Top 20 Entry Level Accounting Resume Objective Examples you can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Entry Level Accounting Resume Objective
Are you thinking how to make the winning resume for an entry level accounting job? If so, begin with a compelling objective statement.

Are you writing a resume or CV for an entry level accounting position? If you are, then you have to make the objective statement really appealing to improve the impact of the document on the recruiter.

Since the employer reads your career objective first in your resume, you need to pack it with a big punch to make a huge impression on them that you are the right fit for the accounting role.

You should know that you will most likely have other young accounting professionals sending in their resumes for the position too, therefore, you have to quickly win the heart of the employer when they start reading your resume, and the opportunity to achieve that is in your resume objective statement.

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How to Write a Winning Resume Objective for an Entry Level Accounting Job

The way to writing a winning resume objective statement for an entry level accounting job is to find out what the recruiters requirements for the role are and then present yourself as the perfect fit for the position.

The employer wants to be sure that anyone applying for the role have the right qualities, education, skills, knowledge, and abilities to be effective in carrying out the responsibilities of the entry level accounting position, so they commonly publish a description for the job to inform prospective applicants about what is required to be hired for the position.

After you have studied the job description and are sure you meet the requirements for the role, and that you have what it takes to succeed in the role, you will then go ahead to creating an objective that tells the recruiter that you perfectly meet the requirements.

This kind of objective statement will certainly get the employer’s attention, and that means your resume will get a better chance of being read, which in turn improves your chances of being called up for an interview.

Now here are examples of good objective statements you can learn with to be able to make one for your entry level accounting resume:

Best 20 Entry Level Accounting Resume Objective Samples you can Apply

1. Seeking to obtain an entry-level job with ABC Company, where deep knowledge of relevant software and computer systems, as well as a degree in accounting from XYZ University will be maximally put to use.

2. Detail-oriented and passionate individual who recently graduated from the XYZ Accounting Department seeks an entry level accounting role with NUTT Company to utilize strong problem-solving skills, development analytical skills, and advanced understanding of the popular accounting and tax software tools.

3. Motivated and hardworking individual. Holds a degree in accounting and looking to obtain an entry level accounting job with ANUC Company, to maximize my deductive reasoning, mathematical, and problem-solving skills.

4. Highly skilled and Quick-witted professional seeking an entry level accounting position with ABC Company that will deploy impressive 10-key typing speed, strong computation and math skills, as well as knowledge of industry software applications.

5. Resourceful and passionate individual seeks an entry level accounting opportunity in XZY Company. Well versed in corporate tax law, Excel spreadsheets and Intuit QuickBooks and Sage Peachtree accounting software.

6. Competent, dedicated, and detail-oriented individual. Recent college graduate who interned for two Fortune 500 companies. Looking to gain an entry level accounting position where exceptional accounting skills and academic knowledge will be leveraged, as well as go beyond what is expected to help the company attain success.

7. Dedicated and thorough individual looking for an entry level accountant position at AGE Corp. Bringing excellent skills in preparing monthly reimbursable backups, and handling both accounts payable and receivable activities in an accurate and timely manner.

8. Highly skilled and motivated individual. A recent college graduate with a degree in accounting seeks an entry level accounting opportunity with XYZ Services. Coming with a decent knowledge of maintaining periodical statistical reports, handling vendor invoices, and coding credit card receipts from multiple users.

9. Effectively able to adjust journal entries and review expenses. Looking for the entry level accounting position at City Builders to contribute to its bottom line.

10. Smart and proactive individual seeking an entry level accounting opportunity at CBA Technologies to engage huge knowledge of general accounting procedures to aid the company with its periodic accounting processes.

11. A recent graduate from the Accounting Department of XYZ University with robust intern experience at Deloitte seeks an entry level accounting position that utilizes relevant experience, qualifications, and knowledge.

12. Emotionally Intelligent and a fast-learner seeks an entry level accounting job that avails the opportunity to pursue a career as a corporate accountant. Holds a degree in accounting.

13. A graduate with excellent GPA grades in accounting seeks an entry-level role at XYZ Company to maximize the knowledge gained in pursuing an accounting degree as well as deep familiarity with advanced accounting software.

14. Detail-orientated and resourceful in the completion of projects. Experienced working in fast-paced environments, demanding strong technical, organizational, and interpersonal skills as an Intern in PriceHouse. Seeks an entry level accounting position in XYZ Company.

15. Competent and passionate individual seeking an entry-level accountant position with SYX Company, to assist the accounting department with knowledge secured through years of academic training and internship experience.

16. Recent Ivy League accounting graduate seeking an entry level accounting job with Vunn Network Systems. Adept at working with spreadsheets and sales and purchase registers, preparing statutory accounts, and reconciling financial accounts.

17. Competent and enthusiastic individual who is known for academic excellence due to ability to grasp accounting principles quickly and apply them appropriately in real life situations. Looking to secure an entry level accounting position in ABC Company to maximize expertise in reconciling bank statements, maintaining accounts databases, and posting financial data to appropriate accounts.

18. Goal oriented individual with some experience as an intern in AZ Financials seeks an entry-level accounting opportunity in a profit oriented organization. Adept at providing general accounting procedures and very strong in utilizing advanced accounting software to contribute to company goals.

19. Accurate and thorough individual with an internship experience looking to secure an entry level accounting position in ABC Company. To maximize outstanding accounting skills for contributing to the organizations bottom line.

20. Reliable and proactive individual seeks an entry-level accounting job to deploy strong problem solving skills and good knowledge of accounting and tax software in achieving company’s set targets; holds a degree in accounting.


Staring your entry level accounting resume or CV with a good career objective will definitely improve the quality of your resume and the chance of getting an interview appointment with the recruiter.

The various examples of entry level accounting objective statements provided in this article will be helpful to you in your quest to make a great objective for your resume and stand a better chance of being selected for the job.

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