Top 20 MBA Resume Objective Examples you can Use

By | May 20, 2024
MBA Resume Objective
With a strong objective statement, your MBA resume stands a better chance of being read and shortlisted for interview by recruiters.

When seeking an MBA job and need to send a resume or CV to recruiters, the quality of your resume objective statement can decide if your resume is read and accepted for an interview or not.

Most employers, HR managers, and recruiters only read a few lines in your resume to make up their minds if you are the person they want or not.

For this reason, you need to make your career objective very powerful to immediately hit with the employer that you are the right man or woman for the MBA job.

So, how do you write such powerful and effective objective statement? That is what this article will teach you and also provide you with good MBA objective samples that you can apply when making your resume or CV.

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How to Write Good Objective Statements for MBA Resumes

The most effective way to write a good objective for your MBA resume is to consider what the recruiter requires from intending applicants for the position, that is, the job requirements.

When you know the skills, abilities, experience, educational qualification, professional accomplishments, etc. that the employer wants interested persons for the MBA job to have, then you can skillfully tailor your objective statement to meet the requirements.

When crafted properly, your resume objective will be difficult for the recruiter to resist as they begin to read through your resume because it tells them that you perfectly meet their requirements and should be given a chance at an interview.

You will definitely be able to increase your chances of getting an interview with a resume objective statement like this.

You can find information about the MBA job to enable you properly make the career objective part of the resume from the job description and requirements posted by the recruiter.

Now, take a look at some examples of good MBA objective statements and learn how to make one for your resume equally powerful.

Best 20 MBA Resume Objective Examples to Quickly Apply

1. Seeks work as a Financial Analyst in ABC Company where I can apply my professional expertise in financial analysis and planning to contribute immensely to the bottom line of the company. Bringing 6 years of experience and holds an MBA

2. Looking to work as HR Manager in a fast paced organization where exceptional skills in talent management as a formidable strategy to contributing to the company’s overall goals will be fully deployed.

3. Creative and dedicated individual looking to occupy the Operations Manager position at XYZ Company to steer the organization’s operations in line to fulfilling its obligations to customers and meeting profit targets as a result.

4. Looking to be employed as a Marketing Manager at ABC Group to coordinate all marketing efforts to increase market share value and profitability for shareholders; posses 4 years managerial experience and holds an MBA from Stanford.

5. Adept and tech savvy professional seeking to serve as Information Technology Manager at XYZ Corp. to streamline company’s processes for effectiveness and productivity. Holds an MBA in Information technology.

6. Goal-oriented individual with an MBA seeking Entry-level Business Management position with XYZ Investment Bank; bringing deep familiarity with managing finance and increasing company revenue.

7. Highly skilled business management candidate coming with comprehensive understanding and application of business principles, looking to secure an entry position as a Business Administrator at ABC Company, to increase customer base and revenue goals.

8. Resourceful and passionate candidate with an MBA from Oxford seeks a position in a management capacity; coming with 4 years of experience in business operations and proficiency in steering companies to fulfilling their mission.

9. An MBA holder from Princeton seeks a role as an Operations Manager in a reputable company where maximum utilization of opportunities and resources, and elevation of team spirit and a culture of excellence will be achieved for the company.

10. Proficient and charismatic individual looking to manage the marketing arm of the company where strong industry knowledge and marketing expertise will be utilized in increasing the company’s market share. Holds an MBA from Wharton.

11. Seeking a responsible role in HR in a profit oriented company, to make valuable contribution to the overall business strategy of the company by designing the best talent management and retention program that fits it.

12. An MBA holder from Harvard desires an entry level position in a first rate management consulting firm, to assist clients double and triple their value within a short frame of time.

13. Exceptionally talented individual with an MBA from Harvard seeks an entry position in Finance Management at ADD Financials where proven ability to create new avenues for profit generation for the company will be applied.

14. Creative and hardworking candidate seeking an entry level role in sales at XYZ Company. Holds an MBA and ready to employ exceptional communication, presentation, and negotiation skills to further the goals of the organization.

15. An MBA holder looking to fill a position in finance in a fast rising company where proficiency in finance management will be effectively employed, in addition to developing finance related solutions to help the firm increase market and shareholders profit.

16. Dedicated and creative individual desires employment in an operations capacity at ABC Resources. Holds an MBA from Stanford, can think, plan and organize business operations on a global level to help fulfill company potential

17. Success-driven candidate with strong MBA credentials and 3 years of experience in the B2B sector looking to manage the marketing channel of the company where effective marketing programs that can help the company meets its profit targets will be fully deployed.

18. Looking for a Branch Manager position at ABC Investment to maximize solid business skills in improving operations, growth, and profits of the company. Holds an MBA.

19. To obtain marketing position at XYZ Company Inc. Coming with demonstrated skills in management, marketing, and sales to help grow company’s revenue and profit margins.

20. Outstanding management expert with an MBA from NYCU applying for a Program Manager position where deep understanding of administration, marketing, and sales can be maximized to foster growth of the company.


As an MBA holder, there are many job positions you could apply for but you have to market yourself effectively as the candidate every employer would really want on their team.

You really need to pass such information over in your resume, particularly the objective section of it so that employers can quickly perceive you as the right candidate for them when they are on your resume.

Fortunately, by reading this article, you now know how to write great objective statements for your MBA resume or CV that will improve your interview call rate.

Notice that you are free to use any of the resume objective samples provided in this post wholly or with some editing without needing any further permission from us in writing your resume for an MBA position.

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