Top 22 Office Administrator Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

By | August 11, 2023
Office Administrator Resume Objective
A great objective statement for your office administrator resume can significantly increase its chances to gain an interview.

If you need to write a resume or CV for the job of an office administrator, the objective statement is one part of it to give a great deal of attention to.

The career objective is the first touch point that sieves the wheat from the shaft in a resume.

Know that you might be the best fit for the office administrator job but may not get the chance for an interview if your objective statement does not sufficiently position you as suitable for the role.

To get the most of your office administrator resume, it is important for you to craft an objective that demonstrates your skills, knowledge, and competencies, and that assures the employer/ HR personnel that you are the best person for the position.

This article will guide you in crafting a winning office administrator resume objective and increase the chances of the resume being read, and you being offered an interview appointment.

How to Write a Great Office Administrator Resume Objective

To write a winning objective statement for the office administrator resume, you need to know what the employer/HR personnel requires for the job.

This information can be discovered from the job description published for the office administrator role.

Every published job has a detailed description of the responsibilities and specifications, and the requirements to meet to access the job.

You need to get a clear understanding of the job requirements and be sure they match your core skills, qualities, and competencies.

Your chances will be enhanced when your objective statement highlights your key skills and competences that are valuable to the employer for the office administrator position. It tells the employer that you will be an asset to their organization.

Now, let’s take a look at some examples of objectives for resumes targeting office administrator positions to help you understand how to make effective objectives better.

Best 22 Office Administrator Objectives for Resume You Can Apply Right Away

1. Strong critical thinker, intellectually curious, and a constructive problem solver. Looking for the position of an Office Administrator to apply 5years of administrative experience to manage and create workflow between systems and groups.

2. Experienced Administrator with excellent management and organization knowledge and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Interested in the position of Office Administrator, bringing knowledge in database management and office management to handle tactical day-to- day administrative matters.

3. Proactive problem solver with exceptional ability to efficiently prioritize assignments. Seeking for the position of an Office Administrator to apply strong IT systems expertise and 2+ years prior administrative assistant experience to enforce office protocols and smooth functioning of office.

4. Extremely organized individual with high discretion and confidentiality and excellent written communication skills. Desire the position of an Office Administrator in News Corp, bringing 3+ years administrative and customer service experience plus proficiency in Microsoft Office.

5. Excellent time management skills with ability to multi-task while working within deadlines and time constraints. Looking to obtain the position of an Office Administrator to apply 5years of administrative experience to efficiently manage office procedures and inventory.

6. Team player with a high level of initiative and a positive approach to work. Interested in the position of Office Administrator, to utilize 4 years of prior administrative experience to provide excellent customer service and general administrative support functions.

7. Proactive individual with excellent interpersonal and keyboarding skills. Seeking for the position of Office Administrator, offering expertise in Database management, Microsoft office and Auditing.

8. Individual with excellent organizational skills and ability to work well under pressure. Interested in the position of Office Administrator to ensure effective and professional office operations. Bringing 2+ years of prior accounting experience and proficiency in spreadsheet and MS word.

9. Organized and self-motivated individual with leadership experience and ability to work independently. Looking to obtain the position of an Office Administrator at XYZ Inc. Offering experience in Budgeting, HR software and 3years administrative assistant experience.

10. Experienced and skilled administrator with excellent time-management and coordination skills, looking for the position of Office Administrator in a fast paced work environment. Offering superior clerical and customer service skills, and proficiency in Microsoft Office.

11. Excellent communicator with Strong PC skills and Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Looking to obtain the position of an Office Administrator to apply expansive knowledge of supervising tasks to meet the day-to-day objectives of the office.

12. Multi-tasking and excellent communicator with Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Desire the position of Office Administrator in N+E Networks. Bringing 5years of Admin Officer experience plus expertise in Database management and a proven record of enforcing office protocols to ensure smooth functioning of the office.

13. Highly flexible and multi-tasking individual with a Masters in HRM. Looking to obtain the position of an Office Administrator to utilize 5+ years administrative experience in inter-departmental coordination, procedure enforcement, and cost minimization to regularize work flow within the organization.

14. Proactive individual with exceptional client service and critical thinking abilities. Seeking to advance career as an Office Administrator; bringing knowledge of project management, budgeting, and coordinating workflow among departments.

15. Experienced administrator with strong initiative and aptitude to learn, as well as excellent communication skills. Looking to obtain the position of Office Administrator in Edward Jones. Offering exceptional client service abilities to handle the company’s administrative functions professionally.

16. Detail-oriented individual with ability to prioritize simultaneous responsibilities within time limits. Interested in the position of Office Administrator; bringing expertise in IT systems and excellent administrative skills.

17. Experienced multi-tasking professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Looking to obtain the position of Office Administrator, to apply 5+ years experience in performing administrative support duties.

18. Seeking for the position of an Office Administrator, to utilize my honed skills in Management, strong organization skills, excellent interpersonal relationship skills, and 3years experience working as Admin Officer.

19. Detail-oriented professional with excellent administrative skills and ability to manage priorities. Proficient in MS Office and DBMS. Looking to obtain an Office Administrator position; bringing 3+ years experience and excellent organization skills targeted at ensuring smooth office operations.

20. Exceptionally organized individual with 2years administrative assistant experience. Seeking to advance my career as an Office Administrator, offering a proven ability to take initiative, and follow-through skills to handle administrative tasks in a professional manner.

21. Experienced professional with an MBA. Interested in the position of Office Administrator to apply exceptional organizing and written communication skills. Bringing 6years administrative experience as well as exceptional accounting and human resource skills in coordinating administrative efforts between departments.

22. Highly organized and flexible administrator, proficient in MS office and SAP. Seeking for the position of office administrator to apply 5years experience and skills as a Front Office Administrator to ensure effective functioning of office work.


You can give your office administrator resume or CV an advantage by crafting a career objective that employers cannot resist.

The sample objective statements provided in this post will help you learn how to write a resume objective that wins you an interview for an office administrator job.

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