Top 10 Restaurant Resume Objective Examples You Can Use

By | May 20, 2024
Restaurant Resume Objective
With a powerful objective statement, your restaurant resume stands a better chance of being read.

When making a resume or CV for a restaurant position, you need to create a punchy objective that immediately arrests the attention of the employer and gets him/her to read the rest of the resume.

Having an effective career objective statement is important to the success of your restaurant resume because it can get the recruiter to believe you are well suited for the position and so make them to read the whole of the document.

This will increase the chance of you getting an invitation to an interview where you can then prove to them why you are the best person to hire for the job.

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How to Make a Winning Restaurant Objective for Your Resume

The secret behind a great career objective statement, if there is any, is that it provides answers to the prospective employer’s unwritten question, which is, “Do you have what it takes to succeed on this job?”

Employers want to be assured that intending applicants have the skills, qualities, knowledge, experience, etc. to excel on the job. That is why they commonly publish a set of requirements that interested persons must meet to qualify to apply for the position. It’s usually part of the job’s description.

To easily win employers’ heart, you can simply put a few of the job requirements in your resume’s objective, but make sure you actually have them.

To help you understand better how to create the perfect career objective for a restaurant resume or CV, here are various examples that you can study:

10 Restaurant Objectives for Writing Effective Resumes or CVs

1. A hard-working individual with a Diploma in Catering Services seeks the position of a Waiter at Restaurant Inc. where two years hospitality experience, extensive knowledge of various foods and beverages, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both spoken and written in English, computer skills, and great personality, will be useful in providing excellent service to guests in accordance with restaurant’s service procedures and standards.

2. A talented, energetic, and fast-learning individual who is prepared to be crossed-trained on the various aspects of restaurant service duties seeks the job of Crew Member at XYZ Restaurants Inc. Bringing excellent customer service skills and the ability to work in a team and relate effectively with other members of the restaurant.

3. A BS degree holder in Marketing desires the job of Restaurant Marketing Manager at XYZ Inc. Coming with three years marketing experience in a higher education environment; high proficiency with various social media platforms; and profound experience with graphic designing, to serve as an effective brand ambassador to company, take firm’s Campus Dinning programs to a greater level, and significantly increase its revenue and profits.

4. Seeking the job of Restaurant Director of Operations at XYZ Inc. Bringing profound expertise in forecasting, budget, marketing, interviewing, promotions, sales building, driving retention, operational excellence, and developing talent; as well as four years experience as a high performing general manager of a restaurant, in delivering quality-focused results in profit and loss management, operational excellence, strategic planning, and building talented teams.

5. Highly talented individual with great leadership and customer service skills and proven ability to work in a team setting desires to work as a Team Member with XYZ Restaurant Inc., to provide quality assistance in the day-to-day operations of the restaurant, ensuring customers are provided friendly and personalized service and food delivered promptly in a clean and welcoming environment.

6. A gifted hospitality professional with good time management and communication (both verbal and written) skills seeks the role of Restaurant Crew Member at XYZ Inc. to provide excellent preparation and serving of food and drinks to customers in accordance with company’s established policies, procedures, and guidelines for beverage and food safety controls.

7. Looking to work at XYZ Restaurant Inc. as Community Relations Coordinator where exceptional skill in communicating in writing and verbal, applying tact and diplomacy; speaking effectively before groups; and coordinating and developing community relations activities and programs; together with profound knowledge of the practice and principles of community outreach and public education, will be fully employed in support of the Restaurant’s various departmental activities and programs.

8. Applying for the Stocking Hourly Associate job at XYZ Restaurant Inc. where basic math knowledge, strong ability to work in stressful situations, and good communication skills will be applied maximally in providing answers to questions from customers concerning products sold; and creating a welcoming environment for customers.

9. A college degree holder seeks the job of Food & Beverage Supervisor with XYZ Resorts. Coming with deep knowledge of food and beverage, guest service, labor control, and wine; together with three years supervisory experience in a fast-growing restaurant, in providing effective assistance and oversight to all facets of the restaurant.

10. Needing the job of a Dishwasher at XYZ Restaurant; to utilize basic knowledge of restaurant operations and health and safety regulations in providing quality support to the restaurant’s operations by ensuring that utensils and dishes are cleaned, sanitized, and maintained properly.


The quality of your resume can determine your success at getting the restaurant position that you are seeking. So, make sure to make a great resume, beginning with a powerful objective.

And the good part is that you can utilize the sample restaurant objectives provided in this post in creating your resume.

In fact, you are free to use any of the ten examples directly in your restaurant resume with some adjustments as may be required to make it perfectly fit with your actual work experience, knowledge, skills, educational qualifications, etc.

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