20 Great Resume Objectives you can quickly apply

By | August 11, 2023
Resume Objectives
You application for a job will be more effective with a great objective statement beginning your resume.

This post presents great resume objective statement samples that have been carefully selected and created to help you learn how to make yours and give your resume an advantage over those from other applicants.

When seeking a new job, it is important to present a very compelling resume so that you can have a better chance of being granted an interview.

The ability of your resume to win you an interview depends a great deal on the quality of your objective statement.

More powerful resume objectives that offer great value to the recruiter have been found to have immense effect on them, grabbing their interest the way a magnet does to a piece of iron, and causing them to read the whole of the resume.

When a recruiter reads every part of your resume, then you stand a good chance of been selected for an interview where you will be physically present to prove to them why they should hire you and not others.

You can learn how to make great resume objectives by studying some professionally written samples, see below for our best selection:

20 Great Resume Objective Samples you can apply now

  1. Dependable and practical inclined individual eager to work as a warehouse manager with Tucor Company; well familiarized with standard warehouse safety procedures and also possessing the ability to delegate and lead a team to get result.
  2. Seeking to work as a UX Designer with PodCom Inc. to help clients get better traction from well-designed interfaces in web and mobile products.
  3. Looking to obtain a position as a Truck Driver with MarkTop Corp. where first rate driving skills will be effectively utilized; also coming with track record of zero accidents, as well as being well-informed of all relevant DOT rules and regulations.
  4. Applying to work as an English Literature Teacher at Comprehensive Standard Schools where exceptional teaching skills and passion will be applied to help students develop their intelligence language and cognition skills.
  5. Resourceful individual desire the position of Store Manager with KAMP Co. Coming with MBA and superb communication skills; well-versed in using computer-based management systems for scheduling, reporting, and budget control to guarantee effective store operations.
  6. To fill a position in Social Services with Monatt Company; to help people lead better lives by deploying active listening skills, social work training/principles, as well as an empathetic nature.
  7. In search of a Social Worker position at Podak Company to leverage strong education, training, and problem solving skills, and compassionate nature.
  8. Diligent individual anticipating an Entry-level Security Officer position with XYZ Company; passionate about preserving order and enforcing law and regulations to secure an environment.
  9. Highly skilled security professional looking for a Mid-level Security Officer position with ABC company; bringing 5+ robust years of law enforcement and regulation experience.
  10. To contribute best effort and passion in the capacity of a Police Officer with Orlando Police Department; to deploy 8+ years of experience in protecting communities; also possess strong reasoning skills and extraordinary understanding of human perception and behavior useful in the service of the police force.
  11. Certified security professional keen on filling a Police Officer position at Detroit Police Department; coming with strong knowledge of the law; traffic laws and public safety principles, and the ability to work under pressure, as well as remarkable communication skills.
  12. To secure a Plumber position with Leadr Group; to conduct repairs and maintenance, as well as installing and fixing sterile fittings; renovating water heating and other pipe systems
  13. Eager to work as a Plumber at Modric Company where 7+ years of valuable experience in plumbing work will be applied to add value to the company’s services.
  14. Hopeful in securing a Payroll Specialist position with ABC Company; coming with solid IT expertise and detail orientation. Looking to maximize extensive skills in accounting and 4 years of payroll experience.
  15. Customer-oriented individual interested in the Payroll Specialist position with ABC Company; bringing outstanding communication and client service skills, 4 years of payroll working experience, and expertise knowledge of Tax, Garnishments and Health Benefits. Also possess outstanding ability to work with Microsoft Office tools and to import data into the payroll system.
  16. Exceptionally creative and proactive individual with strong interpersonal skills and critical thinking abilities. Seeking the position of a Business Development Manager with Cognizat Tech Solutions to help accelerate business growth. Also coming with solid marketing background, strong market knowledge, and leadership abilities.
  17. Natural leader with excellent communication and presentation skills. Hopeful for the position of a Warehouse Supervisor, to leverage on a demonstrated excellent job performance in production, quality, and safety. Coming with 4 years of experience and adept knowledge of WMS Software.
  18. Service oriented individual with critical thinking skills and ability to prioritize and coordinate multiple projects; as well as possession of MBA. Seeking the role of a Retail Store Manager at Galaxy Stores, to apply vast knowledge of retail operations and 5+ years of customer service experience.
  19. Customer oriented individual with proven leadership abilities, strong analytical skills, and solid supply chain background. To obtain the job of Sales Leader at McVite Inc., to apply 5 years sales experience. Also bringing strong understanding of consumers markets and competitors.
  20. Web Designer looking to land a job in that capacity at Rodrak Co. where 5+ years of working as a graphics designer, web development and mobile applications development expert with be maximally applied.


There you have them, 20 great resume objectives you can learn with or adapt in writing your objective statement, with some editing where necessary.

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