Top 22 Security Guard Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Security Guard Resume Objective
Needing to make a resume for the security guard job? If so, then you need to create a strong objective statement to make it more effective.

Your security guard resume objective should highlight your career goals and summarize the benefits you intend to bring to the job, which would make you an ideal candidate.

If you are writing an objective for a resume for the security guard job, you need to ensure that it illustrates a perfect statement, since this is what the employer sees first.

The job market for security guards is open to several applicants as there is a need for guards in almost every establishment, making it necessary that your objective statement gets you noticed immediately.

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What to have in your Security Guard Resume Objective

To be effective, your objective statement should include a list of skills you possess and any experience or expertise you have that would make you fit into the job.

A security guard normally has a variety of roles they play, depending on the position, which is why you need to tailor you objective to the job description that the employer publishes.

The 22 security guard objectives below are examples of persuasive statements you can use as tools in making that section of your resume:

Top 22 Security Guard Resume Objective Examples

1. Individual looking for work as Security Guard at Pine Mall, with 5 years of experience preventing unlawful, suspicious, and unsafe activities in the community; possess exceptional ability to recall and report events in a clear and factual manner.

2. Highly motivated individual with great observational, analytical, communication, and problem solving skills; physical fitness and a keen eye, seeking employment with Allsgood Security as a Security Guard.

3. Seeking senior level Security Guard position with XYZ Company; to utilize 20 years of crime prevention experience as a former police officer with superior leadership and management skills.

4. Highly observant and vigilant individual looking for a rewarding Security Guard position; coming with extensive knowledge of security and safety protocols, and knowledge of use of technology in securing clients.

5. Hard working individual seeking entry-level Security Guard position at ABC Company, with expertise in preserving order and enforcing regulations to create and maintain a safe environment using latest technology.

6. Experienced Security Guard with 10 years of regulation enforcement, looking for a mid-level position with Jules’ Secure. Bringing exceptional judgment, analytical and observation skills, and a strong desire for career advancement opportunities.

7. To obtain the position of Security Guard with The Towers residence; coming with experience completing multiple tasks, such as patrolling, monitoring surveillance systems, responding to alarms, and investigating problems with the desire to create a safe living environment.

8. Retired police officer seeking new opportunity as a Security Guard with Armored Security; to use top-notch investigation skills, ability to identify and resolve problems, and to ensure the safety of clients.

9. Applying for post of Security Guard with ABC Company; well prepared to use physical strength and tall figure, problem solving skills, and track record of minimizing theft in keeping the building safe.

More Security Guard Resume Objective Examples [10-17]

10. Looking to work with XYZ Company as Security Guard to help minimize criminal activities and protect clients and their belongings; possess athletic abilities and strong demeanor to enforce rules.

11. Strong, hardworking, and thorough individual with 6 years of experience in a security firm looking for work as a Security Guard; possess strong desire to succeed, a passion for safety, and expertise in training junior workers.

12. To work as Security Guard with Mask Hall; coming with experience and great sense of responsibility providing safe environment to people within a pre-defined area.

13. Detail-oriented and quick individual seeking Security Guard position with St. Clair’s Hospital; utilizing expertise in patrolling, investigating, and following-up on incidents; controlling entrances and movement of people.

14. Seeking a Security Guard position at University of Minnesota. Bringing exceptional skills in providing security services in an educational institution, with track record of effective patrolling, crowd control, and investigation skills.

15. To obtain post of Security Guard at James College where background in protecting life and property will be fully utilized. Offering 5 years of law enforcement experience providing a secure environment to students.

16. Vigilant Security Guard seeking position at Paines Superstore. Bringing strong skills in preventing theft and damage, patrolling premises, controlling traffic, and monitoring security cameras and alarm systems while enforcing company rules and regulation.

17. To use 7 years of diverse security experience to add value to the security operations of an organization such as Kemp Company. Offering to vigilantly enforce established rules and regulations in managing a range of security systems and alarms.

Additional Security Guard Resume Objective Examples [18-22]

18. Resourceful individual seeking position of Security Guard with Mountain Top Theme Park; to secure both people and property, and effectively and calmly handle stressful situations, threats and emergencies.

19. An enthusiastic and fit security guard with excellent track record of complying with highest standards in terms of attendance, presentation, and conduct looking to fill position of Security Guard at La Place.

20. Energetic Security Guard with proven track record of ensuring strict compliance with regulations; able to anticipate, identify, and handle problems, and to safeguard people and property.

21. Efficiently trained Security Guard seeking a position with XYZ Company; able to take appropriate action quickly and effectively conduct arrest and investigation; possess strong knowledge of different security systems.

22. Applying for the position of Security Guard at ABC Company; coming with strong track record of effectively handling emergency situation, and ability to successfully diffuse conflict situations.


The objective statement in your resume should clearly highlight your areas of competence as a security guard and provide your employer with the details necessary to consider your application.

Since you only have one opportunity to grab the reader’s attention, make it count by presenting your skills and strengths to meet the demands of the job.

The samples of security guard objective given above will help you have a general idea of what yours should look like to be effective and to give your resume a better chance of being selected.

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