20 Top Criminology Resume Objective Examples you can use

By | May 20, 2024
Criminology Resume Objective
Your criminology resume will be more effective by having a captivating objective statement.

This article shows you how to write an effective criminology resume objective statement, and provides good examples to enhance your learning and ability to make a great objective for your resume/CV.

As a graduate with a background in criminology, there are various job positions you can apply for, but whichever career path you choose to pursue will require that you submit your resume or CV to the recruiting organization.

A very significant aspect of that resume is the objective statement, which is the introductory section of your criminology resume.

If it is well-written, it gives the reader an insight into your capabilities and arouses their interest in meeting with you.

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How to Make a Great Resume Objective for a Criminology Position

When writing a career objective statement for resume for seeking a criminology position, you must understand the need of the recruiter, or the requirements for the position.

You must also write a new criminology resume objective for every position you apply for.

The reason is that your criminology resume objective has to be tailored to answer to the specific needs of the published job.

The criminology objective statement must also be written like a sales pitch, asserting that you are fit for the job, by presenting information that will be of interest to the employer.

So, you must always study the job description of a published criminology job to understand how you fit in, the problems your skill set can solve, and what you have to offer the organization.

Having studied the criminology job description, you can then apply the information you get in writing the perfect objective for the vacant criminology role.

Now, here are good examples of objective statements for criminology resume to study and apply in writing yours:

Best 20 Criminology Resume Objective Samples you can apply

  1. Resourceful individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, looking to utilize expertise in facilitating learning in various formats in the Part-time Adjunct Faculty Criminology position at Shenandoah University. Coming with a Master’s degree in Criminology and 3 years of teaching experience.
  2. Highly analytical individual with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology interested in a Crime Analyst position to utilize solid background in criminology. Coming with excellent data manipulation and statistical skills, strong documentation and PC skills, and a thorough and detail-oriented mindset.
  3. Passionate teacher with strong desire to contribute to the criminal justice system, seeking a Criminologist Instructor position in ABC, to teach Criminology and Victimology at Leads University. Coming with excellent communication skills and an innovative approach to teaching crime and justice. Also coming with a PhD in Criminology and active research work.
  4. Thorough and meticulously detailed individual with critical thinking skills, exceptional analytical skills, and sound judgment. Interested in a Special Agent position in ABC, offering deep knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, the ability to relate with individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology.
  5. Exceptionally analytical individual with background in criminology, able to learn new technological tools for conducting investigations, and highly numerate. Seeking to utilize a degree in Criminology in the position of a Detective and Criminal Investigator.
  6. Self-motivated individual with logical and critical thinking skills and excellent judgment. Seeking a Police Officer position at ABC; bringing exceptional reading and verbal communication skills, observation skills, and valid driver’s license. Also coming with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, CPR Certification, and investigation experience.

More Criminology Resume Objective Samples [7-13]

  1. Thorough and resourceful individual seeking to utilize degree in criminology in the position of Probation and Community Control Officer in ABC. Bringing 3 years of experience conducting criminal investigation, superior communication skills, and a goal-oriented mindset.
  2. Seasoned professional with a Ph.D. in Criminology, strong quantitative skills, and a background and interest in corrections and theory. Desirous of an Assistant Professor of Criminology position to teach undergraduate/graduate courses.
  3. Superb communicator with the ability to effectively carry out written and spoken instructions, seeking a Student Worker-criminology position at ABD where customer support skills, familiarity with standard office equipment and proficient skills in Microsoft Office applications will be applied.
  4. Criminology graduate with first-rate verbal and written communications skills, desirous of a Criminal Justice Case Worker position in ABC. Bringing exceptional documentation skills, knowledge of the criminal justice system, client and community relations skills, and good time management skills.
  5. Desirous of a Criminology Instructor position in Leads, to teach criminology courses. Bringing solid criminology background, the ability to relate with people of various backgrounds, excellent coaching skills, and the ability to develop courses and offer teachings in offline and digital formats.
  6. Tech-savvy individual with quantitative and statistical skills, interested in The Criminal Investigator position in ABC. Coming with the ability to quickly learn new technology, logical and critical reasoning abilities, an investigative mind, and a background in criminology.
  7. Criminology graduate with 3.0 GPA, strong English writing skills and excellent computer know-how. Seeking a Criminal Justice Intern position in ABC. Offering familiarity with the documentation requirements and skills in writing case notes after meeting with client.

More Criminology Resume Objective Samples [14-20]

  1. Positive team player with strong passion for contributing to community, seeking to utilize background in Criminology in the position of a Group Counselors. Bringing superb communication and counseling skills and 1 year of experience supervising groups in a detention facility.
  2. Criminology graduate with strong research skills, familiarity with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and experience using statistical software for data analysis. Seeking an Entry-level Crime Analyst position in ABC. Bringing 1 year of work experience with a law enforcement agency.
  3. Criminology graduate with 2 years of experience in investigative law enforcement and know-how in data collection and automated information systems. Interested in the Court Investigator position in ABC. Coming with Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and strong UC skills.
  4. Thorough and goal-oriented individual with broad knowledge of the criminal justice system and Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, interested in the Criminal Investigator position in ABC. Bringing 2 years of experience in crime scene investigation and expertise in executing field and laboratory criminal identification, and strong analytical skills.
  5. Exceptionally intelligent individual with strong integrity and Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, seeking the position of a Juvenile Court Officer in Venile. Coming with strong skills to prepare reports and interpret complex reports and codes, and valid driver’s license.
  6. Experienced administrator with strong planning, organizational, and leadership skills. Possess Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, excellent speaking, writing, and reporting skills, and ability to learn new technologies. Seeking the position of Chief of Police to guarantee law enforcement and safety in the community.
  7. Critical thinker seeking to utilize broad knowledge of the principles and practices of criminal investigations and strong research and investigation skills in the position of a Criminal Defense Investigator. Coming with Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, an investigative mind, and exceptional communication skills.


Your criminology resume objective statement is an opportunity to effectively introduce yourself to the recruiter as the right person for the job.

So, you must take the chance to make a good first impression on the recruiter or hiring manager.

Feel free to follow the pattern in the examples that we have provided in writing an effective objective statement for your resume and increase your chances of being hired for the desired criminology job.

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