Best 20 Food Service Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Food Service Resume Objective
A great objective statement will make your food service resume more compelling and attractive to employers.

If you want to improve the chances of your food service resume or CV to get you an interview, then you need to pay attention to its objective statement.

Like many other job positions, if you seek a job role in the food service industry, you have to write a resume.

Your resume will provide your potential employer with a description of your skills, competence, and work history if any.

The quality of your resume can affect whether you get hired or not. Not all employers or agency read through every resume to ascertain who to hire or not as that is not a good use of their time.

They look at the top section of your resume where the career objective statement is to decide if you are worth the time.

And that’s why you should ensure to craft a powerful objective for your food service resume.

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How to Write an Effective Food Service Resume Objective Statement

Your resume objective is a quick summary of what you can provide the employer succinctly captured in few sentences. It is placed at the top section of your resume.

To write an effective food service resume objective, you must learn the job requirements of the food service position advertised by the employer.

Ascertain if you have the prerequisite to perform the job role. If you do, then it’s time you articulate that in your objective statement.

It is disheartening to qualify for a job role but not be able to communicate it adequately and lose the job.
Your resume objective summarizes your qualities, competence and experience for the food service position, which assures the employer that you are the solution to their job needs.

Learning to write a good objective for a food service resume by studying some examples makes its easier and faster to achieve mastery.

See some samples below:


1. Very competent and experienced individual seeking the job of a Food Service Worker. Holds a Diploma in Hospitality Service with proficiency at performing regular and routine tasks of preparing dishes in line with the instruction of the cook and restaurant managers.

2. Seeks work as a Waiter in ABC Company. Can work under pressure while maintaining a high sense of responsibility, dedication, passion, and good work ethic. Brings 5 years of experience as a waiter and very skilled at customer service.

3. Looking for a position as a Restaurant Manager. Coming with a strong track record of managing restaurants successfully. Possess the ability to supervise every aspect of operations, including customers’ feedback, service quality, menu rating, staffing and cash flow. Additionally, can increase profitability by deploying competition research, identifying target customers, business development, marketing, and brand promotion.

4. Looking to work as a Food and Beverage Server with XYZ Restaurant. Coming with 2 years of experience with excellent customer service competence. Familiar with restaurant ambience and menu offerings.

5. Individual with friendly positive attitude looking to obtain the position of a Food Service Foreman in AAFES. Bringing 6years of administrative and food service experience, excellent salesmanship, and superior customer service skills to deliver a personalized customer experience.

6. Health aware individual looking to maintain clean and sanitary food preparation at XYZ Inc. Problem solver and excellent communicator, seeking for the position of Food and Nutrition Associate. Coming with 3years food service experience and proven customer service skills.

7. An experienced individual with a positive attitude and an apt for learning. Looking to obtain the position of Lead Food Service Worker. Offering strong leadership and customer service skills to coordinate the activities of associates and resolve customer concerns.

8. Exceptionally creative and seasoned Baker. Looking to obtain the position of a Baker in Compact Inc. Looking to apply my skills in preparing baked goods according to recipes and production specifications. Offering a customer–service orientation and ability to keep up with peak production in a calm, accurate, and efficient manner.

9. Desire to obtain the position of Cook at Compass. Team player with an apt for learning. Seasoned in preparing high-quality foods according to standardized recipes and instructions to meet production, delivery, and service schedules. Coming with 10 years experience.

10. Proactive individual with exceptional leadership and customer service skills. Interested in the position of Food and Beverage Manager, coming with honed skills in Culinary Arts, budgeting skills, and 6years’ experience in food and beverage, to oversee all food and beverage operations for improved customer satisfaction and retention.

11. Professional savvy individual with strong leadership skills and High school Diploma. Hopeful for the position of Food Service Specialist, coming with 4 years experience in the hospitality industry. To apply sound understanding of Nutrition in ensuring food safety and facility sanitation.

12. Critical thinker with strong interpersonal relations skills and Bachelor’s in Business Management. Seeks the position of Food Service Director in TKC, to apply 7+ years of prior food service experience. Bringing strong leadership skills and proven customer-service orientation to motivate and supervise team to attain product service quality.

13. Experienced problem solver with excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, and Bachelor’s degree in Food Service Management. Looking to obtain the position of Bench Food Service Director. Offering a hospitality-focused approach to develop and implement patient service programs.

14. Certified food service professional (serve safe) with excellent communication skills and ability to follow cooking instructions and food safety requirements. Hopeful for the position of Food Service Attendant. Bringing 2 years food service experience.

15. Result-driven individual with 8+ years of experience in planning bar menus, preparing cocktails, and creating drink recipes. Looking to fill a position in ABC company as a Bartender.

16. Customer oriented individual seeking work as a Counter Server in XYZ Restaurant. Bringing a robust experience in serving food and beverage efficiently in a friendly manner. Also proficient in handling cash procedures.

17. Detail-oriented individual with 10+ years of managing successful restaurants. Seeking the position of a banquet manager in a top rated establishment. Bringing strong leadership, organizational, and interpersonal competencies so as to provide exceptional customer experience.

18. Individual with strong culinary and management skills. Possess 10+ years in preparing recipes, managing kitchen operations, and maintaining safety standards. Looking to be employed as a Kitchen Manager in a profit oriented organization.

19. Success driven individual with strong management experience. Seeking to be employed as a Dining Room Supervisor. Coming with an excellent reputation of going the extra mile, aligning sales goals with customers satisfaction and amiable interpersonal skills.

20. Highly Motivated Individual with 7+ years of experience. Looking for a Sous Chef position in ABC Company. Possess leadership, communication, and food preparation skills. Keen on upholding safe kitchen standards.


A well written food service objective for your resume can go a long way in helping you gain the job that you desire. So, do your part to learn how to write one effectively.

The examples provided above are sure to guide you in crafting one.

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