Top 20 Administrative Resume Objective Examples you can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Administrative Resume Objective
Are you writing a resume for an administrative position? If you are, then learn how to make your objective statement highly compelling.

When writing a resume or CV for an administrative position, it is important to carefully make the objective statement in such a way to grab the reader or recruiter’s attention very quickly the moment they begin to read your resume.

It is really important to immediately get the recruiter to be interested in you as they begin to read your resume because most employers don’t have the time to read all resumes.

What they do is to simply glance at a resume, and when they find the career objective statement interesting they give it the time to read through it.

But if the resume objective didn’t make an impression on them, you can be sure that they will immediately discard the resume and move to another one.

This means, for you to get a good chance of being hired for the administrative position that you are vying for, you must ensure that the career objective statement of your resume makes much impact on the recruiter or reader.

This post will show you how to write such administrative objective for resume so that you can increase your chances of being called to an interview.

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How to Write a Good Resume Objective for Administrative Position

To write a good resume objective statement for an administrative job requires learning about what the role requires.

Take a look at the job description and requirement details posted by the employer and you will have a good knowledge of the kind of person the employer is looking to hire for the administrative role.

With the knowledge about the skills, abilities, experience, educational qualification and training, etc. required by the employer for the position, as well as the expected duties and responsibilities to be performed by the successful candidate, you can then be able to craft a great objective that presents you as a perfect fit for the job.

See below examples of careful written objective statements for various administrative roles to help you learn how to quickly create a great objective statement for your resume or CV whenever you have the need to seek an administrative position.

Best 20 Administrative Resume Objective Samples you can Use

1. Strong analytical thinker, constructive problem solver, and an excellent communicator. Hopeful for the position of an Administrator to apply 6 years of administrative experience to manage and create effective workflow between systems and groups.

2. Experienced administrator with strong management and organization knowledge and Bachelor’s degree. Seeking the position of Administrative Officer at XYZ Organization; coming with advanced knowledge in database management and office management to handle tactical day-to- day administrative matters.

3. Proactive problem solver with superior clerical skills and ability to efficiently prioritize assignments. Seeking for the position of Administrative Assistant to apply 2+ years administrative assisting and IT systems experience.

4. Extremely organized professional with high sense of discretion and confidentiality and excellent communication skills. Desire the position of Admin Manager at CBC Inc.; bringing 7+ years administrative and customer service experience, plus advanced skills in database management.

5. Professional with excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task while working within deadlines and time constraints. Desire the position of an Administrative Specialist to apply 6 years of administrative experience and client service skills to efficiently manage office procedures and inventory.

6. Team player with a high level of initiative, strong budgeting, and customer service skills desires the position of Administrative Specialist II at ABC Organization, to utilize 4 years of administrative work experience to provide excellent customer service, and to adequately manage administrative workflow.

7. Meticulously detailed individual with excellent organizational skills and a clear and concise writing skill. To obtain the role of Administrative Specialist, Criminal Justice at XYZ Center, offering expertise in filing, database management, auditing, and Microsoft office tools.

8. Individual with sound knowledge of modern office practices and ability to maintain accuracy when dealing with high volume repetitive tasks. Interested in the position of Administrative Clerk in a dynamic and challenging work environment to ensure smooth, efficient, and productive office operations. Bringing 2+ years clerical experience.

9. Individual with strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Looking to obtain the position of Senior Administrative Assistant. Offering experience in Concur and intercall; possess proficiency in Microsoft Office tools and 10 years administrative experience.

10. Highly detailed with ability to multi-task and meet multiple deadlines in a timely manner, seeking the position of Administrative Specialist II I Technology Services. Offering superior clerical, customer service skills, advanced writing skills, and advanced skills and proficiency in Microsoft applications.

11. Extremely organized individual with keen attention to detail and a Bachelor’s degree. Interested in the job of a Legal Administrative Assistant. Bringing sound knowledge of drafting legal documents to assisting lawyers in preparing legal materials, as well as maintaining files.

12. Customer service-oriented individual with strong keyboarding skills and advanced skills in word processing and database applications. Desires the position of Administrative Aide at XYZ Company to apply honed skills in management and 3 years of administrative experience.

13. Highly flexible and multi-tasking individual with strong ability to prioritize time-sensitive tasks. Hopeful for the position of a Senior Administrative Specialist at ABC Organization to utilize 6+ years administrative experience in inter-departmental coordination, inventory management, procedure enforcement, and cost minimization, to regularize administrative work flow within the organization.

14. Exceptionally detailed individual with client service and stress tolerance abilities. Seeking to advance a growing career as an Administrative Services Specialist; bringing specialized knowledge of administration, budgeting, filing, and coordinating workflow among departments.

15. Exceptionally creative individual with strong organizational skills and an aptitude to learn. Looking to obtain the position of Events Administrator at Edward Jones. Offering exceptional client service abilities and excellent MS Office skills to handle events administration professionally.

16. Highly flexible individual with ability to prioritize simultaneous responsibilities within time limits and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Interested in the position of Lease Administration Specialist at XYZ Company; bringing excellent PC and administrative skills.

17. Professional with excellent communications and interpersonal skills as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Interested in the position of Administrative Coordinator, bringing proficiency in word processing and spreadsheet applications, sound knowledge of project management, and 5+ years experience in performing administrative support duties.

18. Seeking for the position of Corporate Administrative Assistant at ABC Organization, to utilize excellent skills in business administration, strong multi-tasking and organization skills with attention to detail, and 5 years work experience in retail environment.

19. Detail-oriented professional with excellent administrative skills and ability to manage multiple priorities; proficient in MS Office and DBMS, hopeful for a Project Administrative Assistant position at XYZ Business Inc. where 5+ years experience and specialized knowledge in record keeping, project support, and invoices processing will be maximally utilized.

20. Individual with excellent administrative and teamwork skills seeks to obtain the job of an Executive Administrative Assistant at XYZ Company, offering proven customer service and organizational skills to effectively and efficiently handle administrative tasks in a professional manner.


When seeking an administrative position in an organization or company, your resume will stand a better chance of being read by the recruiter if it starts with a punchy objective statement that shows them you possess the right qualities, skills, abilities, experience, etc. that the job requires.

The content of this post, including the samples of administrative objective statements provided give you the opportunity to quickly master how to make a good objective for your resume or CV whenever you need to make and send one to an employer for an administrative position.

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