Top 20 Substitute Teacher Resume Objective Samples you can Apply

By | May 20, 2024
Substitute Teacher Resume Objective
Having a great objective statement in your substitute teacher resume can make a whole lot of difference in its success.

If you are writing a resume or CV for a substitute teacher position, the objection statement is one area you really need to give attention to.

You need to make your career objective very punchy to immediately grab the employer’s attention to consider your application for an interview when they begin reading through your resume.

Writing a good substitute teacher resume begins with a compelling objective statement that tells the employer that you have the right skills, knowledge, experience, etc. that they are looking for.

So, how do you make such objectives?

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How to Write a Good Objective Statement for a Substitute Teacher Resume

A great career objective should, as a matter of importance, contain your skills and competencies, qualifications, including relevant experiences you have gathered over the years, and a strong reason why you should be hired.

In the particularly case of the substitute teacher resume, skills such as communication, human relationship and time management, as well as competencies such as effective mastery of the subject to be taught, classroom management and designing student-centered lessons, are some of the core qualities most employers require for the job, which you can highlight in your objective statement.

Also to be included in your objective for the substitute teacher resume are qualifications such as educational degree and experiences, as well as achievements made during previous working engagement in the position of a substitute teacher.

An objective statement that shows that the applicant possess the right qualities, experience, abilities, skills, etc. will be in a better position to get the employers attention and win their heart.

Below are very good career objective samples which can serve as a guide for your resume preparation when seeking the role of a substitute teacher.

Best 20 Substitute Teacher Resume Objective Examples you can quickly apply

1. Highly motivated and friendly individual with Bachelor’s Degree (Double Major) in Mathematics and Education, willing to contribute 5+ years of experience and extensive mastery of Mathematics to the teaching of the subject at Princely School as a Substitute Math Teacher.

2. Excellent classroom manager with 6+ years of teaching experience and passion for impacting knowledge seeks a Substitute Teacher position at Pearls Academy. Bringing qualitative student-centered teaching approach in addition to a warm student-teacher relationship.

3. Desirous to work at as a Substitute Teacher at Local District Middle School to contribute 5 years experience assisting teachers in organizing lessons for students, deploying effective classroom management and communication skills in a positive learning environment.

4. To obtain a position as a Substitute Teacher at Imperial Middle School, utilizing 10 years experience, excellent teaching skills, down to earth personality, and outstanding skills in language arts education, to positively influence the students.

5. Highly effective student-centered tutor hopeful for the position of Elementary School Substitute Teacher, bringing broad knowledge and 5+ years teaching experience to providing effective learning environment full of fun and cordiality.

6. Result-oriented individual with proven skills in special education seeks the position of Substitute Teacher at SureHouse High School. Bringing 6+ years of experience, knowledge, and ability to excel in special education, student engagement, and grading functions. Regularly commended for exceptional classroom management.

7. Cheerful and positive-minded individual with 6+ years of working with students hopeful of a position as a Substitute Teacher at F&G School; helping children enjoy and succeed in their educational experience by utilizing exceptional child-friendly and result-oriented teaching methods.

8. Highly organized individual with great communication and children management skills applying to be a Substitute Teacher at DeeOne Educational Center; coming with 5+ years of competence in classroom management and flexible teaching style that meet the academic aspirations of students and the learning objectives of the school.

9. Enthusiastic and licensed Substitute Teacher with 4+ years experience in the learning industry, aspiring to add value to the educational excellence of students at IKEE High School. Coming with outstanding classroom management skills and the ability to mark papers weekly.

10. Seeking the job of Substitute Teacher in a growing school where 7 years of experience working as a substitute teacher in two elementary schools will be an added advantage in achieving consistency with school curricular and learning objectives.

11. To join EFG High school as a Substitute Teacher; bringing 5+ years of teaching experience; ability to carry out instructions correctly, adhere to laid down curriculum and lesson plan, and teach all subjects effectively with clarity and accuracy; in addition to maintaining orderliness in the classroom in accordance with the school’s policies.

12. Certified Substitute Teacher with 7+ years experience supporting learning in children and a proven ability helping students understand mathematical concept looks forward to utilizing clear communication, time and classroom management skills, in addition to a very friendly and compassionate personality in the role of a Substitute Teacher at Role Models Schools.

13. Energetic and child-friendly person distinguished for the ability to effectively adopt different teaching styles in meeting the peculiar academic needs of students, desires to work at Hope School as a Substitute Teacher. Bringing 5+ years of teaching experience and strong ability to complete progress reports, including individualized notes regarding students’ strengths and areas of improvement, and instilling discipline in students inside and outside the classroom.

14. Looking to work in a result-oriented educational organization as a Substitute Teacher. Coming with 5+ years of experience and dedication to helping students comprehend chemical theories with the aid of practical demonstration in a relaxed and intellectually stimulating learning environment.

15. Knowledgeable teacher with 6+ years of job experience desires to work at Gems Academy as a Substitute Teacher; passionate about devising fascinating and unique styles of teaching information technology in a way that creates quest for learning in the students; possess cordial nature, building good rapport with students and teachers.

16. To secure a challenging Substitute Teacher position at the Greater Heights School where unique ability to get students acquainted with the concepts of Fine Arts and creating a niche in the art world in a well managed and inspirational learning atmosphere can be actualized and maximized.

17. To be part of the success story at Lead Schools as a Substitute Teacher; ready to contribute 6+ years of teaching experience and competence in the field of Geography, and a proven unique capability to explain complex geographical concepts in simple terms for easy comprehension by students with great enthusiasm, resulting in a warm learning experience.

18. To work as a Substitute Teacher at Frontier Schools, bringing 3 years of experience and enormous ability to manage the learning environment of students, instruct, motivate, and build them for success in the absence of the classroom teacher.

19. To join the team at GH Academy as Elementary Classroom Teacher where five years experience teaching students the rudiments of music, and a record of producing students who achieve an above average performance in playing the piano, saxophone, guitar, and other musical instruments within a semester will be utilized.

20. A fresh graduate of computer science with distinction seeking to add value to CityGate High School as a Substitute Teacher. Highly competent in programming, coding, and website development, with a passion of developing young and brilliant computer literate students in a fun and student-centered learning atmosphere.


You need to put some effort and time in creating a compelling objective statement for your substitute teacher resume to stand a better chance of winning the employer’s heart and getting the desired interview appointment.

The sample substitute teacher resume objectives provided in this post will guide you in making yours quickly when you need to send a resume to a recruiter for the position.

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