Laborer Resume Objective
With a great objective statement, you can get your laborer resume to make a great impression on recruiters.

If you need to write a resume or CV for a laborer job, your objective statement has to be really compelling to immediately grab the employer’s attention when they start reading it.

With a well crafted career objective, you will be able to effectively convince the recruiter to pay attention to your resume, see you as a good fit for the position, and offer you an interview appointment.

This post will guide you to be able to make very good resume objective statements for any laborer job and increase your chances of been selected for an interview.

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How to Write a Great Resume Objective for a Laborer Job

To craft a great resume objective statement for a laborer position, you need to learn about what the specific role entails and requires by the recruiter.

That means, you need to study the laborer job description and position requirements that is published by the employer.

The information you get will reveal the expected duties and responsibilities that you will perform if hired as a laborer by the company, as well as the skills, abilities, knowledge, experience, etc. that you need to succeed at the company on the job.

Having satisfied yourself that you meet the requirements for the job and will be effective in performing whatever tasks you might be assigned working as a laborer, you can then go ahead to apply the information in making a compelling career object statement for your resume.

Now, let’s look at some good examples of laborer objective statements for resume to further make your learning of how to make effective resume objectives for the position easier:

Best 19 Laborer Resume Objective Samples You Can Apply

1. Energetic and service-oriented individual seeking for a Laborer job at XYX RET. To utilize 5 years of residential construction industry experience, expert skills in concrete finishing, and carpentry.

2. Individual with ability to work independently as well as in a team and High School Diploma. Hopeful for the job of Laborer hotline at AAM Inc. Coming with sound knowledge of job procedures and machinery, and ability to review all process sheets and work instructions effectively.

3. Sound communicator with strong observational skills and eye for details. Looking for a General Labor job at CNB Inc. Coming with ability to follow safety practices, maintain and follow manufacturing and quality control points and practices, as well as appropriate food handling practices.

4. Individual with strong ability to organize and manage tasks to meet deadlines, and an apt to learning. Interested in the job of a Yard Laborer in a fast-paced organization. Also coming with 2 years experience in a logistic yard.

5. Energetic and strong communicator with specialized skills in operating equipment for washing trucks. Seeking for the position of Day Porter/Laborer at SCA to contribute to eliminating safety hazards.

6. Energetic individual highly skilled in operating a tractor and hand tools, including shovels, picks, axes, and chain saw. Seeking for the job of Landfill-Laborer in an organization that is committed to excellence.

7. Experienced individual with strong verbal and written communication and High School Diploma. Interested in the job of Warehouse Skilled Laborer at Dragados; to apply experience in heavy civil construction, and ability to read and understand heavy construction plans.

8. Energetic individual with manual skills who is vast in following simple drawings to perform tasks. Desire the position of Ground Laborer at ABC Tent Inc., coming with ability to operate large and complex riding lawn mowers and tractors on steep slopes.

9. Individual with team spirit and 5 years experience in residential and commercial construction. Looking to obtain a Construction Laborer position at ABC Homes Inc. to apply outstanding skills in operating construction machinery.

10. Energetic and highly skilled individual possessing High School Diploma. Looking to obtain the position of Facility Laborer at CBC Inc., bringing 1 year construction Labor experience and exceptional expert skills in operating forklifts and performing housekeeping and preventive maintenance duties.

11. Energetic individual with strong language and mathematics skills. Desire the job of Drilling Laborer at EDU where exceptional ability to use hand and power tools will be utilized.

12. Highly skilled individual with High School Diploma. Seeking for an Environmental Field Laborer position at RDI Inc., bringing ability to work from ladder and scaffold, and operate light and heavy equipment, including pumps, vacuum, oil spill boom, and generators.

13. Highly reliable individual with apt for learning and precision desires the position of Warehouse Laborer at Spherion Inc. Coming with 4 years Labor experience, working outdoor under severe heat condition.

14. Energetic individual with ability to withstand working outdoors and to adhere to instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform tasks. Interested in the position of Prestress Plant Laborer at XYZ Land, to apply 4 years experience working with concrete and concrete related equipment.

15. Individual with strong customer service skills, mechanical aptitude, and a desire to learn the plumbing trade seeks employment at ABC Tech as a Laborer PR; coming with positive attitude and ability to perform outdoor manual labor.

16. Dependable and reliable individual with strong ability to learn new things. Seeking for the position of Construction and Concrete Laborer position at XYZ Inc. where uncommon expertise in setting and pouring walls using Aluminum form and 2 years construction labor experience will be effectively utilized.

17. Individual with passion for travelling and ability to operate general site equipment. Interested in the position of Travelling Landfill Laborer in a dynamic company; bringing 1+ year experience in outdoor labor (refuse collection), and skills in driving and plumbing to support project needs.

18. Talented individual with strong work ethic and team spirit, as well as experience in commercial construction seeks to work at XYZ Fine Inc. in the position of Carpenter /Skilled Labor. Also bringing expert skills in framing, trimming, cutting, and nailing of wood.

19. Physical, agile, and service-oriented individual with GED. Hopeful for a Manufacturing Labor job at CBC Inc. to utilized outstanding skills in performing outdoor manual labor and housekeeping duties, and operating forklifts. Also, coming with 2 years warehouse labor experience.


To improve the chances of your resume or CV for a laborer job succeeding, you need to begin it with a powerful objective statement that shows the recruiter the specific benefits to their organization by hiring you.

This post gives you valuable tips and sample resume objective statements you can apply to easily and quickly make a great one for a laborer position.

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