Top 22 Legal Assistant Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Legal Assistant Resume Objective
You can make your legal assistant resume more effective with a strong objective statement.

If you are writing a resume or CV for the job of legal assistant, it is important to craft an exceptional objective statement to quickly capture the employer’s attention.

To get the most of your resume, there is need for you to craft a career objective that demonstrates your skills and competencies, and directs the employer/HR personnel to relevant sections of your resume.

To make a great resume that gets you an interview with an employer/recruiter, it is important to learn about various resume statistics before writing your resume. According to novoresume, these resume statistics will give you helpful insight into the prevailing HR trends, guide you in making the right decision about your job hunting, and in creating an effective resume.

How to Write the Winning Legal Assistant Resume Objective Statement

The key to writing the legal assistant resume objective that wins you an interview is to find out from the published job description the skills, abilities, experience, etc. that candidates are required to have to succeed on the job.

By emphasizing in your objective that you have the needed qualities to succeed as a legal assistant with the employer, you will be putting your resume at a vantage point of getting the employer’s attention.

Now, let’s see some examples of good legal assistant objective statements you can use in making your resume.

Best 22 Legal Assistant Objectives for Resume

1. Excellent communicator with superior clerical skills and AAS degree looking for the position of Legal Assistant at XYX Inc. to apply 5years of administrative experience in a legal setting in providing quality administrative support to attorneys.

2. Experienced legal professional with AAS degree and excellent management and organizational knowledge interested in the job of a Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc.; bringing profound knowledge of drafting legal documents to assisting lawyers in maintaining files and documents, as well as conducting legal research.

3. Proactive problem solver with exceptional ability to efficiently prioritize assignments desires the position of Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc. to apply extensive IT systems expertise and 2+ years administrative assistant experience to effectively preparing legal documents and maintaining legal files.

4. Desires the position of Legal Assistant at News Corp; extremely organized individual with keen attention to detail and a Bachelor’s degree, bringing 3+ years experience as a legal assistant plus proficiency in Microsoft Office and ability to type 60-70 wpm.

5. A Bachelor’s degree in Law holder looking to obtain the position of Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc. to apply 5 years of administrative experience, excellent time management skills, and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

6. A team player with high level of initiative and positive approach to work desires employment as a Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc. where 4 years experience working as an assistant at a legal office will be maximally utilized in preparing pleadings, trial documents, and discovery reports.

7. Tech-savvy individual with excellent interpersonal skills and AAS degree seeks the role of Legal Assistant in an organization specializing in Tax Laws; offers expertise in database management and Microsoft office.

8. Highly experienced Legal Assistant with Sound judgment to handle sensitive and confidential information interested in working for XYZ Inc to assist lawyers with procedural activities.

9. Organized and self-motivated individual with paralegal experience and ability to work independently looking to obtain the position of Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc. Offering experience handling files in civil litigation and 3 years of legal assisting work.

10. Experienced and skilled legal assistant with strong analytical and research skills, seeking the position of Legal Assistant in a fast-paced work environment; bringing superior clerical skills and proficiency in Microsoft office.

11. To work as a Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc. to apply excellent communication and PC skills, strong PC skills, and 3years of paralegal experience in helping legal personnel in preparing various forms of documentation.

12. Multi-tasking and excellent communicator with Bachelor’s degree in Law desires the post of Legal Assistant at N+E Networks; bringing 5years of legal assisting experience and 2years of paralegal experience plus expertise in Google Outlook and Database management.

13. Highly flexible and multi-tasking individual with proven ability to work with multiple solicitors looking to obtain the position of Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc., to utilize 5+ years administrative experience with an Estate and Tax law firm.

14. Highly detailed individual with exceptional organization skills and AAS degree seeking to advance career as a Legal Assistant in a firm serving the community through a diverse combination of legal services.

15. Experienced legal assistant with exceptional ability to work both independently and in a team setting desiring to work at CGI as a Legal Assistant; bringing excellent clerical skills and proofreading abilities.

16. Detailed-oriented individual with the ability to effectively prioritize simultaneous responsibilities within time limits seeks to join the team at XYZ Inc. as Legal Assistant; bringing expertise in IT systems, as well as excellent administrative skills.

17. Experienced multi-tasking professional with a Bachelor’s degree in Law looking to obtain the position of Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc. to apply 5+ years experience in legal administrative support duties; Offering expertise in legal document management software and proficiency in Microsoft Office.

18. Seeking the position of Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc., to utilize exceptional skills in Law; strong proofreading and communication skills, as well as 3years legal assistant experience in providing valuable assistance to lawyers.

19. Detailed oriented professional with excellent administrative skills, proficient in MS Office and Redlining Software looking to find employment at XYZ Inc. as a Legal Assistant; coming with 3+ years experience assisting lawyers in maintaining records and files in a centralized legal system.

20. Exceptionally organized individual with 2 years paralegal experience seeking to work at XYZ in the position of Legal Assistant; bringing extensive experience with various software (Lotus, Microsoft office, Lotus 123, WordPerfect, and Windows XP).

21. An experienced legal assistant with excellent communication skill, proficiency in Microsoft Office, and the ability to type 60 wpm seeks the role of Legal Assistant at XYZ Inc. where exceptional organizing and written communication skills, and 6 years administrative experience will be effectively utilized in assisting attorneys with client communication and review of legal documents.

22. Seeks the position of Legal Assistant in a fast-paced organization; exceptionally organized individual with Strong multi-tasking abilities and AAS degree; coming with 3years experience drafting legal documents, maintaining files, and conducting legal research.


A winning career objective statement has a lot to add to your chances of securing a job. It should reflect your own voice and correctly articulate how you can help your employer succeed.

If you are seeking a legal assistant job, you can use the sample objectives provided above whenever you need to make a resume or CV to send to an employer.

You are sure to be able to make an effective legal assistant resume objective statement that will instantly get the attention of the employer when they start reading your resume.

Notice that as shown in most of the resume objective examples above, your career objective statement is more powerful if directed to a specific employer by mentioning the company’s name.

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