Top 22 Hair Stylist Resume Objective Examples you can Apply Immediately

By | May 20, 2024
Hair Stylist Resume Objective
Need a new hair stylist job? If you do, you can boost your resume with a strong objective statement.

To be effective, your hair stylist objective statement should contain a brief description of your skills, experience, or/and knowledge that are relevant to excelling on the job and meeting the need of the employer.

A well written objective is vital to making your resume effective in convincing the recruiting to hire you to fill the available position.

To complete the objective section of your hair stylist resume, it is necessary to first carry out some research about the job to identify the role and responsibilities that the employer desires to be carried out.

This is useful to gain foreknowledge of the duties expected by the employer.

A look at the hair stylist job description provides you with information regarding the duties and responsibilities of the role.

You can then highlight in your objective the relevant skills, knowledge, or/and experience that you have acquired that will enable you to perform excellently on the job.

Your resume objective statement is essentially a summary of how your skills, knowledge, and/or experience meet the responsibilities of the hair stylist role.

To aid you in crafting a great objective statement for your hair stylist resume easily and quickly, here are 22 examples you can work with:

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Top 22 Hair Stylist Resume Objective Examples you can Apply Immediately

1. To work as a hair stylist at Jenny’s salon, bringing professional styling skills to meet clients’ beauty and styling requirements.

2. Seeking a hair stylist position at Just Weaves where 2 years of experience applying popular hair styling techniques and providing hair care services will be reflected.

3. To obtain employment as a hair stylist with an organization that rewards dedication and knowledge of various styling trends and techniques.

4. Desiring a hair stylist position with Sleek ‘n’ pretty to provide hair care solutions, drawing from a 3-year dedicated hair styling experience in a salon environment.

5. Looking to work in a fast-paced environment where exceptional hair styling and skin care abilities, including perming, rebonding, and facial treatment will be fully utilized.

6. Looking to join Coco’s Beauty salon as a hair stylist to provide a full range of hair care services, including cutting, trimming, and scalp massage according to client request.

7. A positive and detail-oriented individual with a degree in cosmetology, proficiency in use of hair styling tools, and ability to apply latest salon techniques to meet customer’s requirements currently looking to secure a hair stylist position at Prime Beauty House.

8. To be part of Silky Fluff as a hair stylist, bringing exceptional skills of customer service and experience in hair styling methods, including hair straightening and curling.

9. An experienced hair stylist with coveted creative skills looking to join an organization where exceptional knowledge of chemical and herbal hair care treatment will be applied.

More Hair Stylist Resume Objective Examples [10-16]

10. A highly skilled hair stylist seeking a position with the reputable Premier Beauty Line. Offering a variety of hair styling services, including the Brazilian Keratin Treatment and hair color processing.

11. A professional freelance hair stylist seeking a position in a challenging yet rewarding organization to provide various hair grooming and styling services to the benefit of customers and the company.

12. Looking to secure a management position at Jodie’s salon to supervise hair styling and general salon operations. Possess 5 years of experience in a salon environment and well versed in applying a variety of hair care techniques, including wet and thermal styling.

13. Desire to fill the position of hair stylist in an organization where exceptional ability to dye hair with choice colors will be fully utilized.

14. Hair stylist with specialty in various techniques, including braiding, rolling, and perming looking to join a hair styling company where my skills will be maximized.

15. A creative dynamic hair stylist with a degree and certification in salon management and hair dressing respectively. Possess 4 years of experience in the salon and fashion industry and now looking for an opportunity to apply my management and hairstyling skills.

16. A graduate of LA School of Hair Design and Cosmetology with over 5 years of experience as hair stylist. Currently looking to join Flora Hair salon to provide hair treatments, including Balayage and Keratin treatment.

Additional Examples [17-22]

17. Desire the position of hair stylist with Grand Beauty salon. Comes with the ability to cut and groom hair, specializing in bridal and prom party styles.

18. Seeking the position of hair stylist at Sweet Dreams salon where certification and experience in hair coloring treatment, waxing, and threading will be reflected.

19. Looking to work in an administrative capacity at Rosemond’s Beauty Palace to improve direct overall salon operations. Possess a degree from Apex School of Cosmetology with specialty in salon management.

20. A customer-focused hair stylist with exceptional skills in setting, dyeing, and tinting hair. Looking to secure a hair stylist position with Tender Salon where I can maximize my potential.

21. Seeking an entry level position as a hair stylist, bringing knowledge of hair treatment procedures including shampooing, scalp massage, and hair conditioning.

22. Looking to join So Fine Hair Salon as a hair stylist to provide treatment for scalp conditions by recommending creams and implementing hair treatment techniques to alleviate chronic or contagious scalp problems.


Your objective statement can determine if a potential employer reads your resume or not. In fact, can decide if you get an interview appointment or not.

Highlighting your skills, knowledge, and experience as a hair stylist to fit into what the employer desires to achieve for the role is a good way to write an effective objective statement.

Using the above examples as a guideline in preparing your objective will improve the quality of your resume and your chances of securing the desired hair stylist job.

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