20 Strong Resume Objective Statements you can Apply

By | May 20, 2024
Resume Objective Statements
You can boost your resume’s chances of winning you an interview by including a strong objective statement.

This post presents lots of great examples of resume objective statements that you can apply in learning how to make one for your resume/CV and increase your chances of being called-up for an interview and hired for the job that you are seeking.

If you are looking to put out a resume or CV in consideration for an employment, then it is important that you write a strong objective statement for it.

The objective statement is the first part to be read in a resume; it can either make a great first impression on the recruiter or mark the end of the hiring journey for you, depending on how well written it is .

A strong resume objective can help grab the attention of the recruiter and urge him/her to get into the resume to read all about your offering for the job.

Your chances are brighter in getting an interview with the recruiter if you can get their attention to go into your resume to see the skills, experience, competence, etc. that you are bringing to the job.

To make a great resume that gets you an interview with an employer/recruiter, it is important to learn about various resume statistics before writing your resume. According to novoresume, these resume statistics will give you helpful insight into the prevailing HR trends, guide you in making the right decision about your job hunting, and in creating an effective resume.

How to Write a Strong Objective Statement for Resume for any Role

To create a strong objective statement for resume for any job role, you should consider a few things when writing it:

  • What purpose does this objective serve?
  • What should it tell the hiring manager?

No matter how talented you are, you will not get hired if your resume does not get read. So, a strong career objective statement serves to get the attention of the hiring manager and keep him/her interested in reading the rest of the resume or CV.

Also, the resume objective statement should in a few lines state why you are interested in the job and why you are fit for it.

Hence, it should present the skills, knowledge, and abilities, as well as experiences that you have and that the employer also requires in the objective statement of your resume.

You will find what the employer is interested in to hire for the position in the job description published by the recruiter.

This will include certain skills, qualities, experience, etc. that the recruiter wants prospective candidates for the position to have to be effective performing the duties that will be assigned to them if they are employed for the position.

Having this knowledge, you can proceed to make a strong resume objective by emphasizing in your objective that you have the recruiter’s requirements for the job.

Now, here are examples you can use in making your objective statement for your resume really irresistible to the employer:

20 Strong Resume Objective Statements to Captivate Recruiters

  1. Excellent communicator with complaint resolution abilities and 4+ years of experience in providing exceptional onboard services. Interested in a Flight Attendant position with ABC Airlines; coming with proven ability to remain calm in emergency situations and a service-oriented mindset.
  2. Individual with extensive payroll experience, solid knowledge of payroll processing, and working knowledge of fringe benefits, related laws, and implications on payroll. Interested in a Lead Payroll Specialist position with PwC, offering strong budgeting, administrative, and issue resolution skills.
  3. Cyber security analyst with strong knowledge of IT network architecture and network and service security of mobile and fixed networks. Seeking for the position of a Cyber Security Specialist in ABC, coming with honed skills in Computer Science, ability to work without supervision, and superb communication skills.
  4. Constructive problem-solver and excellent communicator with Bachelor’s degree, hopeful for the position of an Administrator to utilize 6 years of administrative experience in management and creating effective workflow between systems and groups.
  5. Seasoned professional with strong interpersonal and communication skills, hopeful for Construction Project Manager position at CBC. Offering strong planning, financial management, and project management skills to ensure all projects are accomplished within time and budget constraints.
  6. Energetic Individual with High School Diploma and skilled in operating construction equipment and power tools, seeking for the position of a Construction Laborer in ABC. Coming with ability to follow oral and written instructions as well as perform preventive maintenance.
  7. Reliable and highly organized individual with 2 years aviation experience, great communications skills, and ability to perform security searches at the airport. Seeking a Cabin Service Agent role with Prospect Airport Services to utilize huge expertise.

More Resume Objective Statements [8-14]

  1. Seeking a Custodian position in RDI to apply expertise offering custodial services. Offering a proven track record of managing a spiff and tidy work environment, clear and concise communication and customer service skills, and High School Diploma.
  2. Detail-oriented and highly organized individual, looking to obtain a Cashier position to utilize math skills, sense of urgency, and ability to memorize product identification codes in providing a fast, friendly and accurate checkout services for customers.
  3. Experienced call center agent with sound judgment, active listening skills, and computer skills for data collection and entry. Seeking a Customer Service Representative position to apply a proven ability to provide customer support duties. Offering strong product knowledge and communication skills to provide education to customers as needed.
  4. Seeking for an Early Childhood Mental Health therapist position to provide creative interventions to support the development and growth of children. Coming with a Bachelor’s degree in social works, excellent communication skills, and availability to work flexible work hours.
  5. Enthusiastic individual with extensive sales experience and great communication skills, seeking to contribute to profitability, customer satisfaction, and actualization of sales goals as a Sales Representative. Bringing a demonstrated record of consistently achieving sales targets in a fast-paced retail environment.
  6. Interested in a School Medical Administrator position to utilize exceptional administrative skills honed from 6 years of admin experience in a hospital and 3 years of clinical experience as RN. Bringing valid RN license, superb organizational, interpersonal and documentation skills.
  7. Creative problem solver with multi-tasking and prioritization skills, seeking a Senior Web Developer position at 3Ci. Offering familiarity with HTML5, JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON, 5 years hands-on experience, graphic design skills, and strong leadership skills.

More Resume Objective Statements [15-20]

  1. Specialty construction product sales specialist with outstanding interpersonal and prospecting skills, and experience using databases to generate sales leads. Interested in a Territory Sales Manager position to help manage a healthy sales pipeline. Coming with 5 years of construction sales experience and Bachelor’s Degree.
  2. Experienced office assistant with multi-tasking, time management, and prioritization skills. Seeking for an Automobile Receptionist position in Ford Motors to utilize a proven customer support abilities. Coming with strong communication and keyboarding and math skills.
  3. Hopeful for the position of Senior Software Engineer in Leidos to design and develop reliable software for clients. Offering 4 years of software developer experience designing, implementing, testing, documenting, and deploying code using agile processes. Coming with superior communication skills and Master’s Degree in Computer Science.
  4. Certified Safety Professional with Bachelor’s degree in Safety Engineering and genuine interest in people. Seeking a Safety Officer position in SSM Health to utilize knowledge of standard occupational hazard, as well as accident analysis and prevention techniques.
  5. Result-oriented production engineer with Lean Six Sigma experience and 4 years of food and beverage experience. Looking for a Manufacturing Manager position in PepsiCo. Coming with strong leadership and project management skills and the ability to give and receive constructive criticism.
  6. Superb communicator with knowledge of manufacturing practices, Six Sigma training, and Bachelor’s degree; seeking a Logistics Officer position in GE. Coming with strong team building and prioritization skills, deadline-orientation, and 5 years of supervisory experience in a manufacturing environment.


The first chance of progressing in the recruitment process of any organization is having your resume reviewed by the hiring manager.

Your resume will be evaluated on the basis of the value you bring to the table, given the skills, knowledge, experiences, and abilities presented in your resume.

However, the recruiter may not have the time to read through the entire resume. So, it is essential that you write a strong resume objective statement that presents the most valuable competence you have.

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