20 Top Domestic Helper Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

By | August 11, 2023
Domestic Helper Resume Objective
A great objective statement will increase the chances of your domestic helper resume being read.

This post helps you learn how to write an effective domestic helper resume objective statement to boost your chances of getting the recruiter/employer read your resume/CV and hired.

If you are interested in a domestic helper position, it is important that you write a good objective statement for your resume or CV.

Starting your domestic helper resume with a compelling career objective statement will increase its chances of being read by the recruiter, which can consequently brighten your chances of being invited to an interview.

How to Make a Great Resume Objective for a Domestic Helper Position

To write an exceptional domestic helper resume objective statement, you will need to know some vital thing about the role.

First, it is a trust-relationship and personal in nature too. The employer will be bringing you into his/her family or to handle tasks that are rather personal to him/her.

So, to increase your chances of success, your resume objective must demonstrate than you can create a friendly, collaborative, and safe environment for all to flourish.

You will also need a positive attitude, safety-conscious mindset, good communication, time management, housekeeping, and organizational skills, etc.

But the skills and qualities required by the employer will vary from one employer to another, so to have your objective statement properly targeted to the specific domestic helper job that you are applying for you need to read the job description to understand the particular needs of the employer.

The domestic helper resume objective must be written to assert that you can handle the tasks the employer wants managed for him/her.

Writing your domestic helper objective following this approach will greatly increase that your resume will be read and you will be considered for the job.

Now, here are some good examples you can use to quicken your ability to write a great objective statement for your domestic helper resume:

20 Best Domestic Helper Resume Objective Samples You Can Apply

  1. Friendly individual with warm and pleasant personality and passion for supporting senior, seeking a Domestic Helper position in ABC. Offering excellent communication, housekeeping, and computer skills to handle the day-to-day tasks at the home effectively.
  2. Tech-savvy individual with strong data-entry skills, interpersonal skills and high school diploma. Seeking to utilize 2 years of domestic helper experience in caring for seniors at ABC Homes in the position of Domestic Helper.
  3. Quality and precision-focused individual with strong process and people management skills, interested in a Domestic Helper position in ABC to help guarantee a clean and hygienic home environment for seniors. Coming with valid driver’s license and good driving records.
  4. Dependable and people-oriented individual with strong relationship building skills and expertise performing a wide range of home care duties. To obtain a Domestic Helper position in ABC.
  5. Detail-oriented individual with clear communication and multi-tasking skills and the willingness to work on various shifts. Interested in a Domestic Helper position in ABC where exceptional culinary skills and 4 years of experience as a cook will be applied.
  6. Exceptionally creative individual with problem solving aptitude and commercial cooking experience. Seeking a Domestic Helper position in ABC, to utilize 4 years of experience. Offering familiarity with the principles and processes of customer and personal services, multi-tasking skills, and a high school diploma.
  7. Quality-conscious individual with multi-tasking and prioritization skills, time management skills, and good judgment. Interested in the Domestic Helper position at ABC Homes, to utilize 3 years of domestic aide experience in the hospitality industry. Also coming with culinary expertise and a creative mind.

More Domestic Helper Resume Objective Samples [8-14]

  1. Exceptionally organized individual with a warm and courteous attitude interested in a Domestic Helper position in ABC. Coming with commercial cooking experience, familiarity operating cleaning equipment, clear communication skills, and 5 years of working experience in the hospitality business.
  2. Outgoing and respectful individual with the ability to work independently and in a team, looking to utilize 3 years of housekeeping aide experience in a Domestic Staff position. Coming with the ability to safely handle cleaning equipment and work on a flexible schedule, as well as creative cooking skills.
  3. Team player and organized individual with good time management skills and the ability to handle stressful situations, seeking for a Domestic Helper position in ABC. Coming with culinary training and 1 year of housekeeping experience.
  4. Seasoned head cook with a current Food Worker Card and High School diploma, interested in a Domestic Helper position in ABC Homes. Offering excellent communication and interpersonal skills and working knowledge of cleaning equipment and general cleaning processes DEVELOPED from 4 years of housekeeping experience.
  5. Cleaning professional with 6 years of experience in the hospitality industry, seeking a Domestic Helper position in ABC. Bringing strong multi-tasking skills and prioritization skills, and the ability to handle several home-related tasks effectively and efficiently.
  6. Service-oriented individual with high-level of commitment to outstanding customer service, interested in a Domestic Helper position at ABC Center to utilize extensive housekeeping experience. Offering positive energy, good organizational and time management skills, and a strong work ethic.
  7. Excellent communicator with good eyes for details and positive attitude. Able to work effectively in a team environment and adhere to written and verbal directions. Seeking a Domestic Helper role at ABC. Coming with previous janitorial experience and availability to work weekdays and weekends.

More Domestic Helper Resume Objective Samples [15-20]

  1. CPR certified child minder with AS degree in Early Child Development, interested in a Domestic Helper position at XYZ. Coming with 5 years of experience working in private residences, reliable transportation, and clean motor vehicle report.
  2. Reliable, adaptable, and friendly individual with good prioritization and time management skills, seeking a Domestic Helper position in XYZ. Offering strong ability to uphold the household set-up and processes, work with little supervision, and deliver quality work.
  3. Hygienic and health-conscious individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a High School diploma. Interested in a Domestic Helper position in ABC to utilize strong hospitality work experience. Offering the ability to perform routine and repetitive tasks, as well as to provide prompt response to assigned tasks.
  4. Energetic individual with finger dexterity, good communication skills, and the ability to follow directions. Seeking a Domestic Helper position in XYZ where 4 years of custodial experience and the ability to work safely will be utilized, as well as the ability to be on schedule and work without supervision.
  5. Individual with physical dexterity and experience working around food and cleaning products. Desirous of a Domestic Helper position in XYZ to assist the family with domestic chores. Coming with a respectful attitude, a strong work ethic, and 5 years of housekeeping aide experience.
  6. Exceptionally organized individual with CPR certification and familiarity with federal and state standards and guidelines for cleaning a health facility. Seeking a Domestic Helper position in ABC Home. Bringing 2 years of experience and knowledge of DHEC regulations.


If you are seeking the domestic helper job, the objective statement is the first information the hiring manager or prospective employer will read in your resume, so you should maximize that space in projecting your competence and adequately showing that you can meet their needs.

This post provides valuable ideas and examples you can apply in writing an effective objective statement for your domestic helper resume.

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