20 Simple Objective Examples for your Resume

By | May 20, 2024
Objective Examples
You can make your resume and application for a job more effective by writing a great objective statement.

This post provides 20 simple objective examples you can learn from to write an irresistible objective statement for your resume for any job position.

Having a persuasive resume objective will enhance the quality of you resume and compel the recruiter to read every part of it.

If you can get the recruiter to spend time on your resume to read every part of it, then the chance of them being impressed by your offer is higher. And that means you will likely get an invite from them to an interview.

To make a great resume that gets you an interview with an employer/recruiter, it is important to learn about various resume statistics before writing your resume. According to novoresume, these resume statistics will give you helpful insight into the prevailing HR trends, guide you in making the right decision about your job hunting, and in creating an effective resume.

Writing an Effective Objective Statement for your Resume

A good objective statement is one that highlights the qualities, skills, competence, experience, etc. that the recruiter wants applicants to have to excel on the job.

To be able to make such an objective for your resume, you need to know what the recruiter wants applicants to have to be hired for the position by studying the job description and requirements that they published.

When you have understood what is required to succeed on the job, then your task of writing a captivating objective statement will be to show the recruiter that you are a perfect fit for the job; that you possess what is required.

Studying some examples will help quicken your understanding of writing good objectives for your resume, so check some out below:

20 Simple Objective Statement Examples for your Resume you can use

  1. Resourceful individual with strong background in psychology and sociology interested in the position of an ABA Therapist; to deploy excellent counseling skills and 5 years of experience working with children living with autism.
  2. Experienced counseling professional looking for an ABA Therapist position with Universal Care; bringing empathy, active listening, and effective communication skills, to apply psychology and counseling expertise along with extensive DSM-IV knowledge.
  3. Eager to work as a Flight Attendant with Reach Airline where 4 years robust flight attendant experience will be applied. Also coming with polished and professional interpersonal skills, stress management abilities, and admirable service orientation, and the ability to process information quickly to ensure clients have a safe and comfortable flight experience.
  4. Qualified ramp agent with High School diploma and manual dexterity. Looking to deploy prior experience and training as a Ramp Agent with Sapphire Airlines; possesses solid communication skills both orally and on the radio.
  5. To contribute best effort and passion in an Architect position at Bumor Grouo. Coming with 8+ years of broad experience to initiate and complete unique projects.
  6. Seeking employment as an Architect in a fast rising organization, to guarantee regular on-site inspection, and to align tasks with blueprints.
  7. Resourceful individual with 4+ years of customer service experience. Looking to obtain the position of an Assistant Manager at BIK Co.; possesses broad knowledge of retail operations and task scheduling, and outstanding ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple projects.
  8. Progressive individual desires the position of Assistant Manager at ABC; coming with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, 8+ years retail experience in different positions useful in managing store’s operations and ensure sales goals are achieved.
  9. Passionate and talented individual seeks a job with Two Bucks Company as a Barista, offering outstanding customer experience with solid communication skills, as well as good eye for details.
  10. To earn the role of a Coffee Shop Worker with King Tastey Company, where exceptional skill in food and drink preparation, unique customer service experience, and a pleasant personality will be utilized to enable the organization reach its sales goals.
  11. Result-driven professional with over10 years of experience piloting the operations of an engineering company. Expecting to land a management position with Banners Corp. to achieve company’s performance goals.
  12. To gain a management position with Tarah Group. Coming with strong background of business procedures and systems necessary in steering a company’s operations to meet income and profit goals.
  13. Smooth and good-looking candidate looking to work as a Flight Attendant at Milkyway Airways; bringing outgoing and kind nature to deliver coziness and satisfaction of customers while presenting a respectable image for the airline.
  14. To secure a position with Finder Airways as In-Service Manager; to contribute to emergency-management knowhow and team leadership expertise to enable clients experience happiness and safety.
  15. Needs the role of a Caregiver with CubeNow Company; bringing along solid background in psychology and superior health care service skills.
  16. Eager to gain a job as a Caregiver with LavaCare Company, to provide topnotch services like grooming, bathing, and dressing patients.
  17. To obtain the job of a Cashier at Modestone Co., bringing thorough orientation for accurate cash drawing; capable of using POS systems; and possesses excellent communication skills to resolve guest questions in a professional manner.
  18. Solid communicator with a team-player personality; experienced in carrying out debit, credit, gift card, and cash transactions. To gain a Cashier position at MA Resources, to offer technical competence and experience in operating computerized cash register system.
  19. Hands-on and reliable individual seeking a cleaner position with DragNett Corp; to assist clients with incredible proficiencies in cleaning; bringing solid knowhow of cleaning, chemical supplies, and equipment to ensure client satisfaction.
  20. Talented, thorough cleaning professional desiring to fill Cleaning Worker position with Dillon Company. Coming with outstanding cleaning and supervision skills to provide neat, clutter-free, and exquisite premises for clients.


Writing a clear and concise resume objective that packs a punch is important in increasing your chances of getting the job that you want.

This post provides simple objective examples to help you to quickly learn and write an effective objective statement for your resume.

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