20 Best General Objectives for Your Resume

By | May 20, 2024
General Objectives
You can create a more impactful resume for your job search by starting it with a highly captivating objective statement.

This post provides the best of general career objective statements you can adopt in making your resume or CV.

When applying for a job, it is important to send a highly compelling resume to the recruiter. This helps to pre-sell your offer effectively and puts you in a better position to be invited to an interview.

An important part of the resume is the career objective statement. It is the first statement in the resume where you need to convince the recruiter that you are the best applicant for the job as quickly as you can.

Once your objective statement is successful in grabbing the recruiter’s attention and impressing on their minds that you might just be the candidate they are looking for, it becomes easier to get them to read other parts of the resume and grant you the desired interview where you will have the opportunity to explain to them why you should be hired.

Writing a captivating objective statement for your resume is not difficult, all you need to do is to present yourself as someone with the qualities, education, experience, etc. that are required to succeed on the job.

This is what is important to the recruiter who will definitely give attention to resumes that convey such information in their objective statement.

To help you to quickly master the act of writing effective resume objective statements, we present best samples of professionally written general objectives that you can study and apply in creating your resume.

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20 Best General Objective Statements for Your Resume

  1. BLS Certified individual with honed knowledge in medical terminology and clinical experience. Seeking for a Medical Office Assistant position at ABC, to utilize proven abilities in providing patient support duties. Also coming with intermediate computer skills and positive attitude.
  2. Licensed Dental Assistant with great communication skills desires the position of Dental Assistant with HCC, to leverage on 2 years dental assistant experience. Coming with documentation, inventory management skills, and AS degree to provide exceptional client and dentist support functions.
  3. Seeking to utilize honed sales capabilities in delivering exceptional shopping experience and engendering sales as a sales associate with CBC. Offering solid negotiation and people skills, and a solid sales background.
  4. Seeking to utilize police academy training, great communication skills, problem sensitivity, and critical reasoning skills in providing outstanding service to the community as a Police Officer with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Coming with excellent physical condition and GED.
  5. Counseling professional with solid background in Psychology and Sociology. Desirous of the position of ABA Therapist at MVA Inc., to utilize exceptional counseling skills and 3 years experience working with children with autism.
  6. Highly analytical and numerate individual with CFA Certification and excellent communication skills. Interested in the position of Financial Risk Analyst at VOX Inc., to leverage on solid finance background and expert financial modeling and planning, statistical analysis, and computer skills.
  7. Exceptionally creative individual with extensive experience creating compelling, relevant, and unique content for websites and marketing promotions. Seeking for the position of a public Relations Officer at Malyn Inc., to utilize great writing, interpersonal, and people skills. also coming with Masters in Marketing Communications.
  8. Certified respiratory care therapist with strong communications and exceptional patient care abilities. To obtain a Respiratory Therapist position at HealthGo where exceptional skills in performing cardiopulmonary evaluation and 3+ years active therapy experience will be utilized.
  9. Certified individual with advanced IT Systems expertise, troubleshooting skills, and proven customer support abilities. Looking to obtain the position of Technical Support Analyst at MXV Inc., to provide outstanding first level support to clients. Coming with Bachelor’s degree in computer Science.
  10. Experienced individual with solid Psychology and Human Resources background seeks the position of Human Resource Officer to leverage on expertise in behavioral management, people skills, and 3 years office administrator experience. Also bringing advanced computer skills and knowledge of ERP.
  11. Seeking to apply training and profound experience as a Ramp Agent with Delta Airlines; coming with manual dexterity and technical skills to communicate effectively via the radio, in addition to High School Diploma.
  12. Detailed-oriented individual with track record of working accurately and efficiently within deadlines, and possessing advance Excel skills. Interested in the position of Quality Assurance Agent at XOM Inc. to utilize 2+ years working experience to identify and flag down compliance issues.
  13. Highly motivated team player with eye for detail and proficient in Mathematics. Seeking for the position of Production Worker at ABC where 2+ years experience working with lathe, CNC equipment, and assembling experience will be applied.
  14. Energetic and service-oriented individual with ability to work independently or in a team, and also possessing High school diploma. To obtain the job of a Laborer at the ManHour Place, to apply 3+ years of residential construction industry experience and expert skills in concrete finishing and carpentry.
  15. Highly organized and result-oriented individual with strong business acumen and Masters in Marketing Management. Seeking to leverage on solid marketing background, exceptional presentation skills, and excellent communications skills as a Marketing Executive with MAERSK.
  16. Highly analytical problem-solver and goal oriented individual with excellent business skills and MBA. Seeking to apply exceptional business background, negotiation skills, and excellent communications and interpersonal abilities developed from 5+ years hands-on experience as a Procurement Analyst with ABC.
  17. Goal oriented individual and problem solver. Seeking for a Supply-Chain Analyst position with ABC to utilize strong business expertise, negotiation skills, and 4+ years experience. Also bringing in-depth knowledge of SAP and masters of marketing management principles.
  18. Energetic and experienced real estate agent with sound knowledge of real estate investment analysis, in-depth knowledge of local area, and salesmanship skills, as well as strong ability to anticipate client needs desires to work at Block Investments as a Real Estate Junior Commercial Sales Agent.
  19. Exceptionally organized and proactive problem solver with MBA. Seeking the position of Retail Manager at Glove Inc., to utilize IT systems expertise and proven ability to exceed online sales goals. Offering 5+ years online sales experience to increase traffic and manage retail inventory.
  20. Highly numerate and team oriented problem solver with great communication skills and Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Looking to work in the position of a Data Scientist with CBC, offering exceptional research and statistical analytical abilities and advanced computer skills. Also coming with 3 years data scientist experience.


Sending a resume with a captivating objective statement will greatly enhance the impact of the resume and put it in a better position of being read by the recruiter.

The effect of this is that a good objective statement in your resume makes your application for the job much stronger and increases your chances of winning an interview with the recruiter.

You can make an effective career objective for your resume or CV by learning how to make one applying the general objectives given in this post.

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