22 Secretary Objective Statements to Make Your Resume a Success

By | July 7, 2023
Secretary Objectives
A great objective statement can remarkably improve the quality of your secretary resume.

To be effective, your secretary objective statement must be able to convince the employer right away when they read your resume that you have what it takes to succeed as a secretary.

More particularly, the objective should assure the employer that you understand their most pressing needs for the secretary role and will be able to deliver the expected services.

When applying for the position of a secretary, most employers will require you submit a resume by which your application will be assessed.

To make your resume top quality begins from the objective, which is the first statement the employer reads when they pick up your resume.

To be able to write a great secretary objective for your resume, you will need to know what the employer really want from their choice candidate, which you can find out from studying the job description published for the position.

You can easily and quickly master how to write effective objectives for the secretary resume by studying some examples, such as the ones given below:

22 Secretary Objective Statements to Make Your Resume a Success

1. Seeking a secretary position at Morgan Plc. to utilize excellent administrative and customer service skills in contributing to organizational efficiency.

2. To obtain an executive secretary position at Churchill Enterprises. Offering expertise in administrative support as well as knowledge of office management.

3. Looking to function as a secretary in an organization that requires 10 years of experience providing clerical assistance to high level executives in a legal and manufacturing environment.

4. A hardworking and courteous individual looking to secure a secretary position with Rick Agency. Bringing 2 years of experience in the customer service and administrative field.

5. A highly motivated individual with interest in a secretary position at Wilkins Ltd; a fast paced organization where exceptional communication and managerial skills will be fully utilized for efficient company operations.

6. Desire to work as a professional secretary at Ray Technologies. Comes with the ability to excellently perform various administrative and office management tasks, including management of correspondence, supply inventory and memos.

7. To work as an executive secretary in an organization that provides a platform to utilize my organizational skills in a coordinating schedules to allow for smooth administrative operations.

8. Productive and ambitious individual looking for a secretary position with Independent Corp applying strong clerical and administrative skills to provide active support to company executives.

9. To obtain an executive secretary position at Statham Groups; a progressive company where experience establishing good work relations and managing office operations will be reflected.

More Secretary Objective Statements [10-16]

10. A detailed and result-oriented secretary with high proficiency in preparing press releases, conference agendas and performing core administrative tasks. Currently looking to secure an executive secretary position at Wellington Inc.

11. Desiring a secretary position with MBG Corp; a reputable organization where 2 years of experience in a customer service industry as well as knowledge of secretarial and clerical responsibilities will be beneficial for smooth company operations.

12. Dedicated and focused individual looking to obtain a secretary position at Tara Plc. Bringing 3 years of experience as an administrative assistant and ability to efficiently manage office operations.

13. Seeking an entry level secretarial position with Hilton Corp. Bringing strong administrative support and computer operation skills.

14. To apply exceptional office management, IT, and clerical skills in an executive secretarial position with DMW Groups.

15. Looking for a secretary position in an organization where 5 years of active clerical experience as well as ability to coordinate administrative tasks will be utilized for efficient office operations.

16. An executive secretary with 6 years of experience in office administration, project planning and customer rapport. Looking to work as a professional secretary in an expanding organization that provides opportunity for career advancement.

Additional Secretary Objective Statements [17-22]

17. To gain employment as a secretary with Spectrum Co. to utilize administrative skills and knowledge gained over the course of an office management program.

18. A reliable and self-motivated individual with extensive experience in handling various administrative tasks, including customer follow up and preparation of reports. Looking to join Mid-western Enterprises as an executive secretary.

19. Desire a secretary job with Harbor Corp; a dynamic organization where 3 years of secretarial experience and exceptional clerical and organizational skills will be fully maximized.

20. A dependable secretary with numerous skills, including office management, communication and IT skills. Looking to apply these qualities in an executive secretarial position to improve operational efficiency.

21. Highly dedicated individual bringing over 8 years of administrative experience in a manufacturing and retail environment. Currently looking to apply my knowledge and experience in a secretarial capacity at Paddington Inc. to help reduce office costs.

22. Looking to secure a secretary position with an expanding organization like Johnson Co. to utilize my Associate’s degree in Bus. Admin as well as excellent data entry and office organization skills for improved productivity.


You can significantly improve the quality of your secretary resume by having a strong objective statement that assures the employer of your competence and experience to excel on the job.

And the good part is that you can learn to create such objective for your resume; all you need to do is to work with the examples provided in this post.

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