Top 22 Executive Assistant Resume Objective Examples

By | May 20, 2024
Executive Assistant Resume Objective
Start your executive assistant resume on a strong note with a powerful objective statement.

To be effective, your executive assistant resume objective statement should highlight important qualities required for success on the job, such as experience in performing general administrative duties.

Are you writing a resume for the job of an executive assistant? If you are, then you need to make your objective statement highly compelling.

Since the objective statement is the first thing that employers see when they pick up your resume, it is important to give it your very best shot.

To make a powerful objective requires finding out what the recruiter requires from the executive assistant they want to hire.

Having this knowledge will enable you to highlight the skills, experience, or/and knowledge that you have that are relevant to successfully meeting the needs of the employer.

By studying the executive assistant job description published by the recruiter will enable you to discover the important qualities the employer expects from their ideal candidates, as well as the tasks and goals they have set for the position.

The following examples make writing objectives for the executive assistant resume clearer; you can go ahead to modify anyone of your choice in creating a winning objective statement:

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Top 22 Executive Assistant Resume Objective Examples

1. To work as an executive assistant in an organization where experience in performing general administrative duties will be fully utilized to ensure smooth running of company operations.

2. Looking for the position of executive assistant in a dynamic organization, bringing five years of secretarial and administrative experience to effectively handle company clerical activities.

3. Desire an executive assistant position with Leeds Global. Comes with 3 years of experience providing quality administrative support to management staff to increase operational efficiency.

4. Seeking an executive assistant position in a fast-paced organization where excellent customer service and organizational skills will be utilized in performing various administrative tasks to reduce the workload on company executives.

5. To join Macpherson’s Inc. as an executive assistant, employing exceptional IT skills and administrative experience to provide effective support to superiors and managers.

6. Ingenious problem solver looking to obtain a challenging executive assistant position, bringing exceptional office skills, managerial capabilities, and superb customer relations.

7. Detail-oriented individual seeking employment as an executive assistant. Offering excellent communication and office management skills which will be fully utilized to the benefit of company management.

8. To obtain a senior executive assistant position with a reputable organization where extensive accounting, communication and administrative expertise, will be applied for optimal office operations.

9. Looking for an executive assistant position with a company that will provide opportunity to fully utilize bookkeeping and schedule management skills.

10. Energetic and self-motivated individual with interest in an executive assistant position. Bringing exceptional planning skills and solid knowledge of office tools.

More Executive Assistant Resume Objective Examples [11-17]

11. Experienced executive assistant well versed in the maintenance of databases, filing systems and client relations. Currently looking for an executive assistant position to support administrative functions using office management skills.

12. Desire to occupy an executive assistant position in a manufacturing firm where 6 years of experience performing daily administrative duties to support production managers will be applied.

13. To perform as an executive assistant in a challenging yet rewarding environment where experience scheduling meetings, arranging travel, and managing office operations will be utilized.

14. Result-driven executive assistant seeking a position in an academic environment utilizing exceptional secretarial skills and organizational approach to improve efficiency in an institution.

15. Resourceful secretary with over 6 years of experience providing clerical expertise and organizing administrative activities. Looking to secure an executive assistant position to utilize these skills for improved office procedures.

16. Seeking an executive assistant position with Collins Inc. Bringing a passion for office management as well as administrative expertise to support executives in building local clientele.

17. Dynamic and reliable professional with interest in an executive assistant position at Vision Enterprises. Offering excellent time management skills, great attention to details, and proficiency in the performance of clerical and technical tasks.

Additional Examples [18-22]

18. Looking to obtain the position of executive assistant with Alpha Industries. Coming with 5 years of administrative experience in a manufacturing firm and strong ability to handle multiple projects to allow for smooth company operations.

19. To obtain a challenging executive assistant position with Montero Associates; a progressive establishment where extensive bookkeeping, correspondence, and report processing ability will be utilized to provide outstanding administrative support to executives.

20. Self-motivated individual with good knowledge of office management practices. Looking to secure an entry-level executive assistant position with Ruperts Co.

21. Goal-oriented professional seeking an executive assistant position with Miyaki Inc. to provide high end administrative support using strong analytical skills and experience in an office environment.

22. Desire to occupy an executive assistant position in an organization where proficiency in administrative functions will be utilized to ensure an efficient system.


To improve the success of your executive assistant resume, you need to make sure your objective statement is compelling enough to draw the reader into your resume.

It should be able to assure the employer that you understand what is expected for the position and have the qualities and experience to excel in it.

The sample objectives provided in this post will help you make a great one for your executive assistant resume and stand a better chance of being called for an interview.

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