20 Best Baker Resume Objective Samples

By | May 20, 2024
Baker Resume Objective
You can enhance the effectiveness of your baker resume by having a compelling objective statement.

To make a great baker resume objective statement, you need to understand what the recruiter/employer wants; including the qualities and experience the successful candidate should have to be hired for the bakery job.

This post helps you learn how to make an effective objective statement for your baker resume and increase your chances of being hired.

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How to Write a Great Baker Resume Objective Statement

To make a great baker resume objective, you need to study the job description and requirements to learn what the baker job entails, and the skills, abilities, experience, training, etc. needed to be successful in it.

You will get the above information from the baker job description and requirements published by the recruiter/employer.

Having found out what the baker job entails and requires you can then make an effective objective statement for your resume by emphasizing the qualities, skills, experience, etc. that the recruiter/employer wants.

Your resume objective statement should clearly show that you understand what the baker job entails and that you have the right qualities, skills, knowledge, experience, etc. to be effective in it.

This will convince the recruiter/employer that you have what it takes to be effective on the baker position and will be more likely to grant you an interview.

Now, let’s see some good examples of baker resume objective statements, to help you learn how to make your own:

20 Best Baker Resume Objective Samples

  1. Looking for the position of a Baker with Mademoiselle Colette to prepare bread and viennoiserie compliant with production requirements and quality standards. Also comes with the knowledge of scaling ingredients, strong baking and production experience, as well as knowledge of how to shape bread dough, make sourdough, oven operation, and baguettes.
  2. Creative and problem-solving individual desires to work with a group of professionals at Colossal Cupcakes in the position of a Baker, with the ability to prepare front-of-house cupcakes and special orders like cupcakes and custom cake decorating. Also comes with 3 years of experience in commercial bakery, excellent communication skills, and the ability to lift more than 50 pounds.
  3. Enthusiastic and customer-oriented individual desires a baker position with Crave Delivery to maintain processes and protocols, and execute pastries and desserts created by Lincoln Carson. Also brings a Culinary School Diploma, a love of Pastry, Quality, and Desserts, and the ability and desire to Learn New Skills & Be Part of a Team.
  4. Individual with strong reasoning ability looking to produce baking for the Strawhouse, including bread, baked goods, special events, and Strawhouse specials. Also comes with the ability to lift and move 50lb bags of product, stand for 6-8 hours daily, and work independently with self-motivation.
  5. To obtain a position with Sendik’s Food Markets to prepare and bake products for the bakery case and sales floor. Also comes with prior baking experience, excellent time management and organizational skills, and strong verbal and written communication skills.

Baker Resume Objective Samples [6-10]

6. Energetic individual with prior experience in a high production bakery seeks employment with baKD LLC to help create cookies in a commercial kitchen with scaling and mixing experience. Also comes with Culinary School Certificate and Food Handlers Certification, experience in a commercial kitchen, and the ability to help develop new cookie concepts and stand for more than 8 hours.

7. Highly trained individual seeks to work in a bakery position with San Manuel Casino to combine all standard mixes and ingredients for bread, cakes, pies, brownies, and specialty pastries as assigned. Also comes with a High school diploma, 2 years of experience working in a bakery, and good organizational and communication skills.

8. Extremely organized individual interested in a bakery position with The Huckleberry Patch, brings the ability to weigh flour and other ingredients to prepare the dough, bake historic pies, and create new bakery items, huckleberry and otherwise. Also comes with experience as a Baker and experience with cake decoration techniques, familiarity with all professional kitchen equipment, and an understanding of food safety practices.

9. Looking for the position of a Baker with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment to produce various pastries, desserts, and baked goods. Also comes with 3 years of experience as a baker in a high-volume bakery, basic knife skills, basic knowledge of cake decorating, and the willingness to work as part of a team and multitask while maintaining a positive attitude.

10. Hopeful to gain employment with Einstein Bros. Bagels as a Baker to prepare delicious bagels and bakery treats, maintain bakery inventory, and deliver high-quality products. Also brings a High School Diploma, previous leadership experience, and exceptional customer service skills.

Baker Resume Objective Samples [11-15]

11. Certified individual seeks a Baker position at AdventHealth Tampa to perform all work on production sheets on time and perform proper hand-washing techniques according to department standards. Also comes with a High School Diploma, 8 years of experience baking in an institutional setting, and the ability to follow recipes and understand production sheets.

12. Highly talented and motivated individual seeks a position at Panera Bread to ensure all bread and baked goods are prepared according to Panera’s standards. Also comes with 2 years of experience as a baker, experience working in a fast-paced environment, and excellent organizational and time management skills.

13. Dedicated and energetic individual seeks a bakery job at Cardenas Markets LLC with the ability to bake various bread, cookies, and desserts, and work with all types of professional kitchen equipment. Also brings bakery and pastry experience, strong organizational skills, and customer service skills.

14. Looking for the position of a Baker with Sacramento Natural Foods Co Op Inc to produce bakery products that meet quality and quantity standards. Also comes with professional baking experience, professional scratch-made baking experience, and customer service experience in a retail setting.

15. Talented individual seeks a position with BJ’s Wholesale Club, Inc. as a Baker with the ability to package freshly baked goods and generate labels and price tickets for bakery goods. Also brings experience working in a bakery environment, knowledge of bakery products, and excellent communication skills.

Baker Resume Objective Samples [16-20]

16. Team-oriented individual eager to work at Epic Careers with experience baking in a professional setting. Also brings pastry and dessert baking experience, and the ability to scratch bake delicious breakfast pastries, cookies, bars, cakes, and various dessert items.

17. Active individual with great bakery skills longs for a position at William Penn to prepare a variety of desserts, pastries, and other sweet goods. Also comes with a Culinary Degree, 2 years of experience as a production baker, and demonstrated ability to complete assignments in a specified period.

18. Safety-conscious individual with previous experience baking in a bakery seeks employment with Hulsing Enterprises to support Earth Fares vision, mission, declaration, and customer service creed, as well as adhering to the departments’ standard operating procedures. Also brings experience working in a retail and customer service oriented environment, excellent customer service skills and attention to detail, and willingness to work in a flexible schedule.

19. Individual with strong ability to learn fast interested in the position of a Baker at Kendal at Oberlin to prepare dinner rolls bread, desserts, and pastries for deli and cafeteria lunch service, and complete bakery supply order forms as per schedule. Also brings 5 years of professional baking experience with a strong culinary background, good English-speaking and reading/writing abilities, and excellent communication with co-workers and customers.

20. Experienced, talented, and highly organized individual seeks a bakery position with Whole Foods Market to form, cut, mold, shape, and bake dough. Also brings 12 months of retail experience, a strong work ethic with a sense of urgency, and excellent communication skills with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.


Do you desire to get a job as a baker? If you do, then your resume must have a strong and convincing objective statement to stand a chance of being read.

Making use of the ideas from this post will help you write a great resume objective for a baker position that the recruiter will find irresistible and attractive, and get them to read all parts of the resume.

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